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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, Recently I have discovered this great app and want to share my first project using 3D Coat as a main modeling tool. Personal piece with an emphasis to tell a narrative. Based on a miniature toy style. Most of this stuff is full 3D with some minor adjustments in Photoshop. Edgaras Cernikas Freelance Concept Artist edgarascernikas.com
  2. Hey guys, nice to meet you..my name is Hebron, an Indonesian who likes using 3d-coat for making concept art. Here I want to share my progresses to make a concept art from sketch until finish. I mostly using 3d-coat for concepting, then paintover on 2d to give a finishing looks.
  3. Carlosan

    The Scorpion

    From the album: Carlosan

    Hi guys! This is my recent personal project. I hope you like it. Kitbash initial process using 3DC, additional modeling Blender, Composition in Fusion.

    © @carlosandreoni

  4. From the album: hardsurface practice

    hi i've started Jama's course 3 month ago and was learning modeling sculpting and 3dcoat from scratch since then i found that there is not much detailed hard surface done in 3d-coat so i chalenge myself to do it and found it is very good way to learn wasnt too active on forum, will do now thanks u can find more stuff here https://www.artstation.com/artist/cerokyn hope you enjoy:)
  5. I'm just wanting to see if there already exists a tool or set of tools that will allow for precision hard surface modelling inside of 3D Coat? Something similiar to Sketch-up would be great, not sure if I have overlooked this somehow along the way so am asking here before I go and make a feature request for such a toolset in case it already exists. I found that working with Blender for hard surface is good, but lacks some critical points : - Units aren't always value based but are at times a scale factor which makes it very difficult to keep things precise. - There is no visual snapping so to get any Hard Surface object modeled, it requires a lot of extra work in re-typing various values for surface heights or lengths etc. Useful things Blender offered, Box surface rendering, non-destructive smooth surface modifiers. (using this combination anything that I was able to create had a ready-made smooth version and a retopo version good to bake which is a big time-saver.. sadly everythign that was created did not have 100% precision to it like a sketchup model has) there is another software that executes Cad very well .. Form-Z. Does 3D Coat have any tools that provide a workaround or similar toolset to this as well where you can add 2D plane shapes onto the surface of another shape and extrude outwards etc..? Hope this makes sense what I'm asking about.
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