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Found 141 results

  1. Hi I'm buildings several stones in the same scene, and I've a problem when uvmapping because all uv map are together on the same map. The only way to avoid this seems deleting the objects i don't want to see on the uvmap before to merge into the paint room. but this mean I have to rebuild them later. is there an other way?
  2. Hello. I am trying to make low ply objects for games (as a hobbyist and beginner) but i cant seem to find how i can merge the normal map from the sculpted mesh on to my retopoed version without the ugly result i get shown bellow
  3. worldcrafter

    3d coat v4

    Can someone tell me how i auto uv map an object which currently has no uvs, on 3.7 i could just select the auto map finction but now ive no idea... by the way whenm i click the uv tab i cant see the model this may be a problem or it may be how its meant to be. thanks
  4. FreezeFrame

    Paint n UV

    A little confused with paint. Per-pixel paints on the uv map but is projected on the 3d model? Low to medium to high quality depnding on uv map size? Microvertex paints on the vertices of the high poly and then projects onto the low poly? Quality depends on vertices(and uv map size)? So, what if I had a great machine and I was painting on a model with super high polys. Would this be the best quality? Can the high poly model be painted in P.P. and/or M.V. and then project the texture to low poly for export? Actually even with a super high vertice count. The textures on the uv map would end up per pixel on the screen?
  5. KillersNight

    Exporting UV from 3D-coat to Blender

    Hello guys, I have used 3D-coat for a year now, but haven't actually tried out a lot of stuff. Mainly i have only revolve around the voxel room. I have recently downloaded and tried Blender, and it was amazing to me. But I wasn't going to give up 3D-coat, and looked for ways to link them. For the first few times, I have just imported the object straight from Voxel room, (usually 1 500 000 poly or above), and it is terrible to work with in Blender. I found out that i should autopo the model before hand, which i tried, but though the model turn out fine in the paint room, after exporting into Blender it was horrible. I tried UV mapping the model myself, but it didn't change a thing. What am I doing wrong? Really appreciate some help... T_T Model in the paint room which looks fine I only got the default and i didnt save the UV map i did, cuz it made no difference Model in Blender with the deformed mesh circled
  6. ajz3d

    Multiple UV tiles

    Hello folks. Does anyone know how to create multiple UV tiles in the UV Room and how to prepare the model for seamless texture painting when multiple UV tiles are present? Is it possible in 3D Coat?
  7. Let's say I had two copies of the same model, but with two vastly different UV sets applied to each. If I had a texture designed for one model's UV set, is there a way in which 3DCoat could look at this model with this texture and then use that information to paint the second model and its UV set to look as identical as possible to the first?
  8. virtumake

    Post Process 3D scan data

    Hi! I want to use 3D coat to post process high polygone (>1 mil) 3D scan data with UV maps. I need the sculpturing tools from the voxel room to cut bridges and smooth the scans. This works superb, but I loose the UV data. What is the right workflow to load the 3d model, optimize it and fix the UV map? Thank you! Best, Bernhard www.virtumake.com
  9. alvordr

    UV Seams Showing Up In UDK

    Hello, all. I created this bread yesterday and put it into the UDK. It looks fine in most applications, and even in UDK's Static Mesh preview, it looks fine (see image 1). However, when I put it in a scene, I can see where the UV seams are on the model (see image 2). I exported with Smoothing Groups on from 3ds Max to try to fix this, but no use. Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening and/or how to fix it?
  10. Vii

    Freeze based on UV patches

    Hi, Is there a way for me to freeze parts of a mesh based off their UV patches? Cheers
  11. Well, the thread title is pretty clear, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to properly manage multiple objects while uv mapping. For example, I have a ship consisting of multiple objects (in my case 66), and was really hoping to pick and choose the object to work on, or solo everything but the selected. ZBrush has its solo feature, Maya (and many others) have Hide Unselected Object features, but I can't seem to find anything similar within 3D Coat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently I am going through my giant list of objects and manually hiding each one. This really can't be the only way can it? :P Thanks!
  12. splinewalker

    keeping UV on imported cloth

    Hi evryone! Not quite getting the cloth out of 3dc as i'd like to, maybe you can give me a hint what i am doing wrong: I try to make a cloth drape from an imported .obj I do have UVs on the imported object that i would like to keep, but I don't see how to retain them, as they are always missing when I export the finished cloth from retopo as .obj I also tried to import to retopo first, (here i can see the original uvs) and them "pick from retopo" which works, but again after the simulation uvs seem lost. is there any possibility to retain the original UV for cloth objects? thanks, daniel
  13. Добрый день. Создала воксельную модель шляпы. В комнате Retopo сделала UV-превью. И теперь все не как не могу в комнате UV получить сделаное мною UV-превью. Подскажите, плиз, что надо сделать?
  14. I need urgent help. I have a fairly simple all-quad model I am trying to UV unwrap. If I manually mark the seams and hit Unwrap, 3D Coat crashes and I get forever spinning beachball. I am not using symmetry although the model itself is symmetrical. It is impossible to use 3D coat for unwrapping when this issue exists. I'm under deadline and I would need urgent help for this issue. I'm running 3D-Coat (3.7.08B (GL64) under Snow Leopard. My machine is Quad Core Mac Pro with 8 gigs of ram. Show screenshot of the model I try to unwrap.
  15. Hello. I've just purchased 3D Coat after my trail ended. I have to say I tried the hell out of it and I'm very impressed with the software. Sculpting with voxels is something I've been looking for for a long, long time, ever since I saw Ken Silverman's Voxlap engine. While not directly related to 3D modelling or sculpting, it showed how powerful voxels might be. I never quite understood why nobody picked up the idea of using voxels for volume shaping and model detailing. And then there was light - I've stumbled upon 3D Coat! But enough of praising the app. I've been doing a hero character in 3D Coat lately and I'm a bit puzzled about the some aspects of the workflow. I would like to address a couple of questions to more experienced 3D Coat users. My character consists of several parts (body, tongue, a pair of tendons and two groups of teeth, each on a different VoxTree layer), so I'll be using several different materials after I import the retopologised model into Maya). I need those parts to stay on separate UV spaces and maintain proportions in relation to each other. I have already retopologised the volume and placed each part of the character on a different retopo layer. Unfortunately UVs from each one of them are bunched up together on a single UV space and I can't seem to find a way to separate them to different UV spaces. How do I do this? Does a voxel shader affect textures in Paint Room in any way, or is it completely ignored? There's a Layer 0 in the Paint Room. What does it contain? Looks like a geometry, but other layers (that were created with the Merge with NM command from Retopo Room) seem to contain geometry as well? Layer 0 can't be deleted. UV Room most of the time stays completely empty, even after I unwrap UVs in Retopo Room. It fills with content after I Merge with NM. Is it normal? Paint Room has me completely puzzled.
  16. PenguinTD

    UV room missing object?

    Hi, another question probably leads to either a really simple answer or a bug. I'm still getting a hang of how to manage different oject and unwrap them separately, so far success to the point I can go to paint room and open UV Texture Editor and see different UVs for different objects. BUT, when I click to UV Room, one object is missing. My workflow is as following. 1. Voxel sculpt 2. put 2 object into 2 different layer.(just cube and cylinder) 3. go to retopo room and start unwrap cube. 4. create a new uv set, and use new uv set to unwrap cylinder 5. merge them to scene one by one. 6. in paint room I can do everything properly. 7. click to UV room I can only see cylinder. ( what ever merge to scene later?) In default uv set(cube) I see nothing, no model and no UVs. Am I missing something?