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  1. I have a model I've painted, and I can't seem to export the texture; choosing 'Textures' -> 'Export' -> 'All Layers Color' produces transparent (empty) layers in the Photoshop file. It's also 256x256 which leads to my second question: choosing 'Edit' -> 'Mesh & Texture Resolution' doesn't do anything-- is this where you'd set the size of the exported texture images? EDIT: one more question-- when I export 'object and textures', I'm only getting the files for the object (obj file) and the material (mtl file) but not the actual image file that goes along with the material. Thanks! Bryan
  2. ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv I wrote the script for my own use several weeks ago, but I think there's nothing wrong with sharing it. Perhaps someone will find it useful. DESCRIPTION: The script iterates through the whole VoxTree, collecting names and bound shaders of each visible layer. It then writes this information to a CSV file which can be opened by a spreadsheet application of one's choice. The script might be useful if you have a very complex scene with dozens of objects and shaders and you want to inspect which objects use which shaders. It can also be helpful when planning things in the retopo room. If you forget where you saved your file, check the script execution log: Scripts->View execution log. INSTALLATION: Copy ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.txt and ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.xml to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems and restart 3D Coat. The script will be accessible through File->Export menu. CONFIGURATION: There's more detailed information on how to configure the script in the ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.txt file. Please read it before using the script. Drop me a word if you have any questions, ideas or find a bug. Thanks. ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv-1.1.zip
  3. Hi! I'm new to 3D Coat, and am currently using the 30 day trial on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. I really like the program so far, but I'm having a problem. I can't see any of the files related to it in Windows Explorer. I can't find 3D Coat itself or any files I save or export from it under Program Files, Documents, not anywhere. It doesn't show up in All Programs or in Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. I found and turned off "hide hidden folders" on my computer, and that didn't reveal it. To run the program, I have to run setup again. But it saves and remembers my previous files, so it's not like things are getting deleted. When in 3D Coat's Save or Open windows, I can see the 3D Coat program files and all my saves/exports. But when I go to those same locations from outside 3D Coat, I can't find those folders and files. If anyone could help me with this I'd very much appreciate it.
  4. Hello, can a fellow mud-box user tell me how i export a high poly mesh from 3DC to mud box with correct topology? (so i am able to subdivide it in mudbox)
  5. So I am trying exporting normalmaps from 3dcoat for 3dsmax. Does someone have working settings? Cant seem to get nice normal maps. Always look blurry compared to the render in 3dcoat, and direction seems also odd. Tried swapping y-z, but nothing happened. Are there any special settings for 3dsmax normal export?
  6. Hi i want to import high detail models from mudbox to 3dcoat as a retopo reference mesh, my problem is if i try to import a huge reference mesh (15mill poly) it runs out of memory and crashes. So i am forced to use a low res (1.2m poly) model from mudbox - i cant export anything in between 1.2m and 15m only one or the other because it mudbox doesn't have a mesh decimator. I need software that can handle and decimate gigantic meshes. I havnt tried zbrush for decimating this huge mesh, and wont unless someone can confirm it is able to import 15m models. (i have slow connection so dont want to download zbrush unless i know it works... but i do have access to it)
  7. I made a high-poly mesh, having vertex color data (I painted it in Paint Room, while in surface mode). How can I create a texture map (without a retopologization and an additional rework) and transfer vertex color to it? (Then save it) Also, can I export the mesh to some file format, not losing the vertex color data?
