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Found 20 results

  1. I'm using Maya 2022, but I'm having trouble loading the 3dcoat applink plugin. Is anyone aware of what the latest working version of the applink I should be using. I'm using 3dcoat applink for maya version 2.2.2. Is there a newer or more recent one? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am new here to the forums. I am really hoping someone may be able to help me. I created a model using Zbrush, it was of course high poly so I used auto-retopology in 3D coat because I thought it would be easiest. What became of it was a model with clean topology, but way too much of it! Way too many polys than are necessary. I could have easily chopped down on them had I done it myself. So anyway, I chose to stick with the auto topo and try to edit it by removing highly retopologized areas with a lot of polys like the arms and legs. But the model was initially so small when it was retopologized that when I zoom in too closely the polys start to disapear. And it is near impossible to do from a distance. So auto did not work, I did it myself using the strokes and quads tool. Very clean and low poly, looked perfect. BUT!!!!!!!! When I smooth it in Maya LT, the skin looks horrible, tons of dimply areas, not totally awful but not preferable. So I decided to keep a low poly look with the edges. And of course, what happens!? When I animate my character, because of the sharp edges, black faces sporadically apear. So now I have no choice but to smooth my mesh. I want it low poly but I cannot live with how horrible it looks after I smooth it. PS sorry for the change in font. Also I have already tried adding edge loops in maya where I want to retain the detailed edges but still the eye sockets are the biggest issue I have.
  3. Hi all ! Here's some stuff I worked on for The Burning Descent, an upcoming VR Game made @ RyseUp Studios, Lyon ( FR ). I worked on Coralie Bruchon's Baked 3D Models directly and only on 3DCoat ( still a GREAT pleasure to work on this software, I ♥ you guys for giving us this source of inspiration and good feelings =') ), with sutff I already used on StarWars - Redemption ( such as brushes, smartmaterials, deveopped along StarWarsRedemption's evolution ). I had to unify their look with the Environment I was responsible off during the whole prod, so here we go guys ! Thor'Axe - ( High/Low/Uvs/Bake ) was made by the talented artist Coralie Bruchon ( https://www.artstation.com/artist/longsharp ). Anthony Daneluzzi made his weapons from A to Z, and I did the Chest + all PBR textures/Rig/Posing mostly with 3DCoat/Akeytsu. Full Project's here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/eyV9w Reyna - ( High/Low/Uvs/Bake ) was made by the talented artist Coralie Bruchon ( https://www.artstation.com/artist/longsharp ). I did the Guitar/Skull + all PBR textures/Rig/Posing mostly with 3DCoat/Akeytsu. Full project's here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yGZ6O SenPai'n - ( High/Low/Uvs/Bake ) was made by the talented artist Coralie Bruchon ( https://www.artstation.com/artist/longsharp ). Anthony Daneluzzi made his weapons from A to Z, and I did the PBR textures/Rig/Posing mostly with 3DCoat/Akeytsu. Full project's here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qzZER More stuff coming soon ! =)
  4. Wybie


    MAR-z0 is 3d low poly model maked in spare time. I had a friend he liked very much “Toki”. MAR-z0 is an acronym that recalls its name. 3D-Coat haved a lot importance for creation model. I have retopogized from hi-poly model, texturized, baked and render. I think about 3D-Coat is one of best software for this. I try now to improve my skills for sculpt but is not simple... I arrive from ZBrush. ;-)
  5. Hello everybody i work in a new animation studio and we are making tests about the pipeline and softwares to make a final decisions about what softwares we are going to buy, i am testing 3D coat to be our 3D texturing software, while i am testing i had some problems and i find solutions for them, i figure out some steps to do in order to send my model in 3D Coat, from this steps is to select all the model and Soften Edge then send it to 3D coat using the applink in maya this is the low poly model and the model in preview smooth 3 in maya Then using the applink in maya send the model to 3D Coat for UV mapping and Object Per Pixel Painting, initial subd is applied The Low poly model in 3D coat is same as in maya and subd is applied Now my model is UV mapped and textured and ready to go back to maya using the Export Object and textures Here is the problem as you see the new imported model is not the same as the original model, it is like as the model is scaled on 2 axis the X and Z the original model is brown and the new imported model is white original model new model Any one had this problem before? i not use obj export because i need to isolate my separate parts of the model and paint it alone in 3D coat Thank you everybody
  6. From the album: The laboratory

