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Found 23 results

  1. Hello 3D Coat forum, I'm trying to use primarily 3D Coat and Blender at home and it has been going well so far, but on this one scene I'm working on some meshes I imported from blender will have different UV separations without any seams. Here is an example: This mesh has no seams marked and normally when this happens it is that the faces are not connected on the model. However, going back to blender I can grab a face and move it and it is clearly connected to the others. I also did a "remove doubles" action on all the vertices to make sure I didn't have any overlapping but unconnected vertexes, and nothing was wrong there. Does anyone know why this is happening, or how I could fix this in 3D-Coat or Blender 2.8? All I did to create this was I had the green faces originally, then I did an extrude by normals. This happened on another piece of geometry as well but the different colored patch didn't reveal itself until I marked a seam loop, yet it was the same in that the faces were connected and I didn't seem to have any non-manifold geometry. I've attached the obj to see if anyone knows what is up. Just open 3D-Coat and import it for uv mapping and it should import with the same face issues I mentioned. I'd like to know the real cause of this so I can fix my meshes before the uv mapping stage. Thanks in advance. (Also unrelated but it would be nice if the Clear Seams button had an option to just clear seams from the active or visible paint object, sometimes objects import with ridiculous seams already marked and it takes quite a while to unmark the seams, but you don't want to lose seams from the objects you've already done. Just a suggestion.) face_problems.obj
  2. I am working on UV mapping my object that I have retopoed from voxels objects. After unwrapping each of the islands, I was thinking of manually packing the UV islands would be the best method, as most of the islands are shaped into a curve. For awhile, I was able to move my islands into place, but just recently, I am now unable to move my UV islands. Basically, I am able to select the island and begin to drag the island, but it will only move the UV island a nudge and then deselect the island. Has anyone experienced and found a solution on how to fix it?
  3. This tutorial covers the basics of texture unwrapping, otherwise known as UV mapping, the process of wrapping a 2d texture image onto a 3d object.
  4. Hey all, I have some questions about UV mapping. The video below sums up many of them. What I'm really after is a way to import multiple objects as one OBJ, then separate them into separate OBJs each with their own UV Map. Is this easy to do? TIA.
  5. https://www.fxguide.com/featured/udim-uv-mapping/ Texturing is central to 3D. From UV to UDIM to Ptex, it is easy to think one technology has just displaced another, but the reality is more complex. UDIM UV mapping has enormous popularity for texturing in the face of much newer systems such as Ptex (which works very well in its own right). While Ptex may still yet win the texturing heart of pipelines around the world, it has not yet become the dominant force.
  6. Hello. I'm trying to unwrap cylindric body and I already used different ways, but every time I have distorted texture. Please, tell me what is wrong? How is possible to unwrap cylindric body to plain planar rectangle island with two circle islands?
  7. Hi Everybody, so I am painting a texture in 3d coat and am happy with it. Then I export to Pepakura and everytime certain parts are distorted. Do I need to make the UV map symmetric? If yes I have no clue how to do that and i think its unnecessary extra steps. I attached screenshots to show. Any ideas?
  8. Brand new to 3D Coat, and am loving how easy it is to use! Part of what I do involves creating retail packaging for animation and image creation in Cinema 4D. I think I've got the product package part figured out using 3D coat, seems to work really awesome. To complete my project a product gets placed into this cardboard case for shipment and eventual shelf display. My question is asking for some guidance with creating the retail ready corrugated cardboard case in a way that I can export to .tiff (or what have you) to Photoshop and be able to work in that pipeline in a meaningful way. So, if you look at a flattened out piece of cardboard, in one direction you will see the fluting, which is the 'S' shaped center sandwiched between the two flat paperboards. Looking from the 90 degree side view of cardboard you see kind of a flattened view of the fluting. If I only ever needed to create perfectly squared (90 degree angles) from the front and side, I wouldn't have any issues. However, there are rounded edges where there is a gradual cut between front fluting and side view of that flute. My challenge is to be able to have one consistent island (or contiguous islands) between the front and the sides so that I may recreate how that looks in real life, to my 3D model. In Cinema 4D's BodyPaint, I've grabbed the different islands and put them in one continuous row. I click on the poly's on a given island I can can see on the mesh in the editor view which island group I'm selecting. I don't see a way to select an island on the mesh and see it selected in the UV Preview at all (or vice a versa). I'm just left with a bunch of different edges randomly displayed in my UV preview window and cannot grab specific island and piece them together for texturing. I've looked through a bunch of tutorials for 3D Coat and through the manual and can't seem to find anything that can help solve my specific needs. You'd be a champ if you could help me figure out how to go about this in 3D Coat. Maybe the way I've gone about this in the past isn't even the best way, maybe it'd make my life easier to work entirely within 3D coat to apply my different textures? I just need to be able to edit my bitmaps within PS to make it look how I want. Also, I need to be able to incorporate artwork from Illustrator for final output to my UV map. I've uploaded an image of the results I got from unwrapping in the UV preview window as well as an OBJ of the model of the cardboard case. This the patented Cabrio case and am only making available for reference and cannot be used by anyone in their projects whatsoever as it is the intellectual property of Delkor Systems. Thank you for your cooperation Download Link: http://mv.delkorsystems.com/?link=0cc4637e4fee3dfd7f9ee67eeb4510d4.zip I hope this all makes sense, feel free to ask for any clarification. Here's an animation to illustrate what I produce. This one was done entirely within the Adobe/C4D (Bodypaint) framework. THANK YOU!!!!!
