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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm curious about how I could split the mesh using multiple curves. The issue is that there is an intersection between the arms and the legs. Is there an option to hide a part of the mesh like in ZBrush, and then cut it? The way I tried was: I selected the curve and then right-clicked to "Split sculpt object by curve." but didn't work. Thank you in advance. Photo Example
  2. Hi I guess this could be more of a feature request, but is it possible to make a quick ring? Similar to how you can do it with ZBrush's ZModelerGuide brush...? With that, you can make a stroke, and then holding Shift, it will make a ring around an object. That would be quite useful for my dinosaur's tail. As it currently is, is there any way of continuing a loop with Smart Retopo? Whenever I release the mouse button, there's only half a loop made, and I can't seem to continue it. It just makes a new curve, and the faces made in the middle end up stretching across to the new curve. Can you add new points in the curve too? I can only move the end point it seems. Thanks
  3. Hello. Im working with the blob tool and as stated in another post to remove faceting in the curves I use the 4.9 versions. However they act sporadically. If I apply the curve while still drawing it, it works. But if I draw the curve, press esc so that I can edit the points and fine tune it applying the curve does nothing. In order to replicate this use version 2021.57 and activate the 4.9v curves in the beta section of the preferences. Then use the blob tool and draw out a curve. Before applying it hit ESC and edit the points of the curve then try to apply it. Let me know what I may be doing wrong. 2021-10-07 03-17-04.mov
  4. can i adjust the cross section of the curves? like this feeling I don't know if this function is easy to implement, but it's More intuitive adjustment of some simple tube shapes, like create hair and Monster muscles...... the model on splines also can do something , but Specific effect is not reasonable The new version of the curve function seems to be similar, But the specific operation is a bit complicated, And torsion control point is not very convenient Sorry for asking such a question, Maybe I don’t know enough about this software. very happy that somebody can discusses this topic
  5. I'm new to 3D Coat, and it has the potential to be very useful to me, but right now, I'm struggling with a weird problem that is very much getting in my way. Specifically, when I attempt to use the Live Clay brush on a Curve Stroke, or a Curve produced by the Curves system, and my brush radius is below about 4, I start getting intermittent, messy gaps. The smaller I go, the more gaps I get. Adjusting the Spacing under Brush Options Panel seems to have no effect on this problem, whatsoever, so that's not the issue. This is a wireframe view of the kind of result I'm getting at a brush Radius of 1: As you can see, where it's laying down a stroke, it looks fine, but those random gaps make it completely unsuitable for etching nice, smooth shapes. For this image, I was using the first Default brush, with these settings: This problem seems to occur at a wide range of Live Clay detail levels (I've tried 0.25 all the way up to 10), so that's not the issue. I've tried this with a wide variety of alphas, and that doesn't seem to make any difference, either. At some low detail levels, it even seems to tear holes in my mesh: I have, so far, seen this problem in both 4.9.55 and 4.9.65, both DX and GL. Is anyone familiar with this issue? Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. Is it possible to use the new curves implementation to allow a user to place Hair Cards ( UV'd Geo from the Retop Room ) smoothly along the curves ? The curves themselves are a great addition, it seems they would be perfect for this type of work?
  7. I'm a newbie. I've imported a curve as mesh. Upon import, 3D Coat creates the object with right angles. Please see screenshot. I want the object to be rounded. In other words, I want the object to look as if it were made from a cylinder, instead of a cube. Is there a way to make 3D Coat create it rounded on import? If not, is there a command or some way to evenly round the edges all at once? Thank you. Don
  8. so i'm trying to make my first custom curve and i'm having this distance problem. any tips, ideas, suggestions? thanx -edit- OK. i solved it by importing the model instead of saving it directly into the profiles
  9. Hello to all long-time users of Coat. I have a rather noobiesh questions about using spline mode of brushes in newer versions of 3D Coat. If you have dealt with ZBrush you know it has such an option as Stroke-Frame Mesh with IMM brushes. In 3D Coat we have now an ability to use any OBJ brush as alpha even in Paint Room, but how to paint with such alpha along an edgeloop? As an example, if I make a stitch leather Strip brush like this one in the picture - and I want this Strip to follow the border of a mesh, how to do it precisely? I mean - is there any way in Coat (I use 4.0.7 version) to select an edgeloop in Paint Room (if your model is imported for per-pixel painting), to convert this loop to a spline and stroke this spline with the custom stitch brush? The second question - is there any ability in 3D Coat 4.x for importing meshes which contain ready curves (splines), readable and usable by Coat? The best example for clothing is meshes of clothes, made by Marvelous Designer software. This clothes-making program can generate meshes, which contain Internal Lines, imitating seam lines and these splines are readable by classic polygonal modellers like Blender. Can I import them in 3D Coat too? I tried to do it, but the lines are not imported. Maybe there is some specific import settings or it is completely impossible? If impossible, then edgeloop conversions would be the best way out. Thanks in advance for any advice and help.
