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  1. This is my first time using 3d coat for texturing, and while i was testing the materials in my model, i came across this thing where the material metalness (?) or glossiness just dont apply to the whole preview window, but just for certain parts in a weird square format. I modelled and uv unwrapped the model inside blender and imported it with the normal map (Normalmap[ext]) and them painted more details in a different layer (Additional Normals). This problem only happens when i unhide the Additional Normals layer, if its disabled, then the material works as expected.
  2. Hi everyone, i really new in 3D Coat, i just learn how to make own smart material and its look awesome. Then my question is, how to generate thumbnail with various shape like this picture below? There are default sphere 3D Coat shape, inverted default 3D Coat sphere shape without a midle hole an the box shape. Thank you Edit: For the inverted and the box shapes, i downloaded the smart materials from the 3D Coat official websites here http://materials.3dcoat.com/
  3. Два ржавых металла. Ржавые металлы.rar Rzhavye_Metally.rar
  4. Although there may be a rather convoluted work-around making an alpha layer from a diffuse map (in photoshop) to achieve transparent layers in 3dc, I was wondering if I missed something. In the SMART MATERIALS/TEXTURE EDITOR I'd like to load a COLOR MAP (here's the 64,000 dollar question) which has TRANSPARENT areas in it - through which ANOTHER LAYER below it, on a COLOR MAP, would appear on the object, in order to make it possible to STACK color texture maps and get something like this (see image): The black outline is the top layer, the red is the one below that, and the cerulean is the bottom layer. How could I stack those three layers in the Smart Materials Texture Editor in the COLOR MAP section of each layer?
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post a feature request. But i`ve use 3d coat over the years as well as substance painter. And one thing that has always bugged me (excuse pun!) is there isnt a search feature for materials and the like. I have probably 300+ smart materials. There isnt a way to list them, only thumbnail views. You have to hover your mouse, wait a second and then the name appears. Try that when you have 20+ folders of materials each container 30+ materials. Its painful. Surely its time to have a search feature so you could just type eg. con ... and concretes would appear. Same goes for alpha brushes. This is such a useful feature in substance painter. *Please* add a search feature.
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to find a way to import a substance smart material (a sbsar file) into 3D Coat. I haven't been able to find anything that confirms or denies whether or not this is possible. Does anyone here know the answer? And if it is possible, how?
  7. I'm duplicating a smart material and editing it to create a new material, I'd would like to move it to a different folder for organizational purposes. Is there a way to do this?
  8. Hi, I've recently been working on some 3D models for use in Unity, and I would like to paint textures with Smart Materials. For each texture that I wish to paint with, I have the albedo texture + a normal map. These normal maps work great in Unity, however I am unable to use them as a "depth" map in 3D-Coat. Is there a way to utilize these normal maps as depth maps?
  9. Hi ! I am a noob here... I started painting this after I model it in surface mode. In some points including all the grass the texture is very bad looking. The images that I am using to texture are 2048x2048 pixels or bigger. The preview looks awesome... I read the topic about the preview and understand that they will not look the same. But as you can see there are some points with very big difference. I marked the with red. I want to obtain the quality from the preview if possible or at least the good zones (marked with blue). Is a bad mesh surface or something ? (for me it looks like the surface is the problem, what s the best tool to divide the surface ?... or something like that). I imported it from rhino exported as .STL and has over 50 million triangles. Thank you !
  10. Hi Folks. I have been slowly but surely learning PBR workflow over the last few weeks and seeing as there isn't many resources for free smart materials, I thought some people may find use in the ones that I have been making and will continue to make. To be clear, I am still very much a newcomer to the 3D scene but wanted to give back something in return for all the help people have given me so far. Here is the new link to my full set of my PBR Materials: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B3JVfUcxeTJtNzFtVVNVeWZ6Mk0 Let me know if you run into any issues or have questions and I'll try my best to help. Cheers!
  11. Hello. It is already 6 hours of nightmare with textures export of Smart Material. I can't export texture with high resolution as shown in preview and viewport. I read all topics about this problem, tried to change mesh and texture resolution (I set 16384 on start but baking allows only 8192 resolution) , bake textures (I set 16384 on start but baking allows only 4092 resolution) etc. and I already tried with high-poly mesh and 16 384 texture size, but exported image is blurry and terrible. Whatever I do - the result is always low-resolution blurry map. Please, help me! I can't sleep!
