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Found 39 results

  1. Hi! Ive recently started using 3D-coat and so far its been working like a charm. But it is also my first real endavour into the quite complex world of 3D-modeling and so i stand here with some questions regarding importing objects for texturing and freezing when doing certain things. When i try to import an object for per pixel painting that isnt too big och complex it takes a really long time for it to load it. But when its done, if it doesnt freeze, everything is working as it should. But if i try to import one of my mechs for example it just freezes and eats all my ram. I have tried leaving it loading the model for up to 3 hours just to see if its just loading extremely slow or if it freezes but no results. TLDR: Tips for importing bigger models for UV and texturing without breaking your computer?
  2. Hello 3D Coat Dev Team! I'd like to request a somewhat simple feature to add to the Curves tool in the Sculpt Room. As it stands now when using the curves tool it's typically easier to import the spline as a single voxel object. You can import as a surface, but it usually takes a lot of computing power, it welds all tangent points where the geometry crashes together, and it brings the whole thing in as a single object. I propose you offer a feature that allows you to import each individual piece of geometry (such as a link in a chain) as a separate instance (much the way you are able to when importing a regular object into the scene) This would be invaluable because many times I have a belt, or strap model that I have important that is comprised of many different pieces that I want to stay separate, but I want them all to universally conform to a spline curve as a single object. Thank you for your consideration. -Fletcher
  3. So I have a problem. I have a character that I'm trying to import into 3D coat and he has a lot of objects. For some reason when I import the objects as surfaces to seperate instances, the object density is incredibly high and 3D coat starts to lag badly. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to import multiple objects? Need help with this ASAP
  4. SebastianLeon

    Importing Daz to 3D Coat

    Hi guys, I've recently attended industry workshops London and Jama Jurabaev did a super awesome presentation with 3D Coat and so I find myself trying to figure out how to use this new software. I love the fact that you can draw in 3D with 3DCoat. I think its the most awesome thing in the whole universe. But What I'm having issues with is importing an OBJ of a Daz model into 3DCoat. Whenever I do it, I get a hugeeeeeee lagg and my cores are going crazy at 100% but nothing happens.. it just kind of freezes. I'm just wondering if anyone has worked out how to get the Daz model into 3D Coat in a really basic way and if you wouldn't mind sharing your step by step process? I think it'd be a great help to all those who are newbies to 3D! Thanks! I'll be introducing myself in the intro thread soon
  5. worldcrafter

    how do i Uninstance?

    When i import a copies of the same object with the "import to separate instance" option toggled, how do i uninstance the object later? I have found a when i duplicate an instance, the duplicate is not instanced; The scene will be composed of 50 poly-painted instances or so.... & i don't know how to duplicate 50 instances quickly.
  6. pinkyCrook

    importing retopo mesh issue

    as seen in the image, below, importing (some) meshes turn any existing retopo meshes to wireframe. exporting the meshes, from different programs (after running auto-fix tools, like maya's mesh>cleanup, and/or re-building the mesh by hand), doesn't seem to help...any ideas? i'm on a deadline, but would prefer to continue using 3d-coat instead of having to work around this issue. :\ cheers, -j
  7. worldcrafter

