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Found 39 results

  1. artofcharly

    Medusa model for CGTrader

    You can turn model and read more info here - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lllDV
  2. bcgreen24


    First crack at an octopus-type creature...this is just a screenshot of a real-time render done from within 3DCoat using the AWESOME PBR materials.
  3. macalabs


    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Another render with 3D Coat PBR
  4. macalabs


    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    3D Coat inner PBR render.
  5. macalabs


    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Marmoset test render.
  6. macalabs


    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Keyshot renders of this practice sculpt I did.
  7. BubbaDaCaveman

    Humanoid Lion

    Hello, everyone I am new here. I just started using 3D Coat a few months back and in my opinion it's a fantastic software. Here's a sculpt I did with it. Did the retopology in 3D Coat too and rigged in Maya Hope you like it. Cheers. [/IMG] [][/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  8. macalabs

    organic sketch 01 comp

    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Just me messing around in 3dcoat, playing with some cheesy lighting setup and learning a lot in the process:P
  9. ajz3d


    From the album: Crite

    A Crite from the "Critters" movies (New Line Cinema, 1986/1988/1991/1992) Final contribution to 3D-Coat Challenge #11: Hairy Creature (with hair done without a fur system or instancing). Fur consists of 283 hand-painted poly sheets manually distributed over the creature's body.

    © ©2015 Artur Julian Żarek

  10. Hairy Creature. A common product output in the CG world with large investment in developer time and effort in the production of hair/fur systems. But does the algorithm control the art or can artists produce great "hairy" work without vast computational tools? Lets find out. Rules: 1. Model a hairy creature (any type and style: real or imagined) and paint (any method) in 3D Coat. Hair effect generated by real geometry or paint. Image texturing acceptable from other software (photoshop, etc.) as part of Paint Room processing but should not be used to post process a final render for more or less hair effect. 2. Render in outside renderer if desired but do not use outside particle system or instancing system to produce hair effect. 3. Post WIP early and often. Mark final render or final screen shot as "Final Version". 4. Challenge begins: 16.08.2015, deadline: 23:59, 26.09.2015 Enjoy. BK ------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINALIST ajz3d benk BringItBack carlosan Michaelgdrs
  11. ajz3d

    Crite Face Close-up

    From the album: Crite

    A Crite from the "Critters" movies (New Line Cinema, 1986/1988/1991/1992). Close-up shot of my final contribution to 3D-Coat Challenge #11: Hairy Creature (with hair done without a fur system or instancing).

    © ©2015 Artur Julian Żarek

  12. FreezeFrame

    Sea to air Creature.

    Sea to air creature. Almost ready for retopo. I'm still having trouble with smoothing in some areas which you can notice. Is there a certain mode or brush that are favorites for these issues?
  13. Psionic

    Cthulhu Lives

    From the album: Psionic's finished images

    Created entirely in 3D Coat with a little Photoshop touch up at the end for the fine details ;-)

    © Psionic Games