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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I just wanted to mention a few things I found (could be bugs) while working with 3D Coat Textura. I hope this helps. 1.) While going to Textures>Export>"Layers with Color/Depth/Glossiness" everything seems to export fine; however, upon importing via the layers.xml file generated, the Glossiness is not correct. The Function states (upon hovering over the export command) that this method is good for transferring Layers from one model to another. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work. Even, upon importing to my exact same reference model that I just exported everything from, that too is very very glossy. This must be a bug as the roughness/glossiness is now inconsistent and not reliable. 2.) Trying to find a workaround, I exported just the Roughness map via two ways. One way is through the Texture Panel, and the other is near the bottom of the Layers Panel. Upon Importing, both methods work the same way by placing a new layer at the very top of your Layers stack. Wouldn't one method work that way, and the other work as propagating it two the separate layers, since it asks for the UVSet to reference? I could be wrong, but would be very useful. Currently, they act both the exact same way, and I cannot find a way to take that new upper layer created upon importing and propagate it down to embed it within my painted layers. 3.) Going to Textures>Import UV (which is supposed to take an updated UV layout change) when I do that, all of my UVs are flipped in the Vertical direction, even if the UV Set was unchanged. Being in Textura, I cannot find a way to flip the UVs Vertically in the Texture Editor, so I am guessing I cannot do that in Textura. 4.) If I go into Maya and adjust a UV Set layout, lets say, because I decided I wanted to combine UVs into a Set and condense things bit...when I then go back to Textura and Reimport Geometry only, it asks for my new map sizes which is fine. However, when the reimporting is done, my maps get messed up. I could see if the maps get messed up on the UV Sets that were changed, but there seems to be something happening in the background with the layering order and affecting some UV Sets that were not adjusted at all. This, is what led me to find a workaround with using my #1 (listed above.) 5.) Upon reimporting and entering my map sizes as Textura asks, I then started painting and noticed my resolution was incorrect for the Texel sizes I computed in Maya. If I go to "Mesh and Texture Resolution" I found that after the reimporting took place, the map sizes do not "lock-in" if a UV Set was changed. I have to then re-enter my map sizes in the "Mesh and Texture Resolution" area again after the importing is completed. This was is not a big deal, just have to remember to do it and not forget. 6.) Entering a Custom Map size didn't really work for me while importing a mesh. I was trying to enter a size of 12288x12288 (double 6k), and while it allows me to type it in, it seems to force it into the next highest map size when I check in "Mesh and Texture Resolution". Not a big issue as I know that size is uncommon, but I just wanted to mention it in case I found something. I hope these helps out, as I really like Textura. The first one I mentioned, is a show stopper as I am making assets, and I feel this should be super simple - export and import. The others are ones I found out while trying to figure different methods. Additional Info: My models are coming in from Maya via .fbx format Additional Ask: Perhaps a tighter integration with Megascans would be great, or 3D party PBRs in general. Right now, it seems like after installing as an extension from Megascans, the Depth channel when it uses .exr natively is not recognized, even at 1000%. Also, a "Rotate all maps 90 degrees" when setting up a custom Smart Material could be cool and useful along with a place to enter exact numbers, for Scale, etc. in the Material Tool bar. Thank You for Your Time and I Hope These Help, Rudy
  2. Hi I'm currently on the latest build - 2022.16 - and I've noticed a couple of bugs I've encountered in previous versions are still lurking. One involves the red symmetry plane. Sometimes, it'll be there, and others - it's gone. Even with it enabled in the Symmetry options: The other issue involves the ALT key to pan the camera around. At random times, it'll stop working. Pressing a bunch of random keys/buttons in the UI can sometimes rectify it. A good example of when it happens is if you try to use ShareX to record a GIF. The ability to rotate the camera stops working, as you can see here:
  3. Discard Clip Masked Pixels doesn't work and hasn't worked for 5+ years. Any chance this could be addressed, it's a useful feature when painting alpha cards. Here's someone asking about it in 2015:
  4. me = just loaded up 3dcoat to finish texturing this and I'm saw that this has happened! I = can press *6* (lowpoly) to make it go but when I'm = goes into render it it just shows this silliness again! can anyone helps me please? I'm = don't wanna restart him he was a lot of work :/
  5. Dear Developers, This is my bug experience since 30th November on Steam Version. I do have the file I would like to give you in private: - "Reset Hotkeys" Button in Preferences is actually Reset all settings to default - When you press the "End" key, sometimes "The shortcut is already assigned.." dialogue box shows up. To resolve this, I need to restart 3D Coat and "Redefine" it again. - Reassigning shortcuts breaks that function to which the custom key is assigned --> Curves - The "Apply" button does not work to "Curves" when you assign a shortcut. Sometimes you need to press "Reset Hotkeys" (aka Reset all settings to default) in order for it to work. - The Apply Button sometimes just doesn't work. I cannot "Apply" my curve no matter how much I restart, or Reset Everything. I even saved the Curve and it is not working. Thanks, 3DCoatRocks
  6. Hey everyone. I've been running into this strange problem where my model keeps disappearing when I hover it. The model isn't actually gone, it's just a visual glitch and I can usually get it back by hitting one of the preset camera positions. This time it really bugged out and I was able to screen cap a video of it. Has anyone else run into this problem? My models are pretty low res and my machine is brand new with up to date specs so I don't think it's hardware. Not sure though. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!