  12. See illustration: Problem is you turn off TOOL TIPS and the info on the Smart Material vanishes. Wish the highlight on the Selected Smart Material were 'blue' instead of white.
  13. Hey guys, I've been using 3D Coat for a little while now but I am tearing my hair out with this problem. I import baked normal, albedo, roughness and metallic maps then overpaint them. However, when I try to overpaint the normals, the imported normal map always seems to blend through. How can I prevent this? I am trying to paint a smart material over the top to give some variation to the brick pattern, so I am using the same material but scaled up. So how can I paint this smart material on to the model without the imported normal blending through the painted area? Many thanks, Matt (See in the image below, The smart material preview shows how the larger bricks normal map blends into the smaller bricks normal map)
  14. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this question. I wonder if there should be a place for new users learning to use the application and are getting stuck on specific methods. My question: Why can't I paint on some parts of a model after making an ambient occlusion layer? When using some materials, 3D-coat needs to calculate and create an ambient occlusion layer, and a curvature layer. Fine. I don't necessarily understand why it needs to make these for me to use the texture, but that's not really the problem. The problem is that in the areas that it is darkened with AO, I am unable to paint that texture. Why is that the case? And, how can turn off the ambient layer and paint into those empty areas? Here you can see that there is a place on this model that has an empty place that can't be painted on, and from what I can tell it's all the areas that are darkened with AO. Maybe there's a different reason? Because of piece overlaying? What am I doing wrong? Any help very welcome.
  15. Hi everyone, There seems to be a difference between how the texture is displayed on the Preview and the actual result. The mapping method is cube mapping for both. The preview version is nicer with fewer stretches. The actual filled layer looks stretched. Is there a way to fix it? thanks.
  16. If I apply Smart Materials in the Paint room after working in the Sculpt room, it will look strange in the Preview Window It looks like Normal Depth is a problem. But when I do hand painting, the result is more normal. I do not know what I'm doing wrong. Please help me
  17. Hi, I am a noob with 3d Coat. I did search the forums about this issue, but couldn't find an answer. After I had installed 3d Coat, the smart materials tab didn't show any materials on it. I uninstalled, deleted the 3d Coat folders, reinstalled but still nothing. I am using win 10 with Finnish language version. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey Guys, I just created a new tutorial for creating game assets for Unity 3D. Hope some of you find this helpful. 3D Coat 4.7- Volume #24- Creating Game Assets http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/3dc_4_vol_24_unity_assets.htm -Have you ever wanted to Learn How Make 3D Models for Video Games? -But Don't Know Anything about Video Game Programming? -But Still Want to Get Hired or Sell 3D Models for use in Video Games? Then this is the course for you!! *You Do Not Have to Learn any Programming Skills to make 3D Models & Textures for Video Games!! *You Just Need to Learn the Skills to Convert, Import and Set-Up your Models & Textures in a Ready-to-Use Format for the Unity Game Engine. *Once you have done this your job is done and it's now up to the Game Programmer to take it from there. -Adding this new Skill-Set to your Current Knowledge Base can greatly increase your ability to break into the 3D Gaming Industry!! In this training volume 3D Instructor Adam Gibson will show you how to convert your 3D Coat models and textures for use in the Unity 3D Game Engine software. You can download a FREE Version of Unity 3D with no other purchases necessary. Some Topics Covered: 1) Standard (Spec)Workflow (Export/Import), 2) Standard (Metallic-PBR) Workflow (Export/Import), 3), Unity UI (User Interface) Basics, 4) File Formats, 5) Tips & Gotchas, 6) Unity Export Presets in 3D Coat, 7) Making Prefabs in Unity, Assigning Textures to Models in Unity, 9) Spec/Gloss Maps (Smoothness Slider), 10) Creating Unity Packages to Bundle Up your Model Collections, 11) Selling Your Models on the Unity Store and much much more!! Table of Contents for Volume #24 Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Course Goals Chapter 3- Unity Export Presets (Basic Concepts & Texture Channels) Chapter 4- Standard (Spec/Gloss) Export Workflow from 3D Coat Chapter 5- Standard (Spec/Gloss) Import Workflow into Unity 3D Chapter 6- Standard (Metallic) Export Workflow from 3D Coat Chapter 7- Standard (Metallic) Import Workflow into Unity 3D Chapter 8- Emissive Channel Set-Up & Export from 3D Coat Chapter 9- Emissive Channel Import & Set-Up in Unity 3D Chapter 10- Final Bonus Unity Training (Basics) Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- How