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Found 83 results

  1. Hi! I just finished my quick project (my other project is still being worked, but my demo ran out and I'm waiting for the end of the month so I can buy the pro version)! Prehistoric animals are my favorite things, and while dinosaurs are really popular, I like post-dino era beasties more. I recently bought Eurohippus by DinoRaul from a sale, and while it comes with two lovely skins, I decided out of lark to make my own version. I painted it in two parts: first diffuse and then customized bump & displacement. I used new sub-surface scatter shaders in DAZ Studio 4.6, and while I am not 100% satisfied (then again, I never am, I just need to learn when to call it quits), I think this is as good as it gets in my hand at this stage. I have a lot to learn before I can even think about cranking out professional stuff. So if you have EurohippusDR and want to give it a spin in DS4.6, or if you have the model and want to try a new skin and aren't afraid of making your own settings... here's the free skin if you want to grab it. Protip: It is a very good idea to add more geometry to the critter, and crank up some subdivision. Catmull-Clark Legacy algorithm works the best, Catmark is OK as well (DS4.6). Second, you may want to replace the hair surfaces (mane, tail, ear tufts) with fibermesh or dynamic hair; I have a LAMH (Look At My Hair) plugin hair in the works right now.
  2. Here's a quick video demonstrating how to use a layer to mask another. Vimeo: Youtube:
  3. alvordr

    Combined Texture Map / Sub-Object

    OK, I've created a multi-subobject Voxel asset, retopologized each, painted each, and now I want all the textures and subobjects combined. I can do this in Max, Photoshop, etc. but I'm trying to determine if there is a way to get this done in 3DC, thereby skipping a bunch of steps. I can see that the UV islands are placed appropriately already, but I don't know how to combine the texture maps together and to also get the assets out as one combined object. Is there a way to do this in 3DC?
  4. David Hall

    Texture(s) maps not showing up?

    Hello, I downloaded the demo earlier to see how good it is at fixing seams on a 3d model, i'm having a problem straight away though, the textures just don't seem to load at all. I import the model for per pixel import the diffuse then just nothing changes, the texture doesn't show up on the model Can anyone help me out please? Thanks
  5. alvordr

    How Would You Handle This?

    Hello all. I have a bucket that I made some time back with 3ds Max and brought into Mudbox. I painted it and render it out and put it into the UDK. It was OK for the time I had to do it, but now I want to try my hand at voxelizing it in 3DC and going through the motions. I have sculpted in details in the Voxel Room, but any time I Autoretopo this, it's aweful. Am I stuck with doing this one by hand? Voxelized Bucket: Autoretopo Problem:
  6. "Mixamo would like to announce that The Auto-Rigger is now free for any mesh under 10,000 triangles." This amazing free option that can be beneficial to 3D Artists beginner and advanced. Check it out here: http://www.mixamo.com/c/auto-rigger
  7. CoatFly

    Help with add texture on object.

    I still testing the 3d coat trail Since i found vlender applink i can apint, offcorse i need to still figure out some things. Now i try to texture some object. And i get stuck on that. It seems that the tutorial video use a different 3d coat version. i dont see any material preview window. The screens look a bit different to. Some help or right instructions how to add a material on object would be welcome now.
  8. Hello together .. I just play around with the trial of 3D coat on a Mac .. I´ve got some strange issues .. when I import a model for painting .. then 3d coat did not working anymore and I have to stop it .. if I choose 4096 as Texture Size , If I choose 2048 everything works fine .. Just thought hm about my Grafix-Card but I have 512 MB inside the Card .. so I´t is little bit strange for me .. Is there a Solution or just a Bug ?? I think about to buy 3D Coat if it fits into my pipeline Thanks a lot Tobias