  9. Hello, is it possible to project a stencil in "UV-Mapping mode" but without the tiling all over the object? I need to project a texture exactly and "From camera" is not helpful this time. Thank you. P.S. And positioning the projection seems a bit tricky, not so immediate like the "From camera" mode
  10. Sorry guys. I realised I should have posted to this board. I hope you find this useful. Please also check my website for more tutorials. http://www.creativewithjaakko.com
  11. Hi, I have a model that I created in the voxel room with multiple layers and imported it into the UV room, but it's only showing one single texture ID on the top left drop down menu (see 'the issue' attachment). I used the 'auto-mapping' option when importing the model for per-pixel painting. I feel like I am doing something wrong with UV mapping. This is my workflow: 1. Create a high poly model in voxel room 2. Model has multiple layers (I.e. head, face, back, arms) 3. Export the model by going to File > export > export scene > save as OBJ 4. Import model > Import model for Per Pixel Painting (which takes me to the Paint room) -- see 'import' attachment) attachment 5. I then click on the 'UV' tab to go to UV room. And this is where is only shows 'back' as a UV set. But on the right where it says 'surface materials', it shows all the layers that were in the original Voxel room. Now when I export the model as an FBX and open it in Substance Painter, it shows all of my texture ID's (see 'substance' attachment) that were previously layers in the voxel room. However, 3D coat does not display this in the paint room when I import that FBX file back into 3D coat. I need to be able to apply the textures I did from substance painter to specific texture ID's in 3D coat (like head, arm, legs, etc) I think I am doing the UV mapping incorrectly in 3D coat to begin with. But why does it work everywhere else?
  12. This is my interpretation of a typical American hot rod. Hot rods originated in southern California when returning WWII soldiers wanted to create an American equivalent of the light and nimble sports cars of Europe (MGs, Alfa Romeos, etc). Suped up engines mostly V8s were swapped in place of the original motors. To help improve performance body parts were often removed. Fenders, bumpers, hoods, running boards were often shed to increase the horsepower to weight ratio of the vehicle. In this image I used a late 1920s, early 1930s sedan body as the basis for the car. Powered by a early model Ford flathead V8 which is supercharged with three carburetors. The roof of the sedan has been chopped to reduce it's height. I created the car from scratch using 3D modeling apps. The bulk of the modeling was done in Hexagon 3D and Silo 3D. For UV mapping I used 3DCoat. Textures were created in Photoshop and applied in Vue Complete 2015, where the scene was rendered. And a NPR render I masked out the background from the render and substituted a paper texture in Photoshop... Loving 3DCoat for UV mapping and texturing, although for this model I did not use 3DC for texturing. Only UVing... Hoping I posted this to the proper section here....
