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  1. Hi! I've used 3D coat in the past and when importing a model and scaling it to voxel it with better resolution, it asked if I wanted to keep the initial scale and position. I'm currently trying 3DCPrinting and after merging my models together, when I export, and upload in other programs, the scale is all messed up ( Since I've scaled it up to have better voxel resolution). Is there a way to export the model with the initial scales like in 3D Coat ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with smart materials, in particular the particle brushes like dirt and scratches. When exporting the psd to photoshop, the particle brush's brush strokes show up as full brush strokes. When I load them back into 3d coat however, they look fine, although creating a duplication of the layer will cause the new one to look as it does in Photoshop (full brush strokes). This means that the object looks fine in 3D coat, but when I try to test it in game or export it to another program like Substance painter I get these thick lines everywhere that weren't visible in 3D coat. My guess as to the problem is that the 3D Coat editor can interpret the layers as particle brushes fine, but the 2D version of the UV map is saving them as full brush strokes. Creating a new layer with the same colour/diffuse information causes the 3D editor to not recognise the layer and interpret it as it actually looks in the 2D editors. I have attached some images to illustrate the problem. Thanks in advance, Matt
  3. Hey guys, really need help with this one as it's halting production on my art pipeline. So as you can see this smart material is very simple. It paints on fine, but when I export the layers it inherits the flat colour from the colour picker as part of the layer. I need the transparency from the green layer to stay intact. So in other words what I am after is a smart material that fills this pattern with green and no blue in the background just transparency. I've achieved this before with the same setup on a different smart material and now the old smart materials are inheriting the same problems. Is this a reinstall situation? Please help! Thanks, Guats
  4. Hi Guys, I am urgently trying to finish some work and yet as you can see the textures where there is grey metal export as solid black. Does anyone know why this may be? As you can see from the UV layout from within Coat they are displayed correctly. I have also included my export settings. Many thanks.
  5. Hello, I created an object that has a few layers. I merged them in the sculpt room on to a new layer before retopologizing and uv'ing. When I exported it to Blender, it exported the original layers plus the merged layer, so I have two identical objects now in Blender. I obviously need just the merged layer object. What am I doing wrong please?
  6. Hi, I currently have a problem to use 3D with 3DS Max, Importing seem to work ok, but when I want to bring back the model in Max for finishing touches, I have some issues. What is the intented use for 3D Coat for this model, to create the UV for a low poly model and paint it. Issues: Scale is really off. When the model is back in Max, I have to scale it to 400%(Not 100% sure it's accurate). Here is a screen showing the original model and the model imported back. The model is really small. (Used FBX to export to 3D Coat, and fbx to have it back, tried also obj with the same result) Also the model is rotated 180 degrees. Perhaps too small to see... Once I rotated the model, and scaled it to 4000 (should be 400%), they look identical, but the imported model is triangulated, and on export from Max, I made sure the triangulation option was off. White is the original model, colored model is the one that I re-imported from 3D Coat. Found out that the OBJ version of the model keep the smoothing groups, but the FBX export loose them (all is smoothed as I have a single group) Is there a way to export without triangulation, keeping the smoothing groups(fbx), size and orientation intact? I know that there is this option to scale the model at export (the information entered there should be memorized)...
  7. Hey guys, I have the same problem as a while ago. Scaling on the model is ok, scene scale, measurement units, etc. everything fine. After unwrapping the upper body part I want is only 4.45x3.75cm large. I am really desperate right now. This has to work. I have some customers for made to measure garments. If I don't solve this it's really bad. Amethysta_1.3b Body.eps
  8. Hi, Is there a way to import a mesh / character that is already rigged, paint it, and then export it without losing the rig? Thus far, I've noticed that when I export the model the rig is removed. I'm very new to 3d coat and I'm trying to figure out an asset workflow for a game I'm making. Thank you
  9. Hi, Is there a way to instruct 3D-Coat to explicitly triangulate a mesh exported from the retopo room? I need this because I want to use the model in Unreal Engine 4 and Substance Painter, and both use different algorithms for triangulation. I've tried triangulating the exported model in Blender, but that just made it "blocky". Cheers, Dave
  10. Not sure if this is the proper place for this post as I'm not a 3DC pro nor intermediate and I'm not totally a 3DC noob. I've textured a model in 3DC's native format in the paint room. It has no UV mapping. I did not convert it to an OBJ and import it into the paint room. I am using 3DC's native file format with the intent of doing a 3DC render then import into Photoshop or ArtRage to paint over. I textured in the paint room using pbr shaders and also used 3DC's bridge to the external editor (in my case Photoshop CC 2017). After I finished texturing I decided I would export to an OBJ to use in Daz Studio or Vue Complete. However when I re-import the OBJ into 3DC there are no textures (pbr shaders or Photoshop). In the folder where I exported the model is only the OBJ and associated MTL file. Is there any way of texturing a native 3DC model in the paint room and exporting to OBJ with texturing applied? I thinking it's not possible but just curious if if can be done. Cheers & many thanks... Ken PS: Just getting back into 3DCoat as I spend most of the summer with my Nikon DSLRs shooting well over 6,000 raw photos or landscapes, classic cars, hot rods and scenes. Most of my time has been in Lightroom CC 2017 & Photoshop CC 2017. So now a little rusty in 3DCoat, Silo3D & Moi3D.
