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  1. Здравствуйте, обитатели форума 3D coat, недавно перешел на новую для меня версию программы 4.5.02. И заметил в новых фичах обидную проблему. Есть модель с текстурой 2048Х2048. И превью материала показывает мне такое качество: Я радостно беру кисть и получаю на выходе вот такое : И еще раз для сравнения: Прошу объяснить, из какой жопы у меня растут руки, и что я делаю не так. Вот еще UV, авторазвертка, может в ней проблемы?
  2. From the album: door collection.

    Test PBR matérial and applink blender for this project
  3. It's the same even on default material (for example metal_rusty), so it's not my material's fault. I've attached the mesh that I've used here. TestMesh.rar
  4. Im having this issue where i cant really see what im doing because the viewport and the render room, is not showing me the correct visual representation of the PBR material. In contrast, the PBR Material Previewer works wonders and it looks how it is supposed to. Is this an BETA problem or is it just me? I added a picture of what i mean as an attachment. Yes, i have tried everything and read everything, even work with the lights!
  5. Hello I need some little advice to create a pbr material weathering effect. In Substance Designer there is a effect that is called ground dirt. What it does is realy simple, it makes an object dirty from bottom to top, and gets smoothed and loose opacity at the top. Like this, please ignore the colors, i know they are ugly. Now i have tried to rebuild this weathering effect with the new material editor, but i cant get it to work. My result This is the closest i could reach. Another shot with a different object. The main problem is the calculation more on bottom. Take a look into the Cube Picture from 3d coat. It looks like it calculates every face that is placed in XZ direction and then caluclates upwards in Y. You see it in the small cubes on the side. The inner upper part have dirt, but on the lower part it is clean. Or take a look into the monster picture. The feet are dirty, but not at the top, and then the body gets dirty again. It looks like the more on bottom option dont calculate the complede object, it calculates more the XZ faces and then it move the material up. It is nice for leaks but not for my dirt effect. Did anybody have an idea how i could create a ground dirt effect like that in substance designer or painter? Cheers Malo
  6. We really need a rotate by degrees on materials and masks.
  7. Is it possible to make modeling clay looking model (like the parrot from Meindbender's "Pirate") in 3D Coat. What to use to achieve best effects? Sculpting, materials/shaders?
  8. I still testing the 3d coat trail Since i found vlender applink i can apint, offcorse i need to still figure out some things. Now i try to texture some object. And i get stuck on that. It seems that the tutorial video use a different 3d coat version. i dont see any material preview window. The screens look a bit different to. Some help or right instructions how to add a material on object would be welcome now.
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