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Found 6 results

  1. hello, I just bought a 4K laptop with 10th generation nvidia, every 3d and 2d program looks sharp and and clear like Blender and Gimp, 3Dcoat is so blurry, fuzzy and hurts my eyes, I have to disaple windows scaling to make it look sharp but the UI becomes very very small, I dont want to change any windows scaling because all programs look sharp and have options of dpi except 3dcoat, any clues ?
  2. Hi. How to change the interface size? The resolution of my display 2560x1440. Very very small scale of interface , I do not see anything. It's hell... Why developers are not concerned about this issue? For example, all Adobe products are already adapted to high resolution of display.
  3. I'm sure this is a total newb question, and I apologize if the answer is really obvious. I've been watching a few tutorials on UV unwrapping as I try out 3D Coat, and all of them show the workflow for unwrapping as: 1. Import/sculpt the model. 2. Click the UV tab & start the UV unwrapping process. However, this doesn't work for me as I am never able to get to the second step. In multiple different files, when I click the UV tab nothing is there. I've look through all the menus I could find, tried converting from V TO S, and looked through Google for this answer and found nothing. Anyone know what's going on here? All help would be appreciated. Thanks much! Aaron
  4. Let me introduce FONTGEN * README: 1) Open folder in file browser. Don't create shortcut without setting his folder as current! 2) Run FontGen.exe 3) Select fonts: first for latin/russian symbols (0..255), second for higher ones 4) Select texture size - better use 2k x 2k 5) Start. Wait 10-15 sec after the end. 6) Copy files from \result to \3DCoat_InstallFolder\Unicode\eu\ Fontgen.zip Password (The password contain both uppercase and lowercase characters): 3DCoat-FONTGEN * Ty Andrew for this awesome app !
  5. Users need to use a separate panel, to move sliders with numbers to manipulate the light position and orientation in the 3D display room. Will be better to manipulate point light source and target on 3D display 3DC --------------------------------------------- mantis request http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=773
  6. Navigation: To be scrolling up and down is time consuming Will be: - To change the navigation Tabbed way using ONE UNIFIED TAB which ONLY SHOW THE USED ELEMENT - And when LMB press some elements of the UI, a pop-up window appears which contains the corresponding library related to the category icon ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACTUAL: the tabbed windows show ALL the library elements ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUGGESTED: Clicking category icon trigger a pop-up window with all group elements. Mantis request: http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=861 ty
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