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  1. Hi, all! I was under the impression that you could bake 'render room' shaders onto an object so that the material can be exported as images along with the mesh. If this is possible-- how the heck is it done? I can't seem to figure it out... Thanks! Bryan
  2. As part of my ongoing saga to paint a rock: In the attached you can see the render from 3Dcoat on the left and the corresponding obj in Cinema 4D on the right. Some layers are missing. The reason I know this, apart from the difference in appearance is the fact that the moss only appeared when I exported the colour map separately and overwrote the old one. I did the same for the normals and they improved too. The Psionics, Alien-something, official and everything else tutorials on the subject show a straight export of the obj (File>Export) - and everything works fine. Even now that the moss is appearing, it still looks wrong - it should be bulbous for a start and there's obvious detail and colour/texture layers missing from the rock.
  3. With the release of Renderman 21 Non-Commercial, it would be great if there were export presets. The shaders have changed a bit since the release of 20, and he old presets don't quite match up. It would be great if there were some new presets added for Renderman 21. https://renderman.pixar.com/view/non-commercial-renderman Thanks!
  4. i cant export unless i restart the program! in 4.7.12. please fix this bug....
  5. Hello, I'm exporting the depth of a sculpt to be used later as alpha for a brush in paint room. The problem I'm having right now is there's a mismatch between what I see in the viewport, as you can see here: and what 3DCoat exports, as you can see here: After a rapid investigation, I'm very newbie with 3DCoat, I discovered 3DCoat use the defaul Camera position, ie if I reset the viewport will be this, which seems to me to match the exported images: I'm pretty sure I'm missing something, so my question is: how do I tell 3DCoat to use the actual viewport camera to export the depth? Thank you very much in advance, please, help me!
  6. I just finished this zbrush sculpt and struggle with 3DCoat. I did the retopo of a part of this mesh and began to work on the UVs just to make an XNormal test. As most of the UV tools also exist in the retopo room, I defined my seams from there. But I tried every way I could figure out to export the mesh with UVs defined but when I open it from ZBrush, Max or any other app, there are : no UVs... I put the scene with seams from the retopo room in the link below if someone could help me to understand my mistakes or explain the way to export properly the mesh WITH UVs from the retopo room. DOWNLOAD retopo with seams marked in the RETOPO ROOM here : http://mcassar.free.fr/3DCoat/Metal Chest Part1 UVs from Retopo Room.3b As it wasn't working in the retopo room for me, and I also couldn't figure a way to get the mesh with seams from the retopo room in the UV room ... Well I imported the mesh and did all the seams again in UVs room this time. But it's the same ! When I export the .obj, it's got no UVs defined. I'm facing a wall there and would love to finish this mesh quickly. Understand how to do that would accelerate my workflow big time as UV unwrapping in 3DCoat is so damn cleverly thought, coded, and fast. DOWNLOAD retopo with seams marked in the UV ROOM here : http://mcassar.free.fr/3DCoat/Metal Chest Part1 UVs from UVs Room.3b Thanks a LOT in advance to anyone who could help me understand what I do wrong here P.S : I precise (I just think about that) that I did a quarter of the retopo in 3DCoat then Used 3DSMax symmetry twice, in X and Y, put an edit poly on top of the stack, collapsed it then imported it in 3DCoat. Maybe that's the issue ?
  7. Hello guys! I'm using 3D-Coat mainly for concept art and it feels really natural for me to work with. But I would need some advices from you guys. I'm usually creating large complex scenes with average level of details, then overpainting and detailing more in Photoshop. But I found almost impossible to export this detailed objects from 3D-Coat and trying to compose and render them since they are pretty polygon heavy. So is there any solution for rendering for instance a whole street of medieval town, with moderate level of details, some characters, etc.? I know that keyshot is capable of doing that, but I need some render engine where I would be able to set different types of light, hdri environment, maybe some fog, etc. Ideally to build whole scene with textures and paintings in 3D-Coat and than export it to some render engine or even render it somehow in 3D-Coat. Thank you very much in advance. Every advice is very appreciated
  8. Hi Im newbie on 3dcoat and trying to learn 3dcoat. is there someone that really know how to export correct settings of textures for vray for maya ? fbx exported within 3dcoat wont importing in maya2016 correctly. also I tried to generate my own shading-network in maya. but result is very bad. do you have a practical video shows how to export correctly for vray4maya and how to setup a shader and link texture nodes in maya ? it is really confusing what does it mean "texture export/import workflow" (gloss metallness, gloss specular color.. etc.) do you see a good video tutorial that teaches it ? thank you
  9. So, I posted her last week with a problem, it was remedied when I updated my 3D coat, but now a new problem has arisen! Basically, I retopo'd a high poly mesh, and exported the Low poly mesh, uv'd it, but when I bring it into any other 3d application (or 3d coat itself) it's completely blank? I've made objs in different 3d programs and when I export them from the retopo room it just deletes the contents.. is this a bug?
