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Found 3 results

  1. This is probably an unfamiliarity problem than it is an actual issue with e curve stroke tool. It appears to me that the Curve stroke has problems interpolating the radius along with curve. 1) Import one of the provided plane object, enable wireframe, low poly, and snap to low poly verts in the view menu. 2) Select the paint brush tool, curve stroke, and draw a curve, changing the radius at each control point, then apply the curve. This is the result I get: If I don't vary the brush radius, it paints at the correct width down the stroke. Varying the radius, especially across three or more control points, seems to bring this out. I don't think this is unintended behavior on the tool's part, because It's done this on multiple versions (4.9 and up). So it's possibly a user issue. So, what things should I be looking at to insure the brush radius interpolates correctly down the stroke? Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to use this properly? I know I've gotten it to work a couple of times, but I can't figure out what I did to do it. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hi! Hey everyone... Could someone please confirm a possible error? My version of 3D-Coat is 4.8.18 and I tested it with the GL and DX. I'm trying to use the Curve Stroke in the Sculpt Room in conjunction with any brush (freeze, Clay or others brushes) and it's not working. The percentage of the calculation appears when the tool is applied and as a result nothing happens. Now, when I went to the Paint Room, I chose the Stroke Curve and it worked correctly. I did the same test on the previous version of 3D-Coat 4.7 and the Stroke Curve worked perfectly on the Sculpt Room and Paint Room. Does Curve Stroke in the latest version of 3D-Coat not working in Sculpt Room? Thank you for your attention.
  3. Hello there! First post here I'am using 3D Coat to create a pattern along a Curve Stroke, but the behavior appears to be very inconsistent. I tried in Voxel and Surface, with Extrude, Extrude Clay, etc. What is the best approach to tackle this type of work? To help, I send a screenshot to help illustrate my situation. For now, the main problems I find are: - The pattern fails in the end, even if it's not closed. - If the size of the brush is large, the pattern has gaps. - I'm using a custom created Brush Alpha (you can see in the screenshot) and its doing kinda ok. But other Brush Alphas create some strange results, even with spacing... In the screenshot you can see that with the Cog (Tech Circle), Shirt Button and the Dragon Relief as examples. Thanks for your attention folks! André Cruz
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