    [Solved] 3DC to mudbox

    Hello, can a fellow mud-box user tell me how i export a high poly mesh from 3DC to mud box with correct topology? (so i am able to subdivide it in mudbox)
  8. Hi i want to import high detail models from mudbox to 3dcoat as a retopo reference mesh, my problem is if i try to import a huge reference mesh (15mill poly) it runs out of memory and crashes. So i am forced to use a low res (1.2m poly) model from mudbox - i cant export anything in between 1.2m and 15m only one or the other because it mudbox doesn't have a mesh decimator. I need software that can handle and decimate gigantic meshes. I havnt tried zbrush for decimating this huge mesh, and wont unless someone can confirm it is able to import 15m models. (i have slow connection so dont want to download zbrush unless i know it works... but i do have access to it)
  9. Trying to import an object with textures and uv. Yes I can do this through the uv room by importing there, the uv's, textures are there and I go to the paint room also. I would like to go to voxel or surface mode with the uv and texture still on it while editing. This can be done in Blender 3D btw. A low poly with textures can be used in sculpt with the multi-resolution modifier. I have poor performance with Blender though. Can this be done in 3D Coat. If not I would have to use Blender or take a quick render and use as sketch's in 3D Coat.
  10. Please, consider the following scenario. 1. If you import this .obj file to 3D Coat for laying out UVs, you get: - Materials named: ->materialA - containing objects A-D, ->materialB - containing objects E-F, ->materialC - containing object G. - UV-sets named: ->materialA - containing UVs of objects A-D, ->materialB - containing UVs of objects E-F, ->materialC - containing UVs of object G. This is very convenient and I like it. 2. Let's see what happens if you import the same model to PPP. What you get is: - Materials: ->materialA - containing objects A-D, ->materialB - containing objects E-F, ->materialC - containing object G. - Objects: ->objectA, ->objectB, (...) ->objectG. So again, it's very convenient. You can hide, fill, etc. multiple subobjects sharing a certain material, but you can also do the same with individual subobjects. 3. When imported to Voxel Room, the model is separated into subobjects and each subobject receives its own layer. Perfect. BUT... 4. If you import the model to Retopo Room, here things look a bit different. - Groups: ->materialA - contains objects A-D, ->materialB - contains objects E-F, ->materialC - contains object G. - UV-sets: -> NO UV-SETS ARE CREATED! This can be good or bad, depending on what you want to do. If baking with names correspondence is your goal, than it's damn awful, because you now have to: ->create a Group for each subobject and name it correctly (using former subobject name that was lost when you imported the model to Retopo Room, ->move each subobject from a group that it shares with other subobjects, to its individual group you have just created. ->recreate UV-sets and move objects according to their former UV-set linkage. Let's say, you're done with this additional work and are ready for baking with names correspondence selected. The result is: 5. Paint Room: - Materials: ->objectA_materialA - contains objectA, ->objectB_materialA - contains objectB, ->objectC_materialA - contains objectC, ->objectD_materialA - contains objectD, ->objectE_materialB - contains objectE, ->objectF_materialB - contains objectF, ->objectG_materialC - contains objectG. - Objects: ->objectA_objectB_objectC_objectD_objectE_objectF (a combination of all object names, up to 50 characters) - contains ALL SUBOBJECTS(!). So it goes completely bananas here when compared to how it worked in point #2. Is this behaviour intentional or is it a bug?
  11. To all 3DC'ers! I am new to 3DC and I have been trying to solve an issue with sculpting and texturing a model that I would like your help with. I have a .OBJ file of a sculpture that has been captured by a 3D Scanner and has a UV map/texture. The problem is that, the model has some defects, both texture and geometry that require correction. I have managed to correct the geometry defects and I have also managed to correct the textures and export the model out of 3DC. I can do these operations INDIVIDUALLY but I cannot seem to bake the new texture on the modified (Voxelised) geometry. Could you please help correct my noob mistake or if this is a known issue/limitation then please feel free to put my mind at ease. My workflow (based on tutorials and searching the forums): 1: File > Import > import for voxelising (select the .OBJ) 2: Make modifications to geometry using clay tools and live clay etc. 3: To the Retopo room 4: Retopo menu > import - select the same file as original import to get Retopo mesh - (no UV edits as the texture already has UV mapped textures) 5: Retopo Menu > Merge NM 6: To Paint Room 7: Import Texture > import normal map 8: Back to Retopo 9: Bake scan settings and Bake 10: Back to paint Room for export and the model shows the Voxel sculpted edits and the texture (albeit with wierd layers - most of the time the texture is a bronze colour!) Please help!!! Endless hours trying to solve this and I am stuck. I appreciate your comments and help, thanks in advance. Ash
  12. dangre

    [Solved] import .stl

    Sorry if this has been covered before but I can't seem to find my answer in the forums. I am importing non-organic CAD files (.stl) that has sharp edges and specific cylinders/curves. When I import these, I can't seem to find the correct procedure (scale/subdivide/etc) to give adquate resolution. Unless I increase the scale (sorry for using wrong terms) to +4million polygons I lose most of my detail (round objects look like octogons with extra noise). Even then I don't get anywhere near the geometry of the orginal mesh. I plan to use 3DC to add textures to CAD objects from SolidWorks/Rhino/MeshLab/etc. The .stl only has 8700 polys. Should I be importing into voxels or just surface mode? The object is a 1" diameter badge for a beer bottle. The images I have attached are of the solid model and .stl import as seen from SolidWorks and the 3DC import scaled up to 100,000 from 8700. I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, all. I know this topic comes up often and that there are several videos out there already that demonstrate the concept(s) / method(s). However, I sometimes find that watching one video doesn't always work to help me comprehend the topic, so I decided to create one of my own. Please consider this as a supplemental video to what is already out there. This method works for me and I hope it helps you, too. How to Import an Existing Mesh Into the Voxel Room: [NOTE: I'm not a member of Vimeo. This video is in much higher quality at Vimeo, so click on HD and then follow the direct link to Vimeo to see it more clearly.]
  14. I can not import anything to pixel paint. If it works with objects that comes by default but when I try to import something (ob or lwo ) stands still. I tried it on my two computers (MacPro and MacBook Pro) (ATI and nVidia) I tried installing previous versions but still the same Can you help .me?