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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys! I have a project I am working on and the bit I have gotten to now is really making my head hurt haha! So I am trying to make terrain pieces that can fit together side by side and be seamless and flow from one to the other. The idea is that I can sculpt a number of pieces and they can be used multiple times in different positions and rotations to create a potentially infinite number of terrain boards. http://i.imgur.com/NGRCrqg.jpg That is my rough concept where there are pieces like straight rivers, curved rivers, rivers with crossings, cliffs, cliff corners inner and outer, cliffs with slopes, lakes and grass plains and they can then be used multiple times to create varied landscapes. My issue is that I am unsure how to make them tileable! Ideally I am looking for a way of sculpting a perfectly square mesh that repeats at the edges so each module can fit next to another module with relative ease. I have tried doing it via photoshop creating heightmaps but the results are not great and it takes far too long to make a heightmap by hand, with detail without having a reference as to what it looks like when applied to a model. I would appreciate any help that I can get with the matter! I am struggling! Thank you!
  2. Hey esteemed creators, Ive just started on some new pieces so have some screen grabies and also had a question/observations. My brief is to create a collection of gun pieces that can then be combined to create many guns. I learnt 2 new things whilst browsing video tutorials that im definitely gonna repeat in my tutorials. 1. Reshaping mesh in surfaces mode with the MOVE tool and then hitting Enter rebuilds the mesh and polycount to adjust. which is good. But. Cutting a hard edge in surface mode never stays sharp as you are still required to hit enter and thus you loose it or you have to resample up and guess as best as you can. biggest issue : When using Live Clay to make some high details, after hitting Enter they're lost and approximated. You cannot merge surface meshes together in Surface Mode unless you hit enter before hand to recompute the mesh. 2. In Voxel mode you can use the proxy visualization to down res a model and perform a smooth at a lower level before returning to its actual resolution to make smoothing easier. 3. Theres one last one, I love the clean mesh tool - effecting the detail amount dial and using reduce but mainly average is really helpful.
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