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  1. Greetings,Darkzeroprojects here to make somewhat postings of my slowly develouping sculpting workflow. Now I admit Im currently got a lot to learn,but I have been for months learning and working on sculpts for my asset creation. heres a example of my wip of a stylized body of a character.
  2. artofcharly


    More images here - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8Rlox Hello, everyone! This is my last personal project which I did in my spare time. Hedgehog modeling and sculpting - 3dCoat Fur and needles - Ornatrix plugin Grass - Forest Pack Render - Octane Hope you liked it! You can buy this model soon... Best regards, Andrew!
  3. Hello All! For those of you already on Pluralsight/Digital Tutors or those of you who might want to be, I recently had a 4 1/2 hour course covering some techniques in Character Sculpting published. If you want, please take a look at the course overview below: 3d-coat-character-concept-sculpting-techniques One thing that is different about it is that it covers a way of taking the voxel/surface sculpt directly to Cura to 3D print. In my case it is a Lulzbot TAZ 5 3d printer, but the techniques could apply to other printers as well. Excelsior! Eric Kunzendorf
  4. Hello! As the title suggests, what is your workflow when sculpting say organics or hardsurface objects in 3D Coat? Main reason I am starting this thread is because I am still struggling finding a workflow I am comfortable with in 3D Coat, I am used to dynamesh workflow to get my base forms, and then retopoing to a subdiv workflow for refinement and details. Which is something I can't reproduce in 3D Coat. So I am curious how other people approach sculpting with this wonderful piece of software. Now yes, I could be using a workflow with voxels or liveclay surface, but, I feel I have no control at all and eventually I have an uncontrollable mess where some areas are superdense and others are lowpoly-esque. I have really tried getting used to it, but I still feel like I am playing with fire. So, fellow 3D Coat'ers... What is your workflow when sculpting?
  5. I've got a model that's been created in Rhino, then exported as obj layers. I've subtracted layers (where Rhino's boolean difference failed), switched to surface mode and used surface hide to retain detail on hinges before using smooth all to smooth the rest of the model. Voxhide seemed to leave a border which was then smoothed, while surface hide does not. Is this the sensible way to keep specific bits of detail in a model, or is there a better way? Now if I can just work out some sensible settings for smooth all that closely mimic the effect of the voxel version....
  6. Hi all, just came across this Kickstarter campaign via Facebook and thought character sculpters with an own 3D printer like the idea of this workflow. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adambeaneindustries/cx5-sculptable-filament-for-3d-printers?ref=project_link
  7. Let me begin by saying that I do have decades of experience 3D modeling/rendering and even development related to such for games, etc.... I love the app for the most part and certainly much easier to use than the competitors. The visual quality of the objects during sculpting just.....bother me. I'm certain I probably just haven't figured out the 'trick' yet but the ease of seeing the form never seems as clear as in even an app like Sculptris. Not a fan of the 'depth' element of the shaders. Even though I do understand the nature of AO, it just....makes the surface more confusing (again likely not using it right). I've tried creating more shaders and downloading what I could find online. I assure you that I've also attempted to search for the solution many times but nothing that seemed to answer it. Are all the shaders dependent on environment maps? I know there is the option for a MatCap shader but that's camera projection and wish I could actually define the shader from a reflection sphere as is in other apps. Essentially, I'd just love a simple clearly visible grey clay sort of thing as is default in most sculpting apps.
  8. Hi One of the things I love about 3D Coat is that it has so many different sculpting tools. However, one of the things I hate about 3D Coat is that it has so many different sculpting tools... Maybe it is just because my background is with Blender (which has only a few brushes), however, as a (relatively) new user of 3D Coat, I struggle a lot trying to get a good idea in my head of what different brushes are available and what they do and what makes each of them different. I don't think the description you get of the brushes when you hover over them is that helpful... they all sound like the same thing. Don't get me wrong, some are quite obvious (crease, flatten, scratches etc.). Others, however, seem like the same thing with only slight tweaks. For example I have no idea how gum is supposed to be different form extrude, how airbrush is different from build or grow... or clay!. In terms of Live Clay, I have no idea what "General Clay" is, or why it differs from plain old Clay. I don't know what the difference between Liveclay build, extrude or inflate is... I could go on (please note I do understand the concept of Liveclay and how it differs to regular surface sculpting and voxel sculpting). I am the kind of person that likes to have in my head what tools I have available and how they differ. At the moment, I feel like I am lost in a sea of options. I feel like I have a lot of powerful tools at my disposal for sculpting, but no real overview of them. Does anyone else have this issue?
