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Found 5 results

  1. Every time I calculate occlusion, the tool seems to ignore the same 4 objects (hat, dress, cloak, & gemstone). It's working perfectly on the other objects, but I can't seem to change the parameters in a way that gives me a different result. I've tried googling this issue for a few days and haven't found anything, so I thought I'd make my own post. Thanks for any help
  2. So, I have a question about Export Textures workflow. (I'm pretty sure it's already was somewhere in past topics, but I didn't find) Exporting to Photoshop (Ctrl+P) I have a bunch of layers with my color work (grouped together in my first picture) and separate layers for an Ambient Occlusion (AO), normal map etc. And now I can save color map, AO map and normal map from Photoshop. So it's first option for export my textures. The second option is Export Objects & Textures panel in 3D-Coat. So I choose Unreal 4 export preset for example. And then I got several maps: _BaseColor, _ao, etc. But looking to _BaseColor map I can see that color information and AO kinda combined together. Is it correct behavior? Or may be I'm doing something wrong? And which is the right way to export color and AO maps? In particular for Unreal Engine 4. Because in UE 4 my material now has some kind of "double AO" when exporting from 3D-Coat. _BaseColor texture map exported from 3D-Coat: _ao texture map:
  3. I am missing the functionality of creating custom lights in the environment for the calculation process of ambient occlusion. I would really enjoy if this feature would be added to 3D-Coat. It's then possible to light also rooms or convex structures.
  4. Currently, in the paint room, if a Paint Object is locked or hidden, it will still contribute to an AO bake. Locked items receive no lighting. The behavior I'd prefer is if an object is hidden during the bake, it should neither contribute nor receive any lighting info. (the new feature) If it is locked, but still visible, it should contribute, but not receive any lighting info.(The current status) When working on modular character systems, where the accessories need to take AO from the base-body, but not contribute to it, this would be very useful. Outside of deleting the paint objects, there is no method I know of to exclude an item from contributing to the AO calculation.
  5. When i saw the ambient occlusion feature for 4.5 i was overjoyed, but i soon found the detail/size of AO couldn't be controlled . i have 2 options - curvature or AO... thats a bit stingy, i expected a an adjustable filter value to change how fine i wanted the AO to be. Are other people after this? Could you guys make a request on this feature, How hard can it be to implement?
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