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Found 6 results

  1. I import a LW object, which has two surfaces named, for UV mapping. The dialog is the one for importing a mesh for per pixel painting, and maybe this is where I misunderstand. Once I hit OK, I have only the first UV set. Kind of confusing (to me), when it looks like it's going to generate one UV set per surface. I assume it isn't, because it doesn't, and that if you want different uv sets per surface, you have to set that up separately.
  2. The problem i have is the following : -I unwrapped my UVs fine -I then baked my normals (with the default shader & name correspondance for baking unchecked as it seemed to cause problem) -Normals are fine in the paint room I tried exporting the object from the retopo room (Export Retopo Object) & from the paint room (Export Object & Textures), and in those 2 cases, i get a weird UVW mapping in C4D : Also, in the Retopo room, i can't move retopo meshes in other UV Sets. I tried with my mesh selected or not in the Retopo room, with the initial object layer selected in the Voxtree or not... Anybody has ideas ?
  3. Hi, I have a model that I created in the voxel room with multiple layers and imported it into the UV room, but it's only showing one single texture ID on the top left drop down menu (see 'the issue' attachment). I used the 'auto-mapping' option when importing the model for per-pixel painting. I feel like I am doing something wrong with UV mapping. This is my workflow: 1. Create a high poly model in voxel room 2. Model has multiple layers (I.e. head, face, back, arms) 3. Export the model by going to File > export > export scene > save as OBJ 4. Import model > Import model for Per Pixel Painting (which takes me to the Paint room) -- see 'import' attachment) attachment 5. I then click on the 'UV' tab to go to UV room. And this is where is only shows 'back' as a UV set. But on the right where it says 'surface materials', it shows all the layers that were in the original Voxel room. Now when I export the model as an FBX and open it in Substance Painter, it shows all of my texture ID's (see 'substance' attachment) that were previously layers in the voxel room. However, 3D coat does not display this in the paint room when I import that FBX file back into 3D coat. I need to be able to apply the textures I did from substance painter to specific texture ID's in 3D coat (like head, arm, legs, etc) I think I am doing the UV mapping incorrectly in 3D coat to begin with. But why does it work everywhere else?
  4. Hi! In per pixel painting I use several UV sets and there is some inconvenience in tech nuances. I have 5 meshes, 5 normal maps, I import all the meshes separately with their own UVsets. then I start importing normal maps. If I import them separately they looks correctly, but I no need a bunch of layers with same name "Normalmap" it makes workflow little messy so i'd like to optimize this bunch and there are 2+ ways to do that: 1st one is to import other normal maps into the same layer, I did this in early version of 3dc, but 4.5.16 has issue about it. 2nd way is place all normal maps into the folder. But! both ways finds same issue: normal maps get messy uv seams, because of kind a smoothing algorithm. seems like the program is trying to smooth pixels between uv shells. Is good for all maps except of normal maps Is there a swith smoothing switcher somewhere? If it isn't make it please! Thanx!
  5. Is it possible to individually bake multiple retopo layers that are on a single UV set, one after another (NOT all at once), into one single UV set in the paint room?
  6. Hello. I've just purchased 3D Coat after my trail ended. I have to say I tried the hell out of it and I'm very impressed with the software. Sculpting with voxels is something I've been looking for for a long, long time, ever since I saw Ken Silverman's Voxlap engine. While not directly related to 3D modelling or sculpting, it showed how powerful voxels might be. I never quite understood why nobody picked up the idea of using voxels for volume shaping and model detailing. And then there was light - I've stumbled upon 3D Coat! But enough of praising the app. I've been doing a hero character in 3D Coat lately and I'm a bit puzzled about the some aspects of the workflow. I would like to address a couple of questions to more experienced 3D Coat users. My character consists of several parts (body, tongue, a pair of tendons and two groups of teeth, each on a different VoxTree layer), so I'll be using several different materials after I import the retopologised model into Maya). I need those parts to stay on separate UV spaces and maintain proportions in relation to each other. I have already retopologised the volume and placed each part of the character on a different retopo layer. Unfortunately UVs from each one of them are bunched up together on a single UV space and I can't seem to find a way to separate them to different UV spaces. How do I do this? Does a voxel shader affect textures in Paint Room in any way, or is it completely ignored? There's a Layer 0 in the Paint Room. What does it contain? Looks like a geometry, but other layers (that were created with the Merge with NM command from Retopo Room) seem to contain geometry as well? Layer 0 can't be deleted. UV Room most of the time stays completely empty, even after I unwrap UVs in Retopo Room. It fills with content after I Merge with NM. Is it normal? Paint Room has me completely puzzled.
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