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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, it seems that 3d-coat have some issues with remembering/storing settings in custom brush presets and that's not the first time. I've created custom presets with "Rotate Alpha Along Stroke" and set the rotation to 90. Everything looks fine untill I change tool to something like Move tool and go back to my preset - after this operation, rotation is set back to 0 and not only in that one preset, but in all of them. Same thing happens every time I restart 3D-Coat. Any idea what is going on? 2023-11-29 19-53-22.mkv
  2. Hey guys, Here's my Zipper spline object (see attachment). U can extract the .zip file to C:\Users\......\Documents\3D-CoatV....\VoxStamps\Splines. When u re-open 3DC, a new folder (called Ruud) will be added to the splines panel in the sculpt room with a custom icon for the zipper object (see image below). If u don't want a custom folder, just copy the zips content to your preffered folder, or move it to another folder within the splines panel (using right click). If u give it a try, please let me now what u think. Have fun with it! Grtz, Ruud Ruud.zip
  3. so i'm trying to make my first custom curve and i'm having this distance problem. any tips, ideas, suggestions? thanx -edit- OK. i solved it by importing the model instead of saving it directly into the profiles
  4. Hello, I'd like to know if there is a way i could do some kind of panel with properties, and do some update before every frame shows up on what is going to be shown on scene? (the purpose is to try to do some kind of array modifier like in blender, and maybe more kind of modifiers like that, which would be non destructive, or destructive if i got no choice).
  5. I am missing the functionality of creating custom lights in the environment for the calculation process of ambient occlusion. I would really enjoy if this feature would be added to 3D-Coat. It's then possible to light also rooms or convex structures.
  6. So ive been working on a project for a couple days and just using 3d coat normaly with the camera orbit orbiting around where i last pressed 'alt lmb' but today when i opened the project on a different computer the orbiting pivot is now in the center and is un movable by pressing 'alt lmb'. I've looked in the settings and everything is default and normal. im very clueless why this would randomly happen on this computer that i know has never changed the axis settings. Im not sure if itts jujst a glitch or what.
  7. Is there a way i can replace the checker grid/texture on my retopo mesh, with a custom texture. Edit: ah found it. select mark seams tool, and you will see a box defaulted as "simple checker" (in the tool options box along the top of your screen), drop down the list and select custom checker.
  8. will 3d coat ever have a camera path animation function. Similar to the turntable feature, but the camera can be moved, and zoomed in and out. That would be awesome! Just having the cam zoom in and out at a designated time during the turntable rendering would be would be Sooo good.
  9. Hi I have a little problem with my custom strip. I have used this image for my latest armor as strip in Surface Mode and the LiveClay Tool. Everything works correctly as far as i see. Now i want to use that image in Voxel Mode, but it wont works. Did anybody have an idea why it works in Surface Mode but not in Voxel Mode? Would be nice to know for future images, that i want to create. Regards Malo
  10. I noticed in the latest version there is a Show Retopo mesh in the Render Room. I like having the option to do this and while I also like having the option to show it with the colors of the various retopo work from the Retopo room done, I would also like the ability to customize that view in the Retopo Room. For instance, it would be great to have the option to use just a flat white poly shader with a black wireframe, or a gray shader with a blue wireframe, or to keep it like it is now. If we could also add to that the ability to show the wireframe via an adjustable gradient alpha, so that the Render Room could show off the painted model that maybe has half of it in shaded wireframe, and perhaps even a third of it unpainted sculpt, that would be super awesome. Right now, I have to composite all of that in Photoshop or some other tool. This would put the Render Room aspect of 3DC above some other programs, like 3ds Max, where you have to really work hard to get it to render the wireframe and shaded models in one.
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