  10. I have a gun model High Poly loaded. I have a retopologized Low Poly mesh. I created my UVs on the LP. Now I want to simply bake the Normal Map info while in the retopo room. I cant find a way to do that. But when I am in the UV room I can export the model and check the box for Bake Normal map. But there is No HP in the UV room so the normal map is flat with 0 data.??? Why have the Normal map bake option in the UV room when there is no way to import the HP? It would seem that if the LP that was the retopo mesh is still in the retopo room along with the HP mesh it should be a simple solution to bake from there. Am I missing something?
  11. What is the best way to export and set up "Smart Materials" texture to Maya with no PBR support? For example I have a metal object and want to get as close as I can to the beautiful PBR smartmaterials results that I see in 3D-coat. If someone could write a quick tutorial on this that would be awesome! For now I'm just going to have to experiment a lot in Maya to try and get same results. This is for production so it I don't have much time to experiment. Thanks! Daniel
  12. So i export my "All colours layer" and it looks great in photoshop but when i re import it even on the exact same model in 3d coat only a certain amount of layers show up. Ps: http://prntscr.com/b52joa Import error: http://prntscr.com/b52g7g
  13. Hey guys, I need to use Keyshot to render a gun with different textures. Had a lot of fun painting it with 3d Coat, I can export all the maps in Marmoset and it works really well. But for many reasons I need to render it Keyshot and not in Marmoset, and Keyshot just allows me to load a color, a specular and a bump map..The difference between what I get in 3dCoat and in Keyshot is night and day...Anybody has any idea on how I could proceed? Thanks a lot ! Thomas
  14. Greetings, I am really liking the PBR tools and have created a nice texture set. I am confused about how PBR is suppose to work outside the program. An asset I have created (for fallout 4), looks super nice with PBR shaders and all that fun stuff but when I export the textures, they are standard diffuse types and look ok (nothing like in 3D Coat). Is PBR something that can be used in a game like fallout? Am I just missing it entirely? http://imgur.com/wQ8ArOo.jpg - in game http://i.imgur.com/Auq5rAh.jpg - in 3dCoat
  15. I have run into a new problem that perhaps the experts on the forum can solve. Upon exporting a gloss map painted in the paint room I get a bizarre textured result (see attached, map should be solid black and white as seen in texture editor). The map in the texture editor looks fine and the export is corrupted regardless of whether .tga or .png. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. bk
  16. Hi, is it possible to export an .FBX mesh with embedded textures? By default 3DC seems to export the mesh only and the textures are saved as separate files.. Thank you!
  17. I love the curves tool in sculpting. I know you can save and load curves, and you can also edit curve points manually by entering x,y,z values. What I'd like to see is an ascii .curves fie format (not binary), so that I can create curve points in other software. A format other than the native 3D Coat binary .curves format that we can use to import curve point sequences created elsewhere. Creating curves in 3d Coat is done by manually placing curve points and adjusting them in 3d space. It's difficult to achieve complex, geometrically precise curve shapes manually. This automated geometric curve generation is a process that other software excels at. I know I can enter curve points using the "Edit Points" feature, but this is also manual, and quite tedious. Very difficult to achieve for long curve point chains. Perhaps I could script this feature, but I am still struggling to find resources for scripting in 3d Coat. Any thoughts?
