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  1. I would like to share with everyone some suggestions and ideas that can improve the experience of using 3D-Coat. At first, observing the interface elements and the way that 3D-Coat behaves (programming codes), I directed my ideas and suggestions accordingly. Although the suggestions are simple, I think it would greatly improve the use of the program. Certainly, I could have had more complex ideas, reformulating menus and other elements, as well as interactivity, but I know that developers would have to spend a lot of time developing more complex and advanced code, for this reason I decided to try to control myself and try to make things simpler using and taking advantage of what we currently have and know within 3D-Coat. Your ideas and suggestions are very welcome! And who knows, in the next versions of 3D-Coat some of these ideas will appear in the program. Wouldn't that be great?
  2. Hey welcome! Hello everyone! I would like to share with this fantastic community my work in progress that I make using 3D-Coat. In this my sketchbook, I invite everyone to participate and that you feel free to say what you really think of my work ...No heartbroken!
  3. When RenderMan appear for 3d-coat? p.s. sceernshot from official community on vk.com
  4. Hey Everyone! I was trying to find workflow information related to games and movies. So I found a video from a YouTube channel called Flipped ... I started watching and I heard the following comment: "... so the tools you're probably gonna have to learn here are first Zbrush. If you are character artist Zbrush is to go to tool. We have people asking cannot sculpt in Modo, Blender, 3D-Coat? Technically yes, practically NO! Zbrush is by far the most advanced sculpting tool here! " "Also because it's just become it is the industry standard..." As soon as I heard this, I still tried watching the video, but I stopped and I could not watch it anymore. It's not because I use 3D-Coat, but I've had a lot of feelings about what I've heard and I'd like to share with everyone. I can speak and give my opinion very credibly. That's because I've used ZBrush for many years and I've been using 3D-Coat for a long time. So I know exactly what I'm talking about. First, I was sad to hear that they say that 3D-Coat would be the last choice of tools when it comes to sculpture. And I know that other people also say that because I've already listened. Secound I was disappointed because ZBrush is not that far from 3D-Coat in relation to the sculpting tools and Brush system. Thirdly, I was upset , because if you do not know how to use a program properly, it does not mean that the other program is so superior. And probably, these people do not even want to give themselves the chande of sculpting on 3D-Coat. They are right in one thing, Zbrush has become the standard for the Industry. In 3D-Coat, I can make sculptures as good or better than when I used ZBrush. I do not see that gigantic difference between ZBrush and 3D-Coat. If a person thinks that just because he or she will use the ZBrush that will become a Rodin or Michelangelo digital is very much mistaken! Because the program will not sculpt for you! Zbrush began to develop first and has a great team. Of course in 3D-Coat the system of brushes and alphas can be improved. In the latest versions of 3D-Coat, @Andrew Shpagin has been improving the Sculpt Room, giving us tools that neither ZBrush has. In the near future of 3D-Coat, I'm sure @Andrew Shpagin will give us an excellent new system of brushes and alphas with features that will allow us an even more refined control of Brushes and Alphas. Because I use 3D-Coat every day to sculpt, I try to show and demonstrate to @Andrew Shpagin and the whole community the features that are important and that would make a big difference to our work. Maybe @Andrew Shpagin will listen to me, maybe not. I hope so! I know that sometimes I may be annoying for suggesting features and improvements, but I always have the mindset of wanting to see 3D-Coat be better than it already is! To complete my thinking, 3D-Coat's sculpture system is very good and the detailing system inside 3D-Coat is starting to have a brightness. The artist who wants to sculpt in 3D-Coat will have the same success as ZBrush. Just learn the tool and be happy. I know there's a lot going on, but I could not shut up this time! That is my honest opinion!