    Low poly model for game. 3D-Coat for texturing an bake all texture.
  7. Hi guys! So i have some small issues, where ever i try to retopologize these meshes, some weird shit happends and it doesnt do it well! So i have used it a bit, and it has worked fine for other less complex stuff. So i know i would get some work here, at some point i got it fine, non the less, alot of bad topology! So, its probably just me doing something wrong! I tried jucing up the different settings, and yeah, but the thing is this: I took it into maya (3d model animation software) and seperated all meshes, removed them, closed holes and took it back, got then the result from the seconds picture! Which was better.
  8. I've looked for a solution to this but haven't found one yet. I'm not sure if it's a bug or an error on my part so I hope someone can shed some light on it. Thanks! If I import a normal map which was baked in Maya, this map looks fine. However, when I save and re-load the 3DCoat file the seams become apparent because the normal map has been modified. I'm guessing it's 3D Coat performing it's padding operation. But it seems the it's generating incorrect padding info for the a normal map somehow. I'm using version 4.7.06 DX64
  9. Hi Im newbie on 3dcoat and trying to learn 3dcoat. is there someone that really know how to export correct settings of textures for vray for maya ? fbx exported within 3dcoat wont importing in maya2016 correctly. also I tried to generate my own shading-network in maya. but result is very bad. do you have a practical video shows how to export correctly for vray4maya and how to setup a shader and link texture nodes in maya ? it is really confusing what does it mean "texture export/import workflow" (gloss metallness, gloss specular color.. etc.) do you see a good video tutorial that teaches it ? thank you
  10. What is the best way to export and set up "Smart Materials" texture to Maya with no PBR support? For example I have a metal object and want to get as close as I can to the beautiful PBR smartmaterials results that I see in 3D-coat. If someone could write a quick tutorial on this that would be awesome! For now I'm just going to have to experiment a lot in Maya to try and get same results. This is for production so it I don't have much time to experiment. Thanks! Daniel
  11. Hello, everyone I am new here. I just started using 3D Coat a few months back and in my opinion it's a fantastic software. Here's a sculpt I did with it. Did the retopology in 3D Coat too and rigged in Maya Hope you like it. Cheers. [/IMG] [][/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  12. I would just like to smooth + subdivide a mesh imported into 3D coat to make it a high res mesh, then retopologize it in 3D coat as well. Normally I export the high res mesh from maya, But I've switched to modo indie which doesn't allow exporting a mesh with over 100k polies. Since I prefer retopologizing in 3Dcoat, it is possible to smooth + subdivide a mesh the way Maya or modo does it? I tried subdividing on import but it doesn't look the same.
  13. Hi people. So i have been painting some 3d work in this and had some thing looking fantastic, then i went to try get into maya but i loose all the texture work and have to assign all the textures back to different places but i get a bit lost as it has these metalic and roughness files etc, is there nothing for this program as in mudbox where you simple choose to send it to maya ? i have seen stuff in google and found an old topic here for this but its so out of date and didnt seem to work or show up in the program. has anyone got a work around for this or can point in the direction of some thing that would work ? thanks
  14. Hey there Coaters, I am having an odd problem importing a hi poly .fbx into the sculpt room. I import it and as usual hit enter to set the mesh without modifications, then when I switch to the 'build clay' brush, my models normals come up reversed. This is one component of a larger model. All components are built with the same technique within Maya. I had a workmate look over it and try to save it out of Max, yet to no avail, still reversed normals. The only solution I found was to do 'Combine' within Maya. By adding another piece of geo to it, the problem goes away and both meshes have correct normals when imported to the sculpt room. Any ideas why this would be happening? Pics below... Thanks Guats
  15. I saw somebody over on the Newtek forums using Google Trends to gauge 3d software popularity over time, so I decided to try it out myself. Of course I don't know how scientifically accurate Google Trends is, but it is a lot of fun to put in some search terms and see what it comes up with! I decided to do two searches. My first search was to see which software programs are Autodesk's best selling products, and how their popularity has changed over time. I picked four that I thought would be big sellers, and I came up with this chart: According to this, it looks like Autodesk's AutoCAD products are currently their best selling software. 3ds Max used to be a really big one too, but it has declined quite considerably! Is Max losing popularity for architectural visualization? Maybe architects are just doing their visualization renders directly inside Revit now, or they are using visualization software like LumenRT, Lumion, Twinmotion, or even game engines instead. Also maybe game artists are quitting Max and moving to Maya LT. I also did a second search trying to see which 3d software is currently the most popular, and I came up with this chart: It looks like Blender and Cinema 4D are pretty steady over time. Maybe they have their user base locked in. That big decrease for 3ds Max and Maya is pretty stunning. But wouldn't the other software options increase if Max and Maya decrease? Where are those customers going? Have all the big studios just made their own software and they don't need Max or Maya anymore? Are there too many viable alternatives to Max and Maya out there now? I don't know, maybe these charts don't mean anything important really, but it is definitely fun to have a look and wonder about what is going on! What do you all think?
  16. Hi because there is not a triangulate or normal softening option in 3DC's retopo room, i had to triangulate and smooth the mesh normals in maya. When i import the triangulated mesh to unity i get this see that dotted line? that happens to every quad that has been triangulated in maya. that edge changes it visibility at different viewing angles... it suggests there is something wrong with the geometry; Any ideas why this happens?
  17. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?352666-Input-Custom-Blender-Setup-Silo-Maya-esque Seen information about this posted on the Foundry forums where it got some good reviews. http://community.thefoundry.co.uk/discussion/topic.aspx?f=4&t=60807&page=58
  18. Hello, i was wondering could someone help me i have been paining my maya model in 3d coat and its just that the colors i apply look so fake or just weird. i know the model is not fully colored i stopped due to the weirdness/oddness of the colors and came to here for help. So basically im asking how to make the color look vaguly better and not fake or like they were applied by a bucket.
  19. I am in the final two months of my time here at Vanarts for Game Art and Design and I'm tackling a creature, one I've been fond of for quite some time, from the franchise that sparked my interest in game and certainly in horror and shooter genres. This is my Cerberus Rendition of the Pinky Demon from the Doom franchise.. Taking it's already core elements that the fans love and stitching it together with a beast from the depths and my dreams. I decided to take the Original Pinky Demon that we all know and love, and the most recent version.. as a call out to it's growth - - - into this final form. For the hind legs I wanted something more off topic than the general mech spine into a hooved behind that all fan art has been. Deciding to stray away from the norm was proving difficult and I really enjoy this design.. It still in the process of figuring out some forms and smaller detail, any veins and surface breakup as far as pore detail and whatnot I was going to paint in Via PPNM ( per pixel normal map ) painting. I'll keep it updated with current photos and am always welcome to the Comments and Criticism. Maybe a different set of eyes can see something or give some tips. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!
  20. "Mixamo would like to announce that The Auto-Rigger is now free for any mesh under 10,000 triangles." This amazing free option that can be beneficial to 3D Artists beginner and advanced. Check it out here: http://www.mixamo.com/c/auto-rigger
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