  7. Работаю с объектом в Surface режиме. При использовании инструмента Pose меня преследует куча багов с выделением (и не только). К примеру, при множественном выделении с shift-ом и отмене действия (Undo) портится выделение. Кто-нибудь ещё сталкивался с этой проблемой? Завёл багу в мантисе тем временем: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2195 P.S. Разработчики на каникулах или как? Просто не вижу особой активности в бег трекере...
  8. http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2198 http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2196 http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2195 I have only one question really. Does anyone actually use it?
  9. Hi, I have the Windows version of 3dc and am now evaluating the Mac version so I can better switch the systems. I noticed that my 3D Mouse behaves differently between windows and mac. Up/Down and Front/Back are reversed and I can't switch it from the prefernces. Annoying also thatz the keyboard is set to english and does not addapt to the system language. So, if I want to do an undo I cannot use ctrl+z but must use ctrl+y. And of course this counts for all other shortcuts, too where the key layout is different to the english one. I haven't tested versions prior to the newest 4.7 on the mac so I don't know if these are old bugs or have slipped in just recently. But my question is: will this be fixed any time soon, because if not I will preferably stick to the windows version only. Cheers Philipp
  10. Hi, Please check and confirm if you get the same problem: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2125 Below are full details of the bug-report: SUMMARY State of UI setting "Preferences, Hide Scrollers" is incorrect. DESCRIPTION In "Preferences"-dialog, in "Theme"-tab, the state of the checkbox setting called "Hide scrollers" is the opposite of what it is supposed to be. When "Hide Scrollers" is CHECKED (enabled), the scrollers are SHOWN. When "Hide Scrollers" is UNCHECKED (disabled), the scrollers are HIDDEN. This behavior is the exact opposite of what the checkbox is supposed to do. STEPS TO REPRODUCE Open "Preferences, Themes". Make "Hide Scrollers" checked, and scrollers will be shown (incorrect). Make "Hide Scrollers" unchecked, and scrollers will be hidden (incorrect). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Please see the attached files for a visual description of the problem. Cheers, AgentSam
  11. If I want to discuss (to confirm) a possible bug before leaving a report on Mantis, then which forum should I post my message to and is it customary to use subject prefixes or topic tags when posting such messages? (eg. [bUG], [bUG DISCUSSION], etc.) Also, am I correct in assuming that the "Support Archives" forums are closed, because I get a notice saying "You cannot start a new topic" when I'm viewing messages on those forums. Or is this an issue with my user status or something.
  12. This has probably been answered a million times but I am going to ask as I can't seem to find the answer on the forums (I know I am probably being stupid and not looking in the right place). I was wondering how it is possible to post bugs. I use the Steam version of 3DC (version 4.5.19) and I am running into an issue which I remember being a bug way before 4.5. Basically whenever I am in the retopo room I retopologize my model as normal and then in the same room I will start adding seams for my UV map. After adding the seams I unwrap and go into the UV room and nothing is in there, no voxels, no model. There is a layer however from the retopo room. I go to add a UV set as there is no UV sets made yet, as soon as I press the add UV set button I get a dialog box come up with a bunch of information about my computer and then I press ok and 3DC just shuts down. I was wondering what is the official way to log a bug so I could report this. Does it matter if I use the Steam version also? The current build of 3DC on Steam is one of the stable releases as far as I am aware. Thanks, Dave.
  13. For some reason, whenever I paint with a metal smart material, it paints black. What is going on?
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