  8. Hey Guys, I just made a new tutorial on Dinosaur Detailing and Normal/Displacement Maps. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3D Coat 4.1- Volume #13-Dinosaur Detailing I-Normal and Displacement Maps-by Adam Gibson In this thirteenth video volume of 24 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson goes through a fun project based tutorial on how to add detail through Normal and Displacement maps onto a Giganatosaurus dinosaur in 3D Coat Version 4.1. A great tutorial for beginners and those who want to create their own Jurassic Park. http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/3dc_4_vol_13_dinosaur_detailing_I.htm Table of Contents for Volume #13 Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Lightwave Model Review in Lightwave 11.6 Chapter 3- How to Import Mesh Layers and UVs into 3D Coat Chapter 4- How Set-Up Alpha Brushes for Creating Scales and Creatng your Own Alpha Brushes Chapter 5- Creating Body Scales Chapter 6- Creating Tail Scales Chapter 7- How to Fix and Touch Up Bad Scales Chapter 8- Creating Arm and Finger Scales Chapter 9- Head Detailing (Part One) Chapter 10- Head Detailing (Part Two) Chapter 11- Gum Detailing Chapter 12- Gum Detail Review Chapter 13- Horn Detail Chapter 14- Exporting Model and Maps from 3D Coat Chapter 15- Checking the Normal Maps in Lightwave in VPR Mode Chapter 16- Connecting Displacement Map Node and Final Running Time: 3 hrs. 15 mins. High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) Video Format: MP4 (.mp4) Level: Beginner
  9. Hi, still evaluating 3DC, I'm little confused concerning exporting to my main 3D app (modo). Need a bit more understanding. If I create new model in voxel mode then goto "Autopo/autopo for Per Pixel" process, this I understand creates a auto mesh and auto UV map for me and I see my model in my paint, Retopo and UV room. When I export my obj in modo I see the model in Quads and see the UV map. Great!!! In fact this is the only workflow I know of that seems to work for me I decided to play around with a more manual approach . Again with a new project I create new model in voxel mode as before but this time choose "Autopo/Autopo" Process. I understand this auto creates a mesh but does not create a UV map So I go a head and create a UV map within the Retopo room. (I do a couple of edge loops then Unwrap) First thing first I don't see anything in my UV Room. But I assume I have as I see it in the Retopo room. When I export now I get a horrible triangular meshes in Modo. The only place I don't get triangular mesh is from the Retopo room File/Export Retopo Mesh but then I don't get a UV map in modo So I'm not understanding/missing something here
  10. 3DC v4.0.7B(gl) Windows XP3 okay... disregarding tiny details, such as i haven't shown the eyebrows/lashes in the retopo, and i haven't actually finished massaging the retopo into place... why does this retopo export as this obj? symmetry is on (X). i selected the retopo layer i was working on, and did file: export retopo mesh. i basically followed the tutorial vid, the one with the ant and the head, where imoprted meshes are used to glom onto the voxel retopo base. you transform the mesh to get it approximately the right dimensions, use the brush to move bits into place, then turn on autosnap to closest-along-normal and bump it into place with the smooth and brush tools. that actually went fairly well. and then it exports this asymmetrical monstrosity. also, it seems to have lost 6 vertices and 13 faces, which i kinda need. while i'm here.... this head mesh i'm using has several materials (skin, inner mouth, eyebrows, etc.). they come in under different retopo groups. is there a way i can work on several of these groups all at once, without having to merge them together? i can't seem to shift-select or ctrl-select several 'layers.' not even to export them all without merging them. i would really like to do that. :/ if i have to merge them, okay, but is there a way i can have them keep their materials? they blend all into one material when i merge them and export. why me? am i asking the impossible?
  11. Hello guys, I have used 3D-coat for a year now, but haven't actually tried out a lot of stuff. Mainly i have only revolve around the voxel room. I have recently downloaded and tried Blender, and it was amazing to me. But I wasn't going to give up 3D-coat, and looked for ways to link them. For the first few times, I have just imported the object straight from Voxel room, (usually 1 500 000 poly or above), and it is terrible to work with in Blender. I found out that i should autopo the model before hand, which i tried, but though the model turn out fine in the paint room, after exporting into Blender it was horrible. I tried UV mapping the model myself, but it didn't change a thing. What am I doing wrong? Really appreciate some help... T_T Model in the paint room which looks fine I only got the default and i didnt save the UV map i did, cuz it made no difference Model in Blender with the deformed mesh circled
  12. Hi guys I am having this trouble when exporting to TF2 workshop from 3DCoat. Help please?
  13. Hello! I've been exporting my 3D-Coat sculpts as dense quads quite often lately so that I can work with them in Zbrush, and I noticed that there is a help pop-up explanation that says, "Export quads-only raw voxels mesh. The drawback is that it may be not always manifold." The strange grammar aside, I was just wondering what "manifold" means. Does it mean that the exported mesh will not be symmetrical? When I work on the mesh in Zbrush, symmetry seems to work fine so far, so I'm not sure what this "drawback" really is. Does anybody know? Thanks! -Tim Z.
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