  5. Hi all, I installed 4.9.12 today and when importing a mesh (.obj format) via the "import mesh for voxelization" menu, I am getting an undesired outcome. Please see attached image for reference. The last working version that I can use is 4.8.16 for Windows due to: 1- import issues on 4.9.xx versions and 2- the "scale" option was missing or not working as intended on newer releases. Issue 1: Importing 4.8.16 Method: Voxel Scultping --> Selecting Empty Plane/Grid Icon --> File --> Import --> Import Mesh for Voxelization --> Auto Scale (once) --> Scale (by desired %) --> Apply --> Preserve Dimensions Popup --> Yes --> Click once on any tool, ex: Grow. Import model status is OK. 4.9.12 Method: Same import method as above but I get the weird result as shown in image (compare.png). Issue 2: Scaling 4.8.16 Method: Voxel Scultping --> Selecting Empty Plane/Grid Icon --> File --> Import --> Import Mesh for Voxelization --> Auto Scale (once) --> Scale (by desired %) --> Apply --> You are about to voxelize a big enough mesh (39 million). Poly count selected when scaling was 3.9 million. --> Apply --> Preserve Dimensions Popup --> Yes --> Click once on any tool, ex: Grow. Import model status is BAD. I haven't changed any settings in v 4.8.16 or in v 4.9.12. Both imported the same way using the same file on the same PC. Both versions are currently installed. Using GL mode on both, not DX. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  6. fuad3d


    From the album: Fuad

  7. Hey everyone! I've been sculpting a lot in 3D-Coat, especially in Surface Mode. I tried to find here in the forum the answer to my question, but I did not find an exact answer to that. I would like to know if there is a similar function of Imbed (Zbrush) or Plane Offset (Blender) to control brushes in 3D-Coat? If I am not wrong these 2 functions are similar... (please someone correct me if I am wrong) I would like to have better control on the surface of the mesh inside the 3d-coat, that is, a very refined control in the brushstrokes that I make. Generally, when I used ZBrush, I left the Imbed low when I wanted to refine my brush strokes, thereby fully controlling the influence of the brush's deformation on the surface of the mesh. Just to let you know, I know most of you know these functions, but I will leave the explanation of these Zbrush and Blender brushes functions so some people who do not know can understand. Zbrush: Imbed The Brush Imbed will control the embed of selected brush. Brush Imbed gives a brush a definite control on how a brush will interact with a surface. This will allow slight deformation on the surface or more extreme deformation on the surface. Blender: Plane Offset: Offset for planar brushes (Clay, Fill, Flatten, Scrape), shifts the plane which is found by averaging the faces above or below. I know we have in the 3d-coat the sensitivity curve control button or the intensity of the tablet, but it's not exactly the function I'm looking for, just as we have the Edit Flatten Curve that is not the function I'm looking for either . Any similar function of Imbed or Plane Offset in 3D-Coat? Thank you
  8. Hello everyone, Recently, I saw the release of zbrush 2018. In addition to fantastic new tools and enhancements, they finally put something very similar to 3D-Coat's live clay. First, I want to say that I love 3D-Coat, I bought the license even though I was a Zbrush user. When I saw 3D-Coat, I fell in love with the unique features offered by 3D-Coat (voxels, live clay and several unique program tools) that even the powerful Zbrush did not have. I may be wrong, but over time, I noticed that the Zbrush releases were very similar tools to what 3D-Coat had already had for a long time. When I started to do my work on 3D-Coat, I realized the difference of the brushes when I tried to sculpt 3D-Coat that did not have the same feeling I had in Zbrush (even many users complained about the same thing). Until there appeared brushes that supposedly would be similar to the Zbrush (Artman's brushes). I did not give up 3D-Coat and I started doing some tests trying to find ideal settings, and I started to love the way I sculpted 3D-Coat. So, I came to use 3D-Coat as my MAIN sculpting and texturing program and because I really like and care about 3D-Coat, I would humbly like to appeal to @Andrew Shpagin and the fantastic developers of 3D-Coat that, please, begin to improvise and add tools to the Sculpt Room. I know that such tools are complex to make, but because I believe so much in 3D-Coat I would very much like to see the System of layers in the Sculpt Room, Morph tools and Reprojection of details from one mesh to the other, Noise system maker, Possibility of baker of displacement map directly in the mesh (without having to export the mesh and import the mesh again), Better tools of modifiers like inflate, bend and etc, Possibility to create groups of polygons so that we can isolate and work with them at the moment we want (like polygroups). A Falloff tool or topology in the brush moves and in the other brushes so we can sculpt or move without affecting areas around the sculpture point (eg opening or closing mouth or eyes). A better integration of masks with Paint Room, because if you have a mesh with many polygons and take to the Paint room is very slow the procedure of making masks or improvise tools of the Paint Room in the Sculpt Room for the