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Found 7 results

  1. I hope I can define the point #1 ~ #3 by using only one hotkey. Basically, I hope I only have to press one button to define all 3 points by clicking 3 times after pressing the hotkey. Press the hotkey, then define #1, then #2, then #3. Currently it's too slow, and I cannot set the hotkey for red#1 green#2 blue#3 button. Because of bugs, if I try to put a hotkey for #2 or #3, It will change all #1~#3's hotkey to the same key, and at the end, I can only pick the point for red#1. Also, I hope there is an option to change the size of the red, green and blue point's visuals after placing them on model, for me it's too small so it's very hard to pick and change their position with right click.
  2. Pretty simple, just requesting an option to make it so that my 3Dconnexion space navigator won't tilt or spin the view when I toggle the viewport's Orthographic mode. Maybe add one more checkbox to make it also disable 3D mouse roll in orthographic mode. (in effect, this will disable ALL 3D mouse rotation when orthographic view mode is enabled.)
  3. I would post this in the appropriate forum section but I don't seem to have the permission to create a topic there. There was a similar feature request from 2014 on Trello here: https://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1102 This request is for UDIMs(which 3DCoat doesn't seem to officially support and treats as additional UV sets). We have a 1MB FBX asset, when imported It uses around 40GB of RAM to support 20 UDIMs at 4k. We'd like to work with 8k but the way 3D Coat seems to handle this is keep all textures in memory even if no colour data is painted on or loaded in via textures? We already have the 8k textures from an external bake and would like to bring these in to do some post work with 3D Coats tools, the required amount of memory is a bit of an issue. This feature request is about importing multiple textures at once(our UDIMs), if 3D Coat supported UDIM layouts properly it should be able to easily infer the appropriate textures for each UV set(which is named by it's UDIM ID in our case). All that needs to happen is provide a list of textures or a folder containing them, remove the extension from the file and look at the last 4 numbers for the UDIM IDs to match their UV set. I considered trying to implement this via the Angelscript support, but did not see any information on how to perform these actions with the docs I came across? Additionally to handle memory issues, would it be possible for 3D Coat to allow a disk cache/scratchdisk to be set by a user to write/read the individual textures from and to until the user actions a save? This way 3D Coat could perhaps use a format where it only reads in the mipmap data of an appropriate resolution or separate files only keeping textures in memory when they're in the viewport and proxying others based on viewport culling or screen/viewport size, ie 512 or 1024 px maps could be used elsewhere on the model data, and keep memory usage down, only presenting/using actual texture when applying paint or some other conditions? I'm not sure how the software Mari or others might approach it but it'd be great to use 3D Coat for this workflow. We have one asset with 100 UDIMs that just wouldn't be possible to work with in 3D Coat beyond setting very low texture texture resolution and manually adjusting the size and textures loaded in. Is there a way to fund features/priority in any way? I can understand this may not be as useful/valuable to the existing 3D Coat userbase much, it could attract a new community of users that do have these needs.
  4. Automap UV feature is fantastic, very impressive results in testing. Only issue similar to other automap softwares is small islands, sometimes these are single triangles. This usually seems to be because algorithm does not take into account size, only other metrics like angles? A min triangle or cluster radius would help. This could be separate from automap and just another uv tool that looks over existing seams/islands and merges/welds small island to neighbouring ones. This is useful for avoid many islands on small noisy areas of mesh. Maybe it will need some cuts and islands in areas like this, however main advantage of automatic uv feature for me is making UV islands of the bigger broader shapes/volumes. Provides a good starting point. Presently either do manually or have to cleanup hundreds of islands. One mesh have 3k islands but only about 200-500 are reasonable size the rest need to be removed/merged. EDIT, sorry just notice on mobile there is feature request section, could this thread be relocated there please? http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/forum/14-feature-requests/
  5. EDITING NAVIGATION PRESET FILES I often edit the 3D-Coat "Navigation Preset"-files using a programmer's editor, because I find the existing "Setup Navigation" UI-dialog limiting and hard to use. This is the dialog I'm talking about: One of the things I like to do, is to use "XML comments" to indicate different "sections" or "blocks" of controls. (Examples of this can be seen at the bottom of this post.) 3D-COAT XML PARSER ERROR Here's the problem... the XML parser in 3D-Coat that reads the "Navigation Preset"-files does not understand XML comment tags. If I try to load a "Navigation Preset" that has comments inside, 3D-Coat will throw up an "XML Error!"-dialog and stop processing the file. The error looks like this: So, before I can use "Navigation Presets" containing comments in 3D-Coat, I will have to run them through a regular expression that removes all of the comments, and save the output as an uncommented "Navigation Preset" into the 3D-Coat "NavigationPresets" folder. However, I would like to avoid stripping the comments. Normally, a well designed XML-parser would simply ignore and skip the comment tags, and continue processing the remaining tags without an error. FEATURE REQUEST My hope is that the XML parser in 3D-Coat would be enhanced to handle (skip) XML comment tags. Andrew, could you please enhance the 3D-Coat XML parser so that it skips any XML comment tags that it encounters inside the "Navigation Presets" and other XML files that 3D-Coat uses. Before anything more comprehensive can be implemented in terms of a better Custom Navigation UI-interface, this would help me so much in keeping my presets well organized internally. ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMER'S NOTES The structure of the "Navigation Preset" files could be further enhanced by adding proper tags for sections, which could be displayed in the 3D-Coat "Navigation Setup" UI as a treeview, allowing control definitions to be categorized by section. Here's a draft of the proposed enhanced XML-structure, with sections. Note that this is just a draft of concept, which can be even further enhanced: <NaviSystem> <Events> <Section name="PANORAMA CONTROLS"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> <Section name="VIEWPORT NAVIGATION, ROTATE"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> <Section name="VIEWPORT NAVIGATION, ZOOM"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> ... </Events> </NaviSystem> EXTRA, SOME EXAMPLES OF MY USE OF COMMENTS IN XML I added this sub-heading to my post, just to give my request some context; so that you could see why these XML comments are important to me. (And after I have demonstrated this, possibly to others also!) Here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with all sections fully collapsed. You will notice that I use the "XML comments" to indicate different blocks of control definitions. This helps me keep everything organized. Here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with all sections expanded further to reveal the "hotkeys", while still keeping additional "NaviEvent" details hidden. This gives me a simple overview of what controls are defined in any section. Last, here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with two fully expanded subsections, when I want to edit additional "NaviEvent" properties. Cheers, AgentSam PS. In regard to what Javis posted here: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17192, I'm a bit confused about where to actually post FEATURE REQUESTS, because it looks like this forum section about feature requests has been about to "go away" for two years now, but it hasn't... so I guess this is the place to post in. However, for what it's worth, I think this board might be the perfect place to post feature request even in the future, because here we can use much richer formatting with embedded images and whatnot, than we could in Mantis. EDIT: Just fixed a typo.
  6. I jump back and forth between the two pieces of software, I have a good workflow for this but it would still be nice. Gradient Map mainly These would be okay too. hue/sat brightness/contrast Thanks.
  7. Sometimes scan data is full of little tiny bits of mesh that need deleting- easily filtered in Mesh lab. Would be nice similar feature in 3dc. But I also noticed that when using certain tools like Carve in Voxel room tiny shells can be created (invisible to the eye). So sometimes one can be creating these shells unknowingly. Love 3dc for 3d print prep would like to see few more tools to help with this workflow
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