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Found 8 results

  1. Sometimes Alt+Click layer shows only that layer or shows all layers and sometimes it only shows and hides that layer. It's repeatable, but not predictable (seems intermittent). Version 2021.92 on Windows 10, 64-bit.
  2. I've got a model that's been created in Rhino, then exported as obj layers. I've subtracted layers (where Rhino's boolean difference failed), switched to surface mode and used surface hide to retain detail on hinges before using smooth all to smooth the rest of the model. Voxhide seemed to leave a border which was then smoothed, while surface hide does not. Is this the sensible way to keep specific bits of detail in a model, or is there a better way? Now if I can just work out some sensible settings for smooth all that closely mimic the effect of the voxel version....
  3. Hallo Freunde des 3D, ich bin relativ frischer 3D-Coat Nutzer und finde das Produkt genial mit einem fairen Preis. Allerdings finde ich das Handbuch und die Online-Hilfe (gerade für "German-Speaker") sehr verbesserungswürdig. Nun habe ich folgendes Problem: In den Tutorials sieht immer alles ganz toll aus wenn geschnitten und gebevelt (gibts das Wort überhaupt ) wird, bei mir entstehen im ausgefranste und treppige Kanten, die leider auch bei einem Export als Drahtgittermodell (ich Render in Cinema 4D R17) mitgenommen werden. Ich habe Objekte schon auf Faktor 8 im Voxelbereich hochaufgelöst mit einer unglaublich hohen Zahl von Polygonen und trotzdem immer noch keine sauberen Kanten. Was mache ich falsch (*schluchz, heul*). Vielleicht könnt Ihr mir ein paar Tipps geben. Dann noch eine Frage: Wenn ich die Auflösung von Objekten ändere (hoch oder runter) bleibt die Symetrie-Spiegelebene in alter Größe bestehen, die Größe des Objekts ändert sich aber...will sagen, wie bekomme ich die Symetriebene wieder an die Objektgröße angepasst ? Vielen Dank im Voraus für Eure Hilfe Euer Cyber-Steve
  4. I'm having a problem or difficulty with the "Separate Hidden Part" option. When I hide a piece, with the Surface Hide Tool, and try to make it come back as a separate volume, it wont come back. Not even the dialog box opens.
  5. I modeled my character with it's mouth a little closed. So I used the voxel hide to get at the part for retoping. Crashed the first time. Second time I downgraded the mesh to disk and seemed to work fine. Is it possible to hide parts of the retopo mesh that may be in the way? I know the opacity can be set. I would like to hide the lines also......
  6. It could be very beneficial to have a paint tool that hides areas of a mesh while doing retopo work.
  7. Well, the thread title is pretty clear, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to properly manage multiple objects while uv mapping. For example, I have a ship consisting of multiple objects (in my case 66), and was really hoping to pick and choose the object to work on, or solo everything but the selected. ZBrush has its solo feature, Maya (and many others) have Hide Unselected Object features, but I can't seem to find anything similar within 3D Coat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently I am going through my giant list of objects and manually hiding each one. This really can't be the only way can it? :P Thanks!
  8. Hello guys, There's a special reason for the users to have 2 differents tools to do the same things ? I'm probably wrong but i'm wondering why do we have "Hide" and "SurfHide" tools ? Can't we just have Hide as a general tool, that would work the same for surface and voxel ? I probably miss something. I'm asking that cause is one of the tool that i'm using the more and i don't really like to have 2 hotkeys for the same user function. Especially if you consider that you should that care what's surface and what is voxel,it breaks the workflow. Another example, if you have many layers some with voxels and some with surfaces, you'll not be able to hide through all volumes just because the hide tools are specific. Thank you, Pixo
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