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Found 3 results

  1. I have had experience with sculpting in blender, but wanted to try 3dcoat after hearing about its voxel features. Right now i only have the demo but havent tried it for long. Im a little confused with the brush layout. im not sure what the difference is to clay engine, voxel tools and claydraw. Is voxel sculpting always enabled with all these tools or do they work differently and seperately? Where do the surface tools come in? Ive been planning on getting the new suface laptop studio with 11th gen icore 7 with 32 gb of ram. With how much power 3d software needs, will that be enough, especially for high amount of details and sculpting full body characters and objects? because 3dcoat has voxels, do i still need to use subdivide, retopology and remesh when sculpting, or can it be completely voxel sculpting with none of those options?
  2. Hey y'all, first of all merry xmas and happy new year! I am new here since I just started with 3D Coat. The funny thing is my company saw me doing their products in 3D Coat and they are buying licenses and computers now. For my personal use my 7 year old pc made it okay with small amounts of polys, but I need to go realistic, high poly and render stuff out in external renderers too. I did a small couch which was really hard with going highh in detail and my pc was reallyyyyyy slow. I want to go fast and high in everything now o.o I searched quite a lot but most of them time there are older threads or talking about what is okay. But I would like to know what's a must in specs for working professional now. Can somebody tell me what 3D coat is using and how important stuff like Cuda Units and Vram and stuff like processor power and and and is? I am so confused by all that graphic cards and things they have these days, liek these cuda stuff Perhaps what would be good for other renderers too? This would be so awesome, if there is a possibility I would by cookies for everyone who is having some advice for me and my company Thank you very much for every answer and have a nice day!
  3. I have an old computer: Custom made Q9300, 8GB, 9800GTX on a decent Gigabyte's motherboard, 500W Antec EW PSU, all in a nice looking and functional Antec P182 case. I was wondering recently what to do with that old buddy of mine? I considered: - selling it (but I couldn't really estimate its current market price, not to mention the nasty thought that some crazy kid would buy it and destroy it by overclocking everything at once, just to play BF3 on full details), - converting it to home file server (Q9300 and 8GB would be a total overkill, so... bad idea) - converting it to home media+file server with XBMC. Meaning: HTPC+file server. Those last two options would require from me to buy an array of at least two or three hard disks to hold the data ripped from all of my AudioCDs, DVDs and BRDs (and I would need at least one or two yahrens to rip'em... >>Go Battlestar!>>). And the very last option means: "Oi AJ, ye gotta buy an IR panel to have some means to steer yer bloody HTPC with, eh(?)/". Luckily, that's just a minor inconvenience, because such panels cost relatively cheap. Rendering node is out of the question unfortunately. I can't afford additional licence for a mere home server. Not when everything in our industry costs hundreds to thousands of dollars (I think we're in the second most expensive job a man can afford when it comes to license price, preceded only by CAD/CAM software... Damn!). The Q9300 would be more than adequate in a media+file server role, but it's still... Q9300. It's pretty dated now (5-6 years?). I don't think it has THAT much power saving features like modern SB, SB-E or IB CPUs do have (I bet my 3930K uses much less power than my oldie). I would use it in this role, but I'm a bit worried about the power bill I might get after the server keeps on workin' 24/365. But do I have other options? What would you guys do with your old PCs?
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