  10. I think it would be super useful to get some type of search option for the many asset windows. Looking at the various icons may be helpful but sometimes it isn't, specially for user added content so searching by name would definitely speed up things. Another improvement that would be nice to have is to be able to edit the distance of elements on a model spline curve. Currently only when we first create the curve/spline we can set the distance but it would be nice to be able to change that distance when needed to make the curve more reusable like it can be done in Zbrush and Blender. I believe that would also allow to rotate the orientation of the model propagated along the curve which would also be nice in many cases.
  11. Here is a tutorial I made on 3D coat curves
  12. I love the curves tool in sculpting. I know you can save and load curves, and you can also edit curve points manually by entering x,y,z values. What I'd like to see is an ascii .curves fie format (not binary), so that I can create curve points in other software. A format other than the native 3D Coat binary .curves format that we can use to import curve point sequences created elsewhere. Creating curves in 3d Coat is done by manually placing curve points and adjusting them in 3d space. It's difficult to achieve complex, geometrically precise curve shapes manually. This automated geometric curve generation is a process that other software excels at. I know I can enter curve points using the "Edit Points" feature, but this is also manual, and quite tedious. Very difficult to achieve for long curve point chains. Perhaps I could script this feature, but I am still struggling to find resources for scripting in 3d Coat. Any thoughts?
  13. Do any tricks exist for transforming selected point groups of a curve (created with a Curve tool)? I had to alter my sculpture a bit, and now need to move this knot into a new position without touching the rest of the points. However, I can't figure out how. I don't want to type-in new point positions into Edit Points window - that would be too much of a guesswork and trial and error. There must be a simpler way of doing it.
  14. Hello 3D Coat Dev Team! I'd like to request a somewhat simple feature to add to the Curves tool in the Sculpt Room. As it stands now when using the curves tool it's typically easier to import the spline as a single voxel object. You can import as a surface, but it usually takes a lot of computing power, it welds all tangent points where the geometry crashes together, and it brings the whole thing in as a single object. I propose you offer a feature that allows you to import each individual piece of geometry (such as a link in a chain) as a separate instance (much the way you are able to when importing a regular object into the scene) This would be invaluable because many times I have a belt, or strap model that I have important that is comprised of many different pieces that I want to stay separate, but I want them all to universally conform to a spline curve as a single object. Thank you for your consideration. -Fletcher
  15. Hi, I'm using the great "Curves" tool to make rope in my game asset. I've saved a curve for a rope shape that I want to reuse with some tweaking on other parts of my object. Is there a way to move the laoded curve BEFORE hitting apply and creating the voxel shape? So far I've only been able to move individual control points on that curve, but no way to translate the whole curve with all it's control points. I know you can hit apply and move the voxel shape. . but I need to tweak the curve points once I find a way to move it into place.
  16. Hi, When editing the curve scaling a point does not update instantly. I'm having to move a point for the last scale action to update. (see video) Of course I'm a newbe so is there a setting I'm missing Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhgECUosBD4&feature=youtu.be
  17. OK folks. I've got a problem I can't seem to repair, with close holes, fill, smooth or otherwise. I created this part of my sculpt in the Voxel room using Curves. However, the resulting joint, here got all ripped up upon committing the curves. I can't fix it. Any advice?
  18. The request about a curves tool. The Japanese figure artist's technique "SUJIBORI" was tried with the "curves" of 3dcoat. Future request! I desire how to change the radius of all the points. I desire adsorption to an object when moving all the points. My blog http://hagenomyia.wordpress.com/
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