  9. Hey guys, This is the latest 3D Coat training bundle that I created. A great way for beginner 3D artists to get started learning 3D Coat. The bundle includes: 1) 21 Volumes of 3D Coat Training 2) Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection- Volume #1 (100 Alpha Brushes) 3) Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection- Volume #2 (50 Alpha Brushes) 4) Creature Eye Pack 5) Dinosaur Mega-Pack (40 Dinosaur Models) You can get it at Liberty3d.com for 25% Off the regular price until April 3rd. Coupon Code: L3DST2016 http://www.liberty3d.com/
  10. Hi, I am trying out a few new tools after checking out a sweet tutorial on Udemy for hard surface sculpting, I found out about a few tools that I never even knew about! Right now I am messing around with creating clothing and I am using the 'Vox Layer' tool to make things like sweaters and trousers (generic items of clothing) but I am running into some problems which are by the sounds of it pretty common when working with voxels. I apply my new Vox Layer and its relatively thin, I start sculpting creases and moving around the volume to get my forms but when I start getting into the detailing (I usually sculpt in Surface mode for this) I am completely destroying my volume. I know I can make the volume thicker before applying my Vox Layer but I don't really want massively thick trousers and sweaters, is there any other way to non destructively sculpt on thin volumes? If there isn't which I don't expect there is, then I guess the only answer is to make my Vox Layer relatively thick. Just a thought, can you freeze the inner shell of a new Vox Layer and sculpt on the outer surface of it, with the inside of the volume frozen could that potentially stop the issue of sculpting through the whole volume if it is really thin? Just want to add, Split and Vox Layer with the different selection modes are my favorite tools right now, you can make some sick stuff, if anyone is interested in the Udemy course I mentioned above here is the link https://www.udemy.com/3d-coat-robots 3D - Coat totally kills Zbrush for complex hard surface and organic modelling! GO 3D - COAT!!!! XD
  11. I thought I would share my work and start off a little sketchbook of what I am creating. Some renders will be from 3D - Coat and some will be from UE4. Right now I am working on a stone wall for a game idea. I've sculpted my stones, next step will be to make some grout to go between them and then retopologize, UV and bake. Eventually this will be going into UE4. I'll keep updating this thread as I progress
  12. I keep getting this problem when I am working in Surface mode and then change my layer back to Voxel mode (and vice versa). Parts of my model vanish. I'm not using any tools to make this happen and this is just sculpting, no work being done in the Retopo or UV room. I start with a cube and use the cut off tool then res up and just keep adding details. Then to add surface definition I change to Surface mode and start adding details on my model and then I change back to Voxel mode and this happens. The same thing happens if I go from Voxel to Surface mode too. I don't know if it is because I am increasing my resolution to a really high level or whether its a bug or known issue. 3D - Coat doesn't crash when this happens I can continue to sculpt and performance is smooth.
  13. Hi Guys, So I have really been getting in to 3D - Coat over the past week or so and I am trying to transfer some of the workflows I have learnt over the last year to 3D - Coat. One of the most useful workflows I have come across especially for environment art is this: http://pixologic.com/zclassroom/homeroom/lesson/environments-with-tate-mosesian This is a workflow that uses the 2.5D canvas in Zbrush to basically insert meshes in a tileable way to bake your maps from for simple things like floors, walls anything that is tileable really This is probably an old technique and with tools like Substance Designer on the market, kinda makes this workflow redundant, unless you have other methods. Anyway what I would like to know is how can I transfer this over to a solid workflow for 3D - Coat. I have an idea on how to do this but it is a bit of a struggle when you can't do things like focus on the canvas to see your workspace, in 3D - Coat you can't really resize your viewport to a specific size so you never really know what size you are working with, at least I don't anyway. I have messed around with defining the measurements by setting my measurements to cm for UE4 but I don't completely understand how the grid works and if you have grid snapping in 3D - Coat. My thought process for doing something similar to the above workflow from ZClassroom is to sculpt your high detailed objects (bricks, rocks, stone, whatever) and then save them as models so you can use them as presets by saving them into the model folder to use in the Voxel room. Once you have your objects you use the 'Instancer' tool and you can start laying them out around the viewport. This is where my question comes in, how can you be sure that you are working to the correct size you want your texture to be, ready for baking? I guess you can easily make modular environment parts by doing the same method as above and then going to the Retopo room and making a low poly and baking. Is there a way to know what size you are working in whilst instancing your objects? The only thing that comes to my mind is making a 1024 x 1024 plane and instancing your objects over that. I would love to hear other methods to get the same results, would be really cool to share workflows
