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Found 141 results

  1. thinkinmonkey

    UV Mapping without tiling

    Hello, is it possible to project a stencil in "UV-Mapping mode" but without the tiling all over the object? I need to project a texture exactly and "From camera" is not helpful this time. Thank you. P.S. And positioning the projection seems a bit tricky, not so immediate like the "From camera" mode
  2. Bradimus

    3D Coat GL UV crash

    I have been trying 3DCoat and it's UVing system with great results but now this week after my 3rd model it crashes when selecting an edge on the bottom. It seems like its crashing when selecting the same place each time. The screenshot below is the crash report.
  3. Hi people Still learning painting in 3DCoat and maybe a stupid question, but when I am paint a model like Genesis 3 it have many UV islands for arms, head, torso and others. Using CUBe pojection to paint solve almost all my problems and create new ones. BUT I want to know if theres a way to paint with a pattern like in the image across the UV islands ang that the brush get the same size in whole object. Theres a way to do that or I need to really change the brush size to match the others islands? Look the image how the head, arms and torso have diferent sizes. Thanks
  4. pr1970

    uv question

    Hi All Noob question here, I`m trying to uv an object in 3d coat that has lots of extruded holes , rather than go round one by one marking seams/edge loops is there an easier way eg selecting all the faces/edges of these holes and doing an auto map or something? Thanks
  5. dodgevipert56

    3d coat UVing

    Im using 4.7 and when I bring a mesh(symetrical) from Maya with good normals (and no inversed normals - also did freeze transformations so no black areas), do the UVing in 3d coat and take it back to maya I get blue shaded uvs along with the red shaded uvs. The red shaded uvs are from the duplicated and mirrored meshes. How do I make sure the all the uvs are blue shaded???
  6. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there is an easy way to stack islands when they have the same element, like in this example, I made a tree with many leaves and the UV map would look like this: http://i.imgur.com/A72DcZL.png So if I would do that manually I had to scale and move every single island and it would not only take a long time but also never really be accurate (http://i.imgur.com/mjWIKHf.png). Is there any way to do this better? Or at least a way to scale all the islands equally so I'd only have to move them manually? If not, maybe in another program like 3ds max? Thanks!
  7. I imported a model for Autopo and it opens into Retopo room. Then I inserted my uv-cuts and unwrapped in Retopo room as well. When I change to UV-room there is no model visible though. I want to apply the "Cloth Relax" though which is not availabe in Retopo room. Is there a simple solution?
  8. Столкнулся вот с чем. В комнате текстуирования при нажатии «редактировать все слои в Фотошопе» я вижу лишь слои в режиме цвета. А глубина (карта нормалей) нигде не видна. Соответственно сначала вопрос. Есть ли возможность быстро превратить всю пачку слоёв в суммарные карты (цвет, блеск, нормали, металлизация, что там ещё)? А далее предложение: каждый слой превращать в фотошопе в группу соответствующих слоёв (те же самые цвет, блеск, нормали). И вообще позволять выбрать внешний редактор, которому будет скармливаться PSD. 2016 на дворе, Фотошоп перестал быть единственным и безальтернативным, хотя и остался в ряде вещей самым мощным. Или вариант пока только один: сохранять карты, удалять слои, импортировать карты? И если только так, не заскриптовал ли это дело уже кто-нибудь? В общем и целом я веду линию к вопросу о том, где и как можно лицезреть полную структуру складываемых компонентов шейдеров/слоёв в режиме текстуирования.
  9. Hi there I am currently giving 3dCoat a spin and have a question for the UV room: I've created the seams and unwrapped the model successfully. The texture export also works well apart from the fact that I would like to export the UV wireframe as a reference as well (on a separate layer would be cool). I havent yet been able to do that. Any ideas on how to do this? Cheers, Michael PS: Why can I only make 2 posts per day?
  10. hansolocambo@gmail.com

