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Found 3 results

  1. Hey probably a dumb question, but I don't know where to start to do this easily - it seems there should be an easy way to not have to do a lot of tedious repetitive steps. Say I've got a medium/high resolution LW object which contains a number of facial and other morph maps and I want to retopo it - either manually or automatically. Let's say I manually retopo the neutral or base pose to my poly flow liking - is there any way to have the new retopo object pull across the morph maps to my new object relative to the poly flow I've created while manually retopoing my object? For example let's say I have Head which has Neutral, Happy, Angry, Sad etc in the imported object. Then I retopo Neutral. I want my retopo'ed object to automatically still have Happy, Angry, & Sad as part of it - but now using my new retopo'ed poly flow. I don't want to retopo all of them individually and worry about merging and point order. I want an automatic solution given that I only do the retopo to one of the X morphs in the imported object. Is this possible? thx
  2. Hi, Im trying to do as in this video http://vimeo.com/9394361 Its about getting morph targets into LW. I cant get this to work in 3Dcoat v4. The tab isn't called Sculpt anymore, its called Tweak, but I asume its the same, is it? When i try to change a Layer in Tweak room it says its no ide to do so because Tweak room always work on the current layer. So I cant toggle my morps on and off. Its seams to change the mesh and not create a morph target on a specific layer. Anyone that can help me with this? I would be very appreciated. Sins Dyrwoolf
  3. 3D Coat 4.0.04B(GL) 32bit trying to follow the steps/methodology outlined in this thread: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14408 ... i was actually having more luck in the previous beta version... TL;DR: Why does selecting a Surface Sculpt tool make my mesh disappear totally? Also, why does converting it from voxel to surface make huge chunks of the model disappear? How can Bloodsong import an OBJ and sculpt on it? 1: new scene retopo room import reference mesh, select obj file. Problem: the obj comes in with a texture, but the texture is upside down. how can i flip the texture, or just not display it? 2: retopo menu: use current low poly mesh. gets rid of the texture view, anyhow! 3: voxel room merge tool pick from retopo; the object appears Problem: hitting 'Enter' to commit at this point causes huge chunks of the mesh to go missing. 4: avoid hitting 'enter,' just click the V in the layers to change to S mode. this seems to work fine. the voxel sculpt tools at the top of the toolbar turn into surface sculpt tools. select the first tool. Problem: this causes the entire object to vanish. 4a: to avoid object disappearance, just close the merge tool, and hit enter to 'commit' the object. a darker grey duplicate object is created, but the bright white starter object is still there. there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of it. what am i doing wrong? what am i failing to understand, here?
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