  14. Merry Christmas Everyone, We are having a 50% OFF all our 3D Coat Video Tutorials at LEARN3DSOFTWARE.com. http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/50_percent_off_sale_dec_2015.htm Below is a list of all our 3D Coat Training: 3D Coat Tutorial Catalog ------------------------------------------------------------------ 3D Coat Version 4.5 Tutorials ---------------------------------------------------------- 3D Coat V4.5-Vol.#18-Smart Materials I- $9.50 3D Coat V4.5-Vol.#19-Smart Materials II- $9.50 3D Coat V4.5-Vol.#20-Smart Materials III- $9.50 ------------------------------------------------------------------ 3D Coat Version 4 Tutorials ---------------------------------------------------------- 3D Coat V4-Volume #1-Getting Started - $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #2-Getting Started II- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #3-UV Mapping I- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #4-UV Mapping II- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #5-Retopology I- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #6-Retopology II- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #7- Voxels I- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #8- Voxels VI- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #9- Voxels III- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #10- Voxels IV- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #11- Voxels V- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #12- Voxels VI- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #13-Dino Detailing I- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #14-Auto-Retopology Secrets- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #15- Photo Painting & Masking Tools- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #16- Texture Baking I- $9.50 3D Coat V4-Volume #17- Texture Baking II- $9.50 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3D Coat Version 3 Tutorials ------------------------------------------------ 3D Coat 3.5-Auto-Retopology - $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-Retopology- $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-Retopology II-Project Suchomimus- $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-UV Mapping- $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-Normal & Displacement Maps- $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-Painting Color- $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-Voxel Sculpting-Project Dragon- $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting I-Project Elephant- $9.50 3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting II-Project Human- $9.50 3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#1- $9.50 3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#2- $9.50 3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter UV Mapping-Quick Method- $9.50 3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter Detailing-Normal Maps- $9.50 3D Coat- 2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Vol.#1- $9.50 Our Christmas/New Year's Sale also includes software training for other 3D packages including: Lightwave, ZBrush, Modo, Substance Painter, DDO. Hope you all having a Safe and Fun Holiday!!
  15. Hello, I am sculpting in the voxel room and am having strange issues with my brushes. No matter what size I set them to, the actual size is like 4 times larger than the yellow circle. If I go to the paint room the sizes are right. I can make the brushes extremely small and they will sort of work, but it is extremely laggy for some reason. I have uninstalled, and performed a clean install with no luck. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  16. Hello! I just began using 3D Coat and felt it could be a good idea to post some of my wips on the forums. I am accustomed to Zbrush ways of doing things with multiple subdivision levels and etc, but I recently bought 3D coat because the pricing was just too good to miss for what you get. Hopefully with this thread I can get more comfortable with a workflow that suits 3D Coats strengths. This is the character I am working on currently for a game concept I have created. It is probably not going to end up in the actual game, but I found it to be a good way to learn and practice with 3D Coat. Overall there are a few things I am uncertain about, for example. What is the deal with not being able to remove paint layer 0 in painting, and are there ways to reset it to default other than just exporting the sculpt and then reimport it into a new project? Also, what kind of workflow is common when sculpting in 3D Coat start to finish? I sort of miss being able to step down in subdivisions to do large structural changes without destroying details I have done on the higher subdivisions. I also stream most of my sculpting/3d related sessions on Sywork, so please do take a peek if you are feeling bored or just want to laugh at how horrible I am! https://sywork.tv/channel/name/morgannilsson Happy sculpting! Best regards //Morgan
  17. You can see 3D Coat used in the Modeling/Sculpting process starting at the 0:15min mark. Pretty interesting process from there. http://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-its-made/videos/toy-figurines/ Starting with detailed drawing and computer renderings, casts of toy figurines are either 3D printed or hand carved out of wax. The casts turn out hundreds of textured parts that are assembled and painted. Source
  18. Почему не работает воксельный скульптинг с авто сферой при нажатии в меню? Как создать сферу в режиме вокселей?
  19. Hey guys. If you were to create a fluffy carpet (https://encrypted.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=fluffy%20carpet&tbs=imgo:1), or other similar fabric that is made out of fibres that stick out from the main surface, then how would you approach it if it was intended for a: 1) short; 2) real-time engine; Let's say you're starting from scratch and you have 3D-Coat and some traditional modelling software at your disposal.
  20. Hi I am looking for software which will allow me to make tillable textures by just placing my models; This does not work for ready textured models in 3dcoat.
  21. Taros


