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Found 2 results

  1. I like the recent UI and UX changes, still there is much discussion about improving UI In this thread, would like to present some ideas for what can essentially be implemented on top of everything UI in 3DCoat right now, but also invite in some discussion on them Basis: I think a problem is not so much the UI layout honestly but it's choice paralysis from being presented with very many options, which are tough sometimes to find again, or even lose awareness of menus tools are grouped by relation and feature which is practical, but it results in these 20+ options menus which steal a lot of energy Anecdotally, I forget many times for example that it's possible to make the contours of a freeze mask into curves because it's the 31st option in the Curves menu, so it leaves my mind many times it would be handy Here are three suggestions for UX / UI which, I think all can be implemented on top of what's in UI now, and will grant some facility to alleviate this problem: Search Everywhere, Title bar navigation and/or Favorites menu 1. 'search everywhere / Quick Search' Present in a good deal of softwares like: 3ds Max Blender IDEs/ code editors, visual studio, jetbrains, vs code On a hotkey press, one is presented with search bar in which one can type directly starting typing, it will find commands named similar, increasingly filtering it down as one types in more I think this would be very welcome in 3DCoat, where there are so many tools and options pr tool Example visual studio: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/ide/visual-studio-search The search is Ctrl+Q, can type immediately to search for commands or other things. In 3DCoat this could be, • operations • toolbars • settings • tools et cetera 2. Title bar navigation Common in many softwares, it's pressing Alt followed by a mnemonic character to navigate the title bar menus (In case of 3DCoat Sculpt room this would be File, Edit, View, Symmetry... etc.) For example it is part of Win32 API https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/menurc/using-menus Would have to use another button in place of ALT since it's so integrated in Viewport operations This facilitates making many options keyboard accessible, and possible to simply train muscle memory instead of click, read many options, click Example paint tool sai. Alt+E brings up "Edit", subsequent press of A will perform "Select All". 3. "Favorites/Bookmark Menu" - Like the Quick Menu in Blender - It is empty to start with, but one can add any one command to it, and only be presented with one's "most common tools" in a menu every time - Active a menu on hotkey, it contains your favorited commands - I suggest, any one thing that can be keybound, can also be quickly added to this menu - Can be context sensitive pr room so only one for sculpt room, one for painting, etc Example Blender Sculpt Room. Hotkey press 'Q' brings up Quick menu, in which I've added some common operations so I don't need to locate them in UI each time or assign hotkey to each. I would like to mention, a compromise that anybody can use today is a software like AutoHotPie which presents you with pie menus that can send keys to 3DCoat for commands Thanks for any consideration and please reply if you have any thoughts
  2. Better instancing is needed like in GP or SKP GP GP orginal GroupPro
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