  11. There's a problem, and it's not blender because it did now happen in other program to. 3D-Coat is exporting the Object as OBJ with a wrong scale. In blender i need to scale it down from 1.0 to 0.01 to get the orginal scale back. The otehr program is more problematic with scaling it down. Why is 3D-coat inflating the object when you export it as OBJ ? Not tried FBX because that seems a pain with 3D-Coat and blender. And where can i set in 3D-coat the correct export setting ? If i can tell 3D-Coat to expert with scale 0.01 things would work better.
  12. Hey folks, I have a question about Exporting Textures. So, I have a finished model that I have unwrapped and UVd and then painted in the paint room. But when I brought it into Unreal I am not happy with the resolution of the texture and I am already at 8k. (was hoping to get it all on one UV) Now I have gone back and split the model into separate pieces and am hoping there is a way to import them individually and bake/apply the previous painting I did to that section, OR. Do i need to paint all these separate parts again? please say it isn't so!
  13. Hi Can anyone explain what is happening here? I sculpted and retopoed a car that looks ok in 3d Coat but is horrid on export to Simlab and Daz Studio. This is the paint object in 3d coat This is the mesh This is in Simlab without Normal map This is in Simlab with normal map Daz without normal map Daz with normal map
  14. I'm trying to create a new UV set for an existing model using 3DCoat, and everything goes smoothly until I try loading the new UVs in my rendering software. Other UV editing tools seem to work fine but 3DCoat keeps producing stray polygons that aren't mapped properly. I can only assume that it's something to do with the vert order compared to the base mesh but I don't know why 3DCoat would be changing things with other apps don't and I can't find anywhere to adjust any settings related to this. Does anyone know of a way for me to prevent the altering of vert order?
  15. I cannot export any textures. Every time I try the program crashes to desktop. I've tried several versions and breaking up my model into single UV sets, but nothing helps. Help please!
  16. Hi everyone! First of all, I want to specify I've checked several tutorials to see if I was doing something wrong, but it doesn't look so. I'm doing exactly the same things I've seen working on tutorials (and they're the most obvious and first things I did too) but I can't export a multiple part object in anyway. It just export it as blank. So I'm guessing this is a bug or I'm just missing something really big this time! I attach some screenshots here to let you see exactly what I'm doing:
  17. Hello, I have imported test model from C4D with many poly-objects inside, they all have materials across, let's say each model has general materials such as wood, chrome, black plastic, etc. So I was unwrapping it, it's all good in 3D-Coat, I did unwrap, I saw good UV island, but when I export to C4D, all objects have multiple UV tags, C4D and Unreal Engine doesn't support multiple UV tags for lighting and texturing. How to export so I going to have one solid UV tag not many separated, please help! p.s. would be good to have autro-map for many objects with option not-single-material, because right now it's only doing one UV for multiple-objects, doesn't respect Separate-Materials.
  18. Hello, I'm new to 3d coat and i've been doing some retopology to my head mesh which i've imported from my scanner. while doing the retopology I used the symetry option and when i've unwrapped it it was just half of the face and when I tried to export it to blender it was the same. what should i do in order to get a full head unwraped either in 3d coat or blender? does it have to do with using symetry? if it does how can i avoid it and still not retopology the all mesh by hand? would appreciate any advice . Thank you.