to Create a Project File Chapter 3- How to Import Models and Textures Chapter 4- Scene Tab/Window (Create, Save, Open a Scene File) Chapter 5- Layout Tab (Single and Multiple Views) Chapter 6- Hierarchy Window Chapter 7- Project Window Chapter 8- Inspector Window Chapter 9- Perspective & Orthagonal Views Widget Chapter 10- Perspective Camera (Move Up, Down, Left, Right) Chapter 11- Perspective Camera (Rotate) Chapter 12- Perspective Camera (Zoom) Chapter 13- Move Objects (Models, Lights, Cameras) Chapter 14- Rotate Objects (Models, Lights, Cameras) Chapter 15- Scale Models (Axis Control Widget & Corner Widget) Chapter 16- Frame Object/Item Chapter 17- Light Basics (Type, Color, Shadows, Range, Intensity, Duplicate, Rename) Chapter 18- How to Create a Prefab Chapter 19- Unity Packages (Export/Import) Chapter 20- Models with Same Surface Name- Gotcha & Fix Chapter 21- Models with Multiple UV Maps- Gotcha & Fix Chapter 22- Selling your Models/Textures on the Unity Store Chapter 23- Final Running Time: 4 hrs. 1 mins. High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) Video Format: MP4 (.mp4) Level: Beginner
  19. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can download more smart materials/regular materials in sculpt room as well. Recently just brought the new release and really enjoy it. Thanks guys
  20. I made a cylinder in the voxel room. I switched into Paint room. Created a new paint layer - gave the object the Smart Material: Bronze Add a new layer above Bronze called paint Applied the white paint Smart Matrial - the preview shows the bronze peaking through the worn edges of the paint, but after I applied it with the paint bucket the worn edges are black and the bronze is not showing through like the preview... see attached. What am I doing wrong - it works if I start over and go into Paint UV Mapped Mesh and use a supplied test object (like the robot). It works if I pull in a poiygon model from Lightwave - I just can't seem to get it to work on my voxel objects.
  21. Hi there, I accidentally delete some of the smart material folders such as metal, plastic, paint,... while learning how to make new materials. I tried to restore it back to factory setting but didn't work. is there a place i can download the default and new smart materials and reinstall them back. I have attached a screencap. Thanks so much
  22. Hello everybody, I have created a model in 3D Coat consisting of 3 objects with three different UV maps in it. Whenever I try to apply a smart material, only roughness, metalness and depth information is projected on the model. The colour information is missing no matter if I use the preview window or apply the texture. The colour information in the menue is activated. I am using 3D Coat version 4.7.36. Do you have an idea where the problem is? Regards, Ozan
  23. Apparently maybe because I'm a new forum member I don't have access to post this problem to the "Interface, general usability and other problems" section so I'm posting my issue here. I have a large library I created that has many 8K textures and creates a output size of 5.96 GB -the out put file only was created to export my smart materials only. I've exported smaller smart material extensions (2GB) and restored them fine but with the 5.96 GB extension size it wont install, the message just flashes the on my screen "it is recommended to exit 3D coat restart it to apply all changes". Would anyone know what the problem might be? Each of the materials work just fine at this time locating the textures as it needs them located out side of 3D coat when I created the materials.
  24. I thought it a bit time consuming that the smart materials didn't have an option that directly connects to the installed alpha, strips and stencil extensions in the "condition mask" or "edge scattering" and mask field as a quick selection perhaps be clicking a small arrow or next button to cycle through the possibilities rather than having to open and load a texture. A small icon showing the alpha, stencil or strips would help as you cycle through them. I also mentioned in this thread title, the possibility of selecting a common animation style. This could be plasma, pulsing/flashing, scrolling up, scrolling down, left/right etc and or combos of pulsing and scrolling and this could be assigned to a texture in the smart materials or perhaps just apply it to the whole smart material.. This is also related to my other post about animating material properties http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21323-animated-materials-for-each-layer/#comment-147512
  25. I was working on a project that my coworker had started. I was doing some minor repainting and then going to add some smart materials. When I clicked on a leather based Smart Material, it produced the screen below. I double checked, and it crashed on other smart materials are clicked on too. I've opened other projects, and it does not crash. So it is specific to this particular file. Any ideas or help? Let me know if I need to provide more information and I'll do my best.
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