procedure to be done quickly. Improvements in the detail of the surface of the mesh, because when using an alpha the mesh gets the detailing with effect of few polygons (it is different when doing the same procedure in the zbrush, getting better). Functionalities for better control of imported alphas. As well as other tools and features that many users ask to be made in 3D-Coat. I hope you do not criticize me for asking Zbrush tools and features for 3D-Coat because I can only see 3D-Coat enhancements on Zbrush. If they do not mind putting very similar 3D-Coat tools on their system, why not implement tools similar to theirs in 3D-Coat? Sometimes I think that tools like Copy Clay (from Surface mode), which is a fantastic tool type (which is having problems with recent versions of 3D-Coat), was created and left out. Just like other tools. For a long time I have been waiting for tools and features that I have already mentioned above and never appear. I get very sad and discouraged by this. Once again, I know that it's complicated to develop such functionalities and I know of the effort of the developers to do what is 3D-Coat that we all know. I really congratulate you for creating this fantastic program and I love it, but please read my requests with love, because I would like to see 3D-Coat shining more than it shines nowadays! Before anyone tells me to ask for these features in the ordering section session, to send email to the support or something, I noticed that it does not help much, because many things are already in those places and they stayed there. I hope everyone will ask to @Andrew Shpagin and developers for new features and tools, as well as improvements to existing tools. Because I do not want to hear from many artists who make videos on youtube that 3D-Coat is not good at sculpting and detailing how Zbrush is. I would like to see many good things in the next version of 3D-Coat. It will be possible @Andrew Shpagin and developers? For those who want to see a preview of ZBRUSH 2018 on youtube, you'll understand what I felt when I saw so many things being released and improved by them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYsTuP5giPE
  9. Hey everyone, I think I've figured out a possible bug when I'm in Surface Mode in the Sculpt room. When I use the Clone Tool and Cut And Clone Tool on surface mode, simply any mesh that was not selected is deleted or mysteriously disappears. Both tools work perfectly in Voxels Mode, but unfortunately in Surface Mode something very strange is happening and the tools do not work as they should. In the video below I demonstrate this possible bug in the Clone Tool and Cut and Clone Tool in Surface Mode.
  10. Hey everyone, I would like to know one very important thing if there is a feature that I am urgently needed in 3D-Coat. I'm making a character. I used the Decimate Proxy Method to be able to make changes in the pose of the character, especially in the arm. After the character was lighter, I hid the whole character except for the arm, in which I began to repair the arm (using Pose Tool, Move Brush). Finally, when I finished all my work, I pressed the button that serves to exit the proxy mode and return the character with the original amount of polygons and then I saved the file. When I realized and looked at the character, I do not know how this must have happened, but in several places of the character the mesh was distorted and displaced. These places should be protected because I had previously hidden these parts to be able to use the Pose Tool and Move Brush. I believe that somehow 3d-coat did not respect the hidden mesh and even then made a mess in those areas. At the same time, I tried to use CTRL + Z to undo all the changes to recover the character in the original state (before my work I did on the arm). But 3D-Coat just went back to the mesh proxy and stopped there (no longer allowing undo) while remaining the messy mesh of the character. In this project, I'm using Tortoise HG (I'm new to this program) to save all my modifications rather than saving multiple files as I was accustomed to doing.That means I have only one project file. Due to my desperation and the very late hour I thought of reverting the file to the previous state I had saved in Tortoise HG (which would be a file before the modifications in the arm), but I messed up and went back to a file very early , where I lost practically all the accessories and much more of this project. And to complete the tragedy, I could not undo this action in Tortoise. Luckily, I had exported the character in .3b (before the changes in the arm) and also I had exported the character with the changes in the arm in 3b. (but with the other parts of the body messed up). Having said all this, I wonder if there is a way to reproject the good parts I've made of the (messy) character to the character who has the correct mesh? I know that in 3D-Coat there is the Copy tool (voxels mode), but for me to do this procedure I will have to convert my character to Voxels and so I will lose many details that I already did in Surface mode. I know that to keep these details, I will have to increase millions of polygons and I think my computer will not support it. So, is there any way to transfer the work I did on the arm (bad file) to the correct mesh (good file)? Similar to the mesh reproject functionality that exists in ZBrush? thanks...