  19. I am currently learning 3D-Coat so I can create skins for a game called Rust. The game has a workshop that allows you to download the .obj file of every item available in game. I understand very well now how to add textures to my .obj file/or material once its in the 3D-Coat program. All I do is paint textures and colors on the object. However, when I am done I cannot seem to figure out how to export all my textures required for my Rust skin to work. The file must be converted into .png. There are 5 .png textures that must be submitted into the workshop to make your skin come to life as you created it. Diffuse Map, Normal Map, Specular/Gloss Map, Occlusion Map, and Emissive Map. Those are the 5 files I need to convert my .obj file into .png. I am stuck though because there is NOT A SINGLE VIDEO on how to export files properly for newbies. I also have used the Export objects and Textures tab and that is confusing as hell. Can someone please tell me how to get the proper .png files needed to fulfill the look and desire that is need for this 5 .png files? I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER!
  20. Hello everybody i work in a new animation studio and we are making tests about the pipeline and softwares to make a final decisions about what softwares we are going to buy, i am testing 3D coat to be our 3D texturing software, while i am testing i had some problems and i find solutions for them, i figure out some steps to do in order to send my model in 3D Coat, from this steps is to select all the model and Soften Edge then send it to 3D coat using the applink in maya this is the low poly model and the model in preview smooth 3 in maya Then using the applink in maya send the model to 3D Coat for UV mapping and Object Per Pixel Painting, initial subd is applied The Low poly model in 3D coat is same as in maya and subd is applied Now my model is UV mapped and textured and ready to go back to maya using the Export Object and textures Here is the problem as you see the new imported model is not the same as the original model, it is like as the model is scaled on 2 axis the X and Z the original model is brown and the new imported model is white original model new model Any one had this problem before? i not use obj export because i need to isolate my separate parts of the model and paint it alone in 3D coat Thank you everybody
  21. Hello, Programmer retraining himself as a hobby to do more visual work. I'm following Kelvin Tan's tutorials on stylised texture painting using 3D coat. He's on an older version (4.1). To me it seems he was able to export a PSD file with transparent space between all the UV area's. However, pressing CTRL + P myself i get the following image (see 1st attached image) as opposed to the 2nd image. [For bonus points]: It seems he has a specular set up when painting where as i only have metal/roughness sliders, cant seem to find a toggle of some sort in the settings.
  22. Mid way through texturing, I decided to export my textures to see how it would look in marmoset. Upon export, and many alternative attempts to export later, it has become apparent that something wrong has happened. My model, which is comprised of 6 different meshes, is being hand painted (no pbr textures), and only has a few layers. When I try to export them however, all I get is a black texture with some squiggles. If anyone could help, that would be very nice. I am using version 4.7.06(DX64)(educational) on windows 10 Link to the file on my drive since it is too large to post here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwWtNA0OwLazdThWcVkwWnhFR1E
  23. Mid way through texturing, I decided to export my textures to see how it would look in marmoset. Upon export, and many alternative attempts to export later, it has become apparent that something wrong has happened. My model, which is comprised of 6 different meshes, is being hand painted (no pbr textures), and only has a few layers. When I try to export them however, all I get is a black texture with some squiggles. If anyone could help, that would be very nice. I am using version 4.7.06(DX64)(educational) on windows 10 Link to the file on my drive since it is too large to post here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwWtNA0OwLazdThWcVkwWnhFR1E
  24. Downloaded the demo and am playing around. Tried the UV unwrapping and did a bit of painting. Looks good so far. Wanted to export so I could bring into Lightwave and Octane. But am not able to export from demo. So my question is, anyone useing Octane in Lightwave and do the textures that are generated from 3DC compatible? Can anyone send me a small model (box) and textures that has been painted with some metal like surfacing so I can bring that into Octane+LW to see if that workflow is good? Thanks!
  25. Hello people, I'm a long time Zbrush user and new to 3D Coat. I havent created anything spectacular yet but I'm trying to and thats why I purchased 3d coat. It is a breeze to experiment with hard surface ideas in it and I'm having alot of fun. My noob question is: How do I export my 3D Coat vox layers as subtools to Zbrush. I searched a bit and it seems like people usually are exporting from zbrush, not the other way around. I am way more comfortable with Zbrushes brushes and all so once I get the main idea and shapes here I would like to export to zbrush and tweak further, and then maybe will come back for retopo. I tried once merging the layers and exporting but no success. I had the object but not the subtools. Can you please show me where to look and/or what to do? Cheers and thanks,
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