    [Solved] UVs Seams from Retopo and/or UVs room

    I just finished this zbrush sculpt and struggle with 3DCoat. I did the retopo of a part of this mesh and began to work on the UVs just to make an XNormal test. As most of the UV tools also exist in the retopo room, I defined my seams from there. But I tried every way I could figure out to export the mesh with UVs defined but when I open it from ZBrush, Max or any other app, there are : no UVs... I put the scene with seams from the retopo room in the link below if someone could help me to understand my mistakes or explain the way to export properly the mesh WITH UVs from the retopo room. DOWNLOAD retopo with seams marked in the RETOPO ROOM here : http://mcassar.free.fr/3DCoat/Metal Chest Part1 UVs from Retopo Room.3b As it wasn't working in the retopo room for me, and I also couldn't figure a way to get the mesh with seams from the retopo room in the UV room ... Well I imported the mesh and did all the seams again in UVs room this time. But it's the same ! When I export the .obj, it's got no UVs defined. I'm facing a wall there and would love to finish this mesh quickly. Understand how to do that would accelerate my workflow big time as UV unwrapping in 3DCoat is so damn cleverly thought, coded, and fast. DOWNLOAD retopo with seams marked in the UV ROOM here : http://mcassar.free.fr/3DCoat/Metal Chest Part1 UVs from UVs Room.3b Thanks a LOT in advance to anyone who could help me understand what I do wrong here P.S : I precise (I just think about that) that I did a quarter of the retopo in 3DCoat then Used 3DSMax symmetry twice, in X and Y, put an edit poly on top of the stack, collapsed it then imported it in 3DCoat. Maybe that's the issue ?
  11. Hi, I've been trying to introduce some means into a model I obtained from a 3d scanner. It's a scan I applied to a human body. Initially I was planning to use this to obtain some cutting patterns within 3d coat. My problem is that I just have to live with the mesh the camera software created. The problem is I cannot even introduce straight seams for the arms for example because the mesh does not contain such lines. Even with UV path it is impossible to do so. Is there an easy way to introduce a "simpler" mesh which allows for straightforward UV unwrapping? Please have a look at the current state of the model for an idea how it looks like right now. Perhaps it's simple but I have just started to use 3d coat and only watched some youtube tutorials for simple models.
  12. Вопросы у меня. Начну с самого начала. Модель сделана в 3ds max, перевёл в OBJ и закинул в 3d coat. Внутри файла obj, модель поделена на куски для лёгкой работы в UV и текстурировании. После того как UV закончена, я догадался что каждая модель имеет свою собственную развёртку, и именно тут я начал путаться. в UV комнате, модель имеет одну активную UV (в картинке, выделено красным), с которой можно работать, но UV всех моделей 7 штук (выделено зелёным). Пробовал импортировать UV координаты, но при открытии в 3ds max, UV не сохраняется ни в моделях, ни как отдельные файлы. Если сохранять UV отдельным файлом, то сохраняется только часть развёртки с которой можно работать (одна штука)... а все остальные части не сохраняются (остаются пустые места). Можно вроде создавать и перемещать развёртки и между собой перемещать разные части UV, но тут у меня проблемка - не умею сразу выбрать только одну часть нужной развёртки, а тыкать по одному кусочку нужных частей, это жестоко. В общем. Помогите мне вытащить развёртку из 3dcoat. Пожалуйста!
  13. Since I had no luck explaining and getting help on my problem in the newbie forum, I decided to make a video that might explain it better. This way I can maybe find out what can be done better by me or 3D-Coat. I can't say it's an exciting video, as most of it is 3D-Coat freezing my machine while performing what seems to me a simple task, but hopefully it helps get answers to my problem.
  14. I have created a very simple retopo mesh and auto unwrapped it in the retopo workspace but I wish to send it to the uv workspace but cant figure it out. Help!
  15. Hello, I have model from sketchup, looks okay, I have many of them and I need to unwrap them in very fast way. No time to spend hours on each model. So I usually use auto uwrap in 3D-Coat and just save it but I noticed it doesn't do good job out of the box and some thing I woudl be happy to fix, like tighter space between uv island, less separate from each other, maybe keep them aout stich and weld togerher? I don't know much of 3D coat uwrapping solutions, I did only manual uwrapping on simple object, but this is big objects with many parts connected in one mesh. I have attached screenshot of what I could do with auto uwrap, and actual obj file of building. How to make it more niceir unwrap? Maybe I missing something, thank you in advance! CondoBremnerAveR2_Uv1.obj
  16. dimitribastos

    Updating UVs problem

    So, I have a really big 3d Coat's file (2,5gb) for a project composed of several objects. Then I realized that a UV of one of my objects is all messy while painting. In the UV Room I created new uvs and unwrapped this specific object. Made every other paint object and surface material hidden to just focus on the problematic object. Then, when I hit Apply-UVs 3D Coat starting to work and freezes. Software not responding anymore. I7 3770k, 32gb DDR3, GTX 970, Windows 10, 3D Coat 4.7.01 (DX). Tried with 4.5.40 without any sucess.
  17. sledziu