  11. Hello!!!! I hope this post serves many others who would like to do the same thing. Please, for anyone who really knows about PC Build, I would very much appreciate your guidance. I am wanting to build a new pc after many years, but unfortunately I do not understand much. I would like to set up a machine for programs like mainly 3D-Coat (of course), ZBrush, Blender, Mari, Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer, Krita, Photoshop, Mari, Unreal Engine, Marmoset Toolbag and others applications, as well as I can play games. I've been following the forum for information but I coundn´t find exacly what I´m looking forward and I was worried about what Andrew Shpagin said that "3D-COAT is essentially multithreaded, so cores will speed up. Intel is better because Intel TBB library used for multithreading, so on Intel it works faster anyway." Maybe this would be the first problem, because the configuration I set up was according to AMD Threadripper... I've done a lot of research and most of the people are only commenting on positive things about AMD Threadripper is better than Intel. I always had Intel, but... I have a lot of doubts regarding processor, Memory and the video card: Please, you could analyze in detail each item and see if it would fit to my goal of working with the applications above, as well as games. Below is the configuration of the pc. ================================================ 1.Motherboard: ASRock X399 TAICHI sTR4 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1/3.0 ATX AMD ===================================================== 2.Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16-core/32-thread) ===================================== 3.CPU Cooler: Ecomaster Technology Enermax ELC-LTTR360-TBP LIQTECH TR4 Threadripper 360MM AIO Liquid CPU Cooler ==================================== 4. I do not know which mhz is better 3000mhz, 3200mhz or above? And which quad channel should I choose? What do You Think??? Memory: G.SKILL 64GB (4 x 16GB) Ripjaws V Series DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHz For ntel Z170 Platform Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C16Q-64GVK Or which one you indicate? ================================================ 5. Video Card: Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (amd 100-506048 - AMD RADEON PRO DUO 32GB GDDR5 POLARIS PCIE 3XDP 1XHDMI) One person talked about the following video cards: 2x (two) Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Turbo OC... --- OR: 2x (two) Zotac ZT-P10800H-10P..., --- OR: 1x (one) PowerColor AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 8GB HBM2 HDMI... --- OR: 1x (one) Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (amd 100-506048). It seems to me that the Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (amd 100-506048) would be the best video card. But I would very much appreciate your opinion, which video card would be the best for the applications above and games? Would it be possible to use the Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (amd 100-506048) in conjunction with geforce1080 or Zotac ZT-P10800H? How would it be possible to play a game with these cards at the same time? I would have the option to choose which card I want to use it in the game (I know the Radeon Pro Duo 32GB (amd 100-506048) is not a gaming board). What do you think? ===================================== 6.Storage: Samsung 960 EVO Series - 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW) ================================= 7.Power Supply: What do you think? PC Power & Cooling FireStorm Gaming Series 1050 Watt (1050W) 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Active PFC Performance Grade ATX PC Power Supply 5 Year Warranty FPS1050-A4M00 ===================================== Thank you very much for your attention and I hope everyone benefits from all the opinions here.