  13. New Tutorial!! Hard Surface UV Mapping in 3D Coat 4.5 http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/3dc_4_vol_21_hard_surf_uv_map.htm In this twenty-first video volume of 24 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson goes through a project based session of Hard Surface UV Mapping of a multi-mesh layered sci-fi vehicle. UV Mapping for a lot of 3D artists can be a frustrating task. In this course easy to use work-flow tips and concepts are discussed and demonstrated to get you UV Mapping your 3D models quickly and efficiently. *Bonus: Content Folder Included. Table of Contents for Volume #21 Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- What is Hard Surface UV Mapping? Chapter 3- 3D Model Preparation Tips and Gotchas Chapter 4- Breaking Up Model Layer into Easier to Unwrap Pieces Chapter 5- Importing Model Into 3D Coat & Surface Materials/Paint Objects Visibility Chapter 6- Interior Compartment UV Unwrap Chapter 7- Exterior Compartment UV Unwrap Chapter 8- Rear Hatch Plate UV Unwrap Chapter 9- Front Wing Rotators UV Unwrap Chapter 10- Front Wing Thrusters UV Unwrap Chapter 11- Front Wings UV Unwrap Chapter 12- Upper Laser Cannons UV Unwrap Chapter 13- Lower Laser Cannons UV Unwrap Chapter 14- Cockpit UV Unwrap Chapter 15- Tail Fin UV Unwrap Chapter 16- Rear Wing Thrusters UV Unwrap Chapter 17- Rear Wings UV Unwrap Chapter 18- Rear Wing Rotators UV Unwrap Chapter 19- Rear Compartment UV Unwrap Chapter 20- Tail Fin Support UV Unwrap Chapter 21- Cockpit Nose UV Unwrap Chapter 22- Top Cap Panel UV Unwrap Chapter 23- Compartment Doors UV Unwrap Chapter 24- Rear Fins UV Unwrap Chapter 25- Export to UV Unwrapped Model to Lightwave Chapter 26- Final Running Time: 4 hrs. 4 mins. High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) Video Format: MP4 (.mp4) Level: Beginner
  14. So I'm kind of new to the whole UV mapping process within 3D-Coat. I imported a model and used auto-mapping on it. I'm currently trying to figure out how to stitch the UVs together and create good islands for continuous texture flow. My current (wrong) understanding is that if I wanted to create a UV island, I would have to take the following steps: Clear the Seams Choose the "Mark seams" tool with "islands" and "select" selected Select the applicable polygons I want to stitch together Choose either "Auto Seams" or "Sharp Seams" and 3D Coat spits out an island? Apply the UV Set? Here's a screenshot that illustrates what I'm trying to do. I've already cleared the seams but the model still looks like a bad acid trip: As always, thank you for the advice.
  15. Hi. Had 3DC for a long time (back when it was called 3D Brush (I think that was the original name.) I finally have the time away from work to get into it. I've been making a lot of hard surface models lately in Lightwave (9.6) and hoped to use 3D-Coat (4.5) to do the UV mapping along with Photoshop CC. I wanted to use multiple UV sets to cut down the "clutter" and make it easier to paint. Many of the models are structures -- cabins, barns, etc, so there's lots of boards. Using pattern fill (Photoshop) works great for this purpose. However, I can't seem to find the method to work with the individual maps in 3DC. I create the maps in Lightwave and import using "UV Map Mesh" into 3DC. In 3DC, I see the "choose uv map set" and the preview of the chosen one. So I'd like to Edit|Edit all layers in external editor. So I select that and then answer the question of which set I want to edit. I do the edit, and here's where my confusion starts. Back in 3DC, I want to edit another set but retain the first one. I'm sure there's some procedure, but haven't figured it out yet of found a tutorial that shows how to prepare all the sets and finally apply and export.
  16. Hey Guys, I just want to let everyone know we are having a Summer Sale at LEARN3DSOFTWARE.com -All 3D Coat Tutorials are only $9 Each!! -We have training for 3D Coat Versions 3 and 4. We also have Lightwave, Zbrush and Modo Tutorials as well. We have close 100 Video Tutorials to choose from!! Come Visit Us at: http://www.learn3dsoftware.com
  17. I am trying to texture some hair but by uvs are all on little islands of their own. Each chunk of hair basically needs to share the same area of texture space as the next so I can really maximize the resolution. How do I go about doing this? I need to straighten out and scale all the islands and then place them on top of each other, but I can't even figure out how to move an individual vertex inside the uv preview window. Can anyone help? I have attached an example texture of what I am attempting to map to. You can see there are just a few straight strips and the detail level is high. Cheers
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  19. Hi all, I'm currently on a bit of a mission adding several new 3D Coat related tutorials per week to my youTube channel:- Here's a link listing all my 3D Coat tutorials:- https://www.youtube....sources+3d+coat Hope you find em useful!! Please fav/rate, comment & ask any questions you like. Thanks, Psionic
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