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Found 5 results

  1. Metin Seven

    Happy Halloween!

    From the album: Metin's 3D Coat explorations

    Happy Halloween! More where this came from — metinseven.com
  2. Metin Seven

    Angry Moon

    From the album: Metin's 3D Coat explorations

    Halloween is nearing, so here's an angry moon speed sculpt. More images: metinseven.com
  3. dimitribastos

    The Great Evil Witch

    From the album: Monster Bash

    This illustration is part of a bigger project called Monster Bash. Actually this is the first one: The Great Evil Witch from the Dark Forest. Hope to share more with you soon!
  4. Hi everyone this was a collaborative project I have been working on with and extraordinary concept/comic book artist Gary O Donnell. You can check out he's interview at comic book weekly here http://comicbookinterviews.weebly.com/interview-gary-o-donnell.html Also Gary's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/garyodart1/?fref=ts So check out he's page if you need concept art.
  5. MotherShaBooBoo

    The Pumpkin-ing

    I'm still new to 3D coat, So I'm just learning doing some fun little projects and watching loads of tutorials.I created this pumpkin after watching a tutorial making a Halloween pumpkin on youtube. I hope you like it. Cheers