  12. Hi All, I was trying to find an alpha / brush setting to simulate stitches in fabric. In the process I seem to have changed something in the first Alpha that I use for just regular sculpting. I have tried to reset it but don't see any way to do so. Now when I want to just Build on my sculpt with that brush, I keep getting things that look like stitches. Any help would be appreciated. Is there a way to reload the original alpha/ brush settings or do I have to reload the program? Thank you
  13. Hey, folks, I just want to share some work we are creating here in Brazil using 3D-Coat on an online training course focused on characters. It's the first one in Brazil! Until now, we are working with everything that 3D-Coat has to offer, from hard surface to organic sculpt. The classes about human characters (cartoonish) will start in a few weeks, so until now we are starting to learn the software creating some robots and weapons. Hope you like it and will update here soon!
  14. Wybie


    MAR-z0 is 3d low poly model maked in spare time. I had a friend he liked very much “Toki”. MAR-z0 is an acronym that recalls its name. 3D-Coat haved a lot importance for creation model. I have retopogized from hi-poly model, texturized, baked and render. I think about 3D-Coat is one of best software for this. I try now to improve my skills for sculpt but is not simple... I arrive from ZBrush. ;-)
  15. Hey I'm currently tying out the "Calculate Occlusion" tool on a few of my models but have run into a problem on one of them. The occlusion map produced has a lot of ugly sort of patches all over it. I ran the tool on a very similar model and never had any issues. I have all layers, paint objects and surface materials unlocked. I have attached images of the before and after of the model with errors and the similar model without. Any help on how to solve this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Hi there. Here in Brazil some people are interested on learning 3D-Coat. I'm planning to create an online Cartoon Character training course using mostly 3D-Coat... so do I need anything special in order to do this? That would be a portuguese only course. But maybe some subtitles? Thanks!
  17. From the album: The laboratory

    Low poly model for game. 3D-Coat for texturing an bake all texture.
  18. Hi there! I just created a tutorial about texture baking on 3D-Coat. It's pretty simple actually and it's in portuguese, but maybe it can help someone here. I wish to be fluent on english to help more people. Link to the tutorial
  19. hello everyone, 4 months ago, i was asking you about more smart material for 3d coat for my Sci-fi exam in video and today i can show you my final work. All the texture has been made with the smart material in this topic (and the basic smart material of cours). This screenshot come for unreal egine 4.9. I should like to have your opinion on it (positif or negatif about texturing, props, lighthing, etc) English is not my mother tongue so, sorry for the mistakes And this is a like for my SF character https://skfb.ly/OHZO
  20. Hi everyone. I want to get a education licence for 3D-Coat but i have several question before to make my purchase. Currently, i use a demo of this software. Can i open my 3D-Coat file make in the demo version witch my education licence??? And secondly, if i buy and education licence, it's only for one computer?? Or can i installe the software on several computer?? I already check on the purchase page but i a little lost. Thank for your help. Jérémy Ps: I speak french in true, so be gentle with my english
  21. Another death trap for FFX Runner Undead Rods. Textured in 3D-Coat http://ffxrunner2.ffx.it/rigging-the-disk/
  22. https://sketchfab.com/models/e20daaadaf184875bde129bbb59d4048
  23. fuad3d


    From the album: Fuad

  24. From the album: Javis' Works

    Finished textured model of the U.S.S. Defiant NX74205 from Deep Space Nine. Modeled in Modo, textured in 3D-Coat (and a splash of Photoshop).
  25. For those interested. Installed 3D-Coat on a new i7 Surface Book from Microsoft....the one with GPU and 16GB of RAM. One of my artists sculpted a head to 3.7 million triangles, painted it in 3DC, and rendered the shadow maps at 4k in 2.5 hours. No lag throughout the process. Battery was at 100% when he started and he ran it down to 24% remaining, so we calculate that he would have gotten to about 3.25 hours of heavy use had he gone on. Definitely could use some touch controls to move and zoom the screen within 3D-Coat and a pen with two-buttons would be GREAT! We'll try things out with a 3D-Mouse this week, didn't have one in the office today.
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