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Found 10 results

  1. It looks like it can only extrude vertically it can do some thing like this?(at retopo room too)
  2. Hi, in the retopo room, when you select faces, and make a shell extrude, overlaped faces is created:
  3. Hello! I have I guess a rather simple question. Basically in this making of, he sometimes works on a surface with extrusion... but he first make a selection then after pressing apply the extrusion is made. And also he seem to have tool options for extrude in Surface mode. Is there any way to firstly work on selection and extrude it afterwards? I can work on selection in subdivide, angulator and smoother :P For example he does it in 28:52. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, I'm new to the program but love a lot of the painting features. I brought a low poly game mesh into the retopo room. I select a few faces on the base mesh then go to shell extrude. An extrusion is performed on those faces, but the rest of the base mesh disappears. Can someone tell me where it is? is the extruded shell now a separate object from the base mesh? Thanks!
  5. Hey! During last months I'm using 3D Coat mostly for 3D printing, which seems to be the best tool for fast prototyping and merging stuff. Unfortunately my printer is NOT the top quality device. When I create accurate models it always adds 0,15mm of material to each side. It happens because it's hard to keep proper thickness of heated plastic pouring from the nozzle. Now... my solution is to create stuff with dimensions lowered by 0,15mm on each side and it works, but I would prefer to: design proper dimensions (so i can reuse it in better printers later); save file; shrink all walls on normals directions by 0,15mm; export to STL; be happy with proper print; There is Extrude option that "inflates" object. I've tried Extrude with negative values but it creates ugly geometry. One of the silly workarounds is to Subtract component in a cube, creating something like a mold. Then extruding it by amount you want and subtracting our "mold" from another cube. This way you get thinner model in every place. Is there any tool that can do something like inverted-extrude?
  6. I was attempting to apply the Vox Extrude tool after making a selection, the layer was in surface mode, but it was the only layer visible. There were several other layers but they were turned off. I was having some odd behavior with the auto-save previously where I would see the counter counting down and I would ctrl-s save, which would cause the count-down to disappear as it should but then it would re-appear and start counting where it left off before I saved, as though it wasn't recognizing my save attempt. Then, when I put my above note into the crash reporter and tried to send my crash I got this error: Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /var/www/vhosts/3dcoat.com/httpdocs/typo3conf/ext/bug_report/pi1/class.tx_bugreport_pi1.php on line 107 So I've attached my crash output to this post as well as the above comments. Hope that helps fix things!
  7. Hi - Just upgraded from 3DC 3.x to 4.5. A lot has changed! Anyway, I was doing some retopology on a leg, and when I extrude edges, sometimes the edges want to extrude in the wrong direction. They go up the leg where I already have polygons instead of down the leg where I need them. So, I have to extrude, drop the tool, and then use the transform tool to move the new edges down the leg. Is there a better way to force the edges to change direction? Thanks! I'm using the stable version 4.5.19 (64-bit, GL-64-CUDA) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
  8. I apologize ahead of time if I am asking a question that is already answered but I could not see this asked yet. I just want to know how to do a simple extrude. I attached 2 pics of what I mean. These are from a different software. I just want to take a 2d profile and extrude it in a direction.
  9. ndeewolfwood


    From the album: sketchbook

    One more ship. I can't stop to make yellow ship....
  10. Hey folks. Is there a way to extrude a circle from dead center of a voxel mesh? I've been trying to do this by hand with the circle spline and thinking I'm better off doing this in Max first.
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