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Found 16 results

  1. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    A monstrous thing. Based on 2D concept artwork by Tooth Wu. #monster #horror #scifi #sciencefiction #alien #creature #CharacterDesign #3D #ZBrush #3DCoat #B3D #Blender3D #sculpture #art #artwork #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #artist
  2. Inspired by the 1993 Mini-Series "The Tommyknockers" and the Stephen King book of the same name. 3D Coat was used for painting displacement and textures. Blender was used for everything else.
  3. AntonTenitsky

    Alien Leader

    From the album: Alien Leader

    Created for my Mudworld series. Head done in Zbrush but clothing is 3D coat. 3D Coat allows for a very cool way of clothing design. I'll soon publish tutorial about it on my channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/AntonTenitsky
  4. From the album: Vordak Soldier Suit

    3D Coat sketch with post processing in Photoshop. You can check out the making of on my channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/AntonTenitsky
  5. drate


    From the album: Artworks

    Nearly completely done in 3d-Coat & Photoshop including rendering.
  6. GabrielPerez

    Alien Frigate

    From the album: 3D Concepts

    Alien spaceship design that totally came off so random by sculpting.... random big shapes and extorting. Modeled and textured in 3d coat. Rendered in Marmoset and finalized in photoshop.

    © Gabriel Perez

  7. Methelina

    Ceph Exosuit

    From the album: All of all

    Early Ceph Exosuit for the crysis2 that was banned from the game after all console oriented remades =(

    © Linda MacGill aka Methelina

  8. Kargall

    Nox 1

    From the album: Kargall-3DC

    Hi. Here is a personal work to test Octane render with 3DC. Followed by a big blow Studio-Clip-Paint, this combination suits me very well. I hope you enjoy it.
  9. From the album: Kargall-3DC

    In the alien series all kinds ... Roswell style. Just for fun UV test development and displacement in Blender. Made in 3DC, Blender Internal rendering (1.30mins) Clip-Sutdio-Paint, photoshop
  10. ebitz

    Alien Final 3DCoat

    From the album: Ebitz Gallery

    This piece was done for the 3D community challenge that I had hosted.

    © 2013

  11. I myself have been on a alien kick lately. I thought this would be fun to really let your creativity run wild. Not only that but we will expand our skill set into micro-vertex painting or essentially just texture painting your sculpt. Contest Guidelines: 1. Sculpt an alien bust (shoulders up), due to time constraints. Make a variation on your favorite alien, or sculpt a completely new one. 2. Take it into the paint room and give it some love. 3. Make a nice presentation shot as if you were giving it to a client for review, as if it was a concept. Use any Image editing software you would like for this portion. All your texturing though should be done in 3D Coat. I will be judging that based on your WIPS. 4 Resolution of final is up to you. I recomend staying above 1k (Portrait) Thats it. Budget your time because there is essentially more than enough time with 4 weeks. Remember, professionals do this kind of work in a couple of days or less(understood that they are spending 12 hours a day doing it). Ready, set, go. Lets see what we can do. You go 4 weeks.
  12. From the album: BTK Drop

    My final entry of the 2nd 3dcoat Community Challenge.
  13. Malo

    Alien Challenge Head

    From the album: Malo

    Head for the Alien Challange. Complede workflow timelapse. Sculpting, Retopo, UVs and Texturing. http://youtu.be/h_exNtRdW5M

    © Malo

  14. I have this concept in my head of a video game where you are the alien and humans are the enemy, as if you were probed and experimented on by human scientists. Using ancient cultures such as Egyptians in this case, to model the character as reference. The Egyptians were visited by these aliens giving them technology etc, as a part of their culture. This is not a new concept (Discovery Channel, etc) but an interesting one non the less. So many of the Egyptian culture was derived from these aliens and hence these elements will be reflected in the design of the character. So I am pretty much done with the primary and secondary details moving on to the tertiary ones. There is much more to do, armor, tech,clothing, weapons etc. Stay tuned.
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