  18. Hi I get some weird results on baking and after exporting my gun. Lets start with some pics and my results. First of all my Retopo and UVs Looks good so far. Then when i try to bake my gun in surface mode. You see, i get these white artifacts and the normals come out realy bad. Left circle on the gunpipe. Then i switch to voxelmode and bake it again, Looks much better now. No artifacts and a much better normalmap. But the normal behavior is realy bad. You see, the shapes of my model are not staight down, they get realy curvy on some areas. Sure, i am not happy about that curvy stuff, but i give it a try and continue my work. Form the right angle that curvy stuff looks ok. I textured my model and export it. After i importet my model in Substance Designer or Blender i must see that the textures are disortet. Take a look at this. 3D-Coat - Looks as it should Blender or Substance Designer - Curvy I never run in that problems as i did with this gun. Why these artifacts and ugly normals on Surfacemode baking, and why are the textures disortet after export. Any ideas whats going wrong on my side. The only different thing that i did, was a complede fresh install of 3d coat V4.08B befor starting with that gun and i startet in Surfacemode. Any help would be nice. Regards Malo
  19. Hi folks, First post here, so nice to meet you all ^^. I have a bit of an issue, not a big problem when you know how...but I dont. I am exporting a large amount of obj's to be used in external package. But, when I open it in another package the Mesh is always way bellow the center on the y axis. Its centred in 3DC from what I can see but not in other software. I could edit it in said software but I have a lot and would like to know how to export it correctly from the start. Screenies bellow. Thanks in advance.
  20. Version: 4.5.19(DX64) Windows7 Home CPU: i7 RAM: 12Gb "Paint" room. I have 7 Layer Folders in Project, 20 layers each. Click Textures -> Export -> Export Layers w/ Depth, Color & Glossiness ALWAYS saved .color.psd, .specular.psd, and then Сrashes in a few seconds with Exception (mscoreei.dll , see attached screenshots).
  21. I run into a problem with my export from 3dCoat to Cinema 4d. Seams appear at my island's borders and i don't know what to do about it (you can see it in the very last screenshot below). It probably is a step i haven't took in 3DC (i'm really new to topology & uv stuff so it might a simple mistake on my side). I've made some screenshots about the steps i take to prepare in 3DC and export to C4D. If some C4D users are here & are used to exporting from 3DC to C4D, thanks for confirming (or not) that my workflow is ok. I use 3ds max preset for importing OBJ's in C4D, otherwise UVs are messed up.
  22. Hello 3D Coaters! Is there a way to export a model to keyshot and have your vertex paint show up (no UVs)? In keyshot I can see the model but no texture. I know how to do this in blender (export as fbx, and plug in the 'Col' etc) but is there a way to do this with keyshot? My goal is to find a UV free workflow. Any knowledge cakes will be appreciated!
  23. That is, thumbnails for exported volumes to meshes panel are taken from behind. Im doing the exportation while in "front" perspective view. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? is there a work around? Im using V 4.5.16 off topic: is there a way to adjust the pivot position of an imported obj (or fbx) model? that would be so useful, I though that in the "tweak" room it could be possible but it seems not. (adjust scaling, rotating could be so much useful too) Thanks.
  24. Помогите новичку. Я понимаю, что после работы над моделью получаются разные карты, которые в комплексе, при настройке в опеределенном движке дают фотореалистичный эффект. А в 3D COAT я могу сохранить одну текстуру на которой уже будут отражения из рендера в сцене? я пробовал запекать в нем, эспортировать все текстуры, которые только возможно, выставлять разные движки в preference, открывал и компоновал разные слои в фотошопе, но это все не то, что я вижу в сцене этой замечательной программы Скрин в качестве наброска. То есть я хочу чтобы у меня на текстуре был такой эффект, например (пусть и с отражением куста в хроме). Это осуществимо? Подскажите пожалуйста. 3d coat 4.5.02
  25. Hi guys, I've recently attended industry workshops London and Jama Jurabaev did a super awesome presentation with 3D Coat and so I find myself trying to figure out how to use this new software. I love the fact that you can draw in 3D with 3DCoat. I think its the most awesome thing in the whole universe. But What I'm having issues with is importing an OBJ of a Daz model into 3DCoat. Whenever I do it, I get a hugeeeeeee lagg and my cores are going crazy at 100% but nothing happens.. it just kind of freezes. I'm just wondering if anyone has worked out how to get the Daz model into 3D Coat in a really basic way and if you wouldn't mind sharing your step by step process? I think it'd be a great help to all those who are newbies to 3D! Thanks! I'll be introducing myself in the intro thread soon
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