    From the album: Artworks

    This character is a fantasy character I designed for myself. I called him Windrunner. It was an early sculpting I used for testing some 3D-Coat tools and workflows and for personal horse anatomy training.

    © Christoph Werner

  22. Taros


    From the album: Artworks

    This is a result of one of my tutorial series you can find on my YouTube-Channel. My YouTube-channel: http://bit.ly/1z0f2dW

    © Christoph Werner

  23. Taros


    From the album: Artworks

    This is a result of one of my tutorial series you can find on my YouTube-Channel. My YouTube-channel: http://bit.ly/1z0f2dW

    © Christoph Werner

  24. So i started making my first full project on 3DC and its a sword! im still new at this so i wish if you could lend me your advice! Im not making so many details since this is only for a game asset! Tho, i want it to look good! I still need to paint it, retopo, bake and finalize!
  25. Hey Guys, Were having a $7 dollar Video Sale at Learn3DSoftware.com on all our tutorials!! -Save 63% OFF all our Software Titles!! -Over 100 Titles to Choose From!! http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/7_dollar_madness_Back_to_School_2014.htm 3D Coat Version 4 Tutorials ---------------------------------------------------------- 3D Coat V4-Volume #1-Getting Started -$7 3D Coat V4-Volume #2-Getting Started II-$7 3D Coat V4-Volume #3-UV Mapping I-$7 3D Coat V4-Volume #4-UV Mapping II-$7 3D Coat V4-Volume #5-Retopology I-$7 3D Coat V4-Volume #6-Retopology II-$7 3D Coat V4-Volume #7- Voxels I-$7 3D Coat V4-Volume #8- Voxels VI-$7 3D Coat V4-Vol.#9- Voxels III-$7 3D Coat V4-Vol.#10- Voxels IV-$7 3D Coat V4-Vol.#11- Voxels V-$7 3D Coat V4-Vol.#12- Voxels VI-$7 3D Coat V4-Vol.#13-Dino Detailing I-$7 3D Coat V4-Vol.#14-Auto-Retopology Secrets-$7 3D Coat V4-Vol.#15- Photo Painting & Masking Tools-$7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3D Coat Version 3 Tutorials ------------------------------------------------ 3D Coat 3.5-Auto-Retopology -$7 3D Coat 3.5-Retopology-$7 3D Coat 3.5-Retopology II-Project Suchomimus-$7 3D Coat 3.5-UV Mapping-$7 3D Coat 3.5-Normal & Displacement Maps-$7 3D Coat 3.5-Painting Color-$7 3D Coat 3.5-Voxel Sculpting-Project Dragon-$7 3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting I-Project Elephant-$7 3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting II-Project Human-$7 3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#1-$7 3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#2-$7 3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter UV Mapping-Quick Method-$7 3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter Detailing-Normal Maps-$7 3D Coat- 2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Vol.#1-$7
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