    Multiple UV sets

    Hi, I have a question about multiple UV sets. I am creating DOTA 2 sets and just moved to 3d coat. For Dota items every single item needs to have seperate uv and textures. I sculpted all items like head, neck etc. Retopo was sooooo easy in 3d coat but I struggle with uv unwrap. It seems I have only one UV set and I don't know how to create diffrent UV for every item. I have every item on diffrent layer. Some help for newbie will be nice. Best, Sledziu
  18. Hi, I'm fairly new to 3D Coat and I currently only use it to work on reskins of weapons for CS:GO but I've come across an issue that is becoming rather frustrating as I can't work out what's causing it. After opening in external editor and working on the texture then saving and loading it back in 3DCoat the program seems to sample a section of the texture and draw a line right across the bottom of the UV as seen here; http://pasteboard.co/1NlqNDGM.png this line is NOT present in the .psd file! I did not put it there! But it persists and I can't get rid of it, I don't even know what's causing it or how to stop it. I thought it might be broken faces but it's not even aligned with the faces and I HAVE used this model before with 0 issues but even the save file for that, after re-opening it in an attempt to use it because I knew it was fine before, is now suffering from this issue as well! The file is attached, it's the official ripped .obj from the game and until now I've never had issues with it nor any of the other gun models so some help would be appreciated! Also, any way to fix the problem with seams? 3DCoat deletes the texture outside the uv's boundaries leaving horribly broken looking seams which can also be seen in above screenshot. I'm on Win7 and have 4.5.19 installed. Thanks desert_eagle.obj
  19. Is it possible to import a OBJ with several meshes and each one have its own UV generated by the auto-unwrap option on PPP workflow?
  20. MaxHancock

    Weird black, unpaintable UV

    I have this weird UV island anomaly that I'm unable to paint on top of. What's that all about?
  21. dimitribastos

    Problems with UVs on PPP

    Hi, Guys. I'm experiencing some problems here on my workflow. I have a model separeted in various objects. Each one have its proper UVs and everything is on place, no UDIM (despite using UDIM would be good. But when I do import with Importing Titles as UV Sets all my UVs are stacked on each other). When I import OBJ file to PPP workflow, 3D Coat shows this screen. T The problem is: I have 12 objects with UVs but it only shows 6 UV sets on the importing options. When I click OK, suddenly 3D Coat shows 6 UV sets and 6 surface materials (of 12 objects) and the result is some UVs stacked on each other, also my UV names are not the same as I created, as you can see on the image: When I try to import a FBX file instead of a OBJ file, it shows ALL of my UVs on the importing screen and PRESERVING the UVS names, which is really good. However, the problem with FBX importing is this. While all my UVs are absolutely perfect, the model itself isn't as you can see on the image. If I try to subdivide de model on importing screen, the result is: Some additional info: Tested with 3D Coat 4.5.19 (trough Steam) and 4.5.29. UVs are created on MODO 902. Thanks in advance.
  22. Is there a way for objects in the voxtree to have individual UV maps? In the attached picture, you can see that all three uv maps are in the same 2d image -- is there a way to have them each be on their own? Thanks much in advance!
  23. Hi! Ive recently started using 3D-coat and so far its been working like a charm. But it is also my first real endavour into the quite complex world of 3D-modeling and so i stand here with some questions regarding importing objects for texturing and freezing when doing certain things. When i try to import an object for per pixel painting that isnt too big och complex it takes a really long time for it to load it. But when its done, if it doesnt freeze, everything is working as it should. But if i try to import one of my mechs for example it just freezes and eats all my ram. I have tried leaving it loading the model for up to 3 hours just to see if its just loading extremely slow or if it freezes but no results. TLDR: Tips for importing bigger models for UV and texturing without breaking your computer?
  24. thinkinmonkey

    Paint room: paint over UV island

    Hello, I'm hurry, so sorry if I'm bothering you with these newbie questions. I'm using 3DCoat to paint textures on low poly mesh as you can see from the picture. I started my painting with Blender, then I had some projection problem so I switched to 3DCoat. BUT! What I want to know is: a. why cannot I paint over the UV Island in the Texture Editor? Because I find very useful to work the area around the island in order to prevent bleeding effect, or simply I put some colors in no important part of images in order to have a palette (ok, I know I can create a layer in 3DCoat for that, but I'd like to have that colors in image too) b. Blender has an option to do edge padding during paiting: has 3DCoat something similar? c. after importing the obj mesh and the initial texture, I noticed there was a bleeding between all islands: does 3DCoat automatically create edge padding while importing? In fact I'm correcting with less success the bleeding of blue pants over shoes and the brown color of shoes over blue pants. And that brought me to point a. d. I just noticed 3DCoat make an edge padding in automatic between islands: how can I disable it? Thank you very much for any suggestion. Michele
  25. Здравствуйте, обитатели форума 3D coat, недавно перешел на новую для меня версию программы 4.5.02. И заметил в новых фичах обидную проблему. Есть модель с текстурой 2048Х2048. И превью материала показывает мне такое качество: Я радостно беру кисть и получаю на выходе вот такое : И еще раз для сравнения: Прошу объяснить, из какой жопы у меня растут руки, и что я делаю не так. Вот еще UV, авторазвертка, может в ней проблемы?