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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Sorry for my English. There is a problem when importing models (m4a1-s, ak47, Glock, etc.). Cannot draw on the model due to invisible elements. I read the forum (LINK) - they fixed it through Blender. How to do it? Without affecting UV or 3DCoat itself. Thx all <3
  2. Hi, When I import .fbx files from Maya nothing shows in 3D Coat, almost like the mesh is invisible. I've tried "Import Object", Import, creating new instance and opening the file that way, nothing seems to be working. I would use .obj, but we're using .fbx for the project I'm part of. Are you aware of this issue and if so, do you have any fixes for it? Software used Maya 2017 3D Coat 4.7.06 (DX6x)(Educational) 3D Coat 4.7.06 (GL6x)(Educational) Hardware used GeForce 980ti (driver 376.19) i7 - 5820k @3.30 GHz 32GB Ram
  3. hello, I'm still a little bit new with 3Dcoat, but this never happened before. I edited my texture in photoshop and imported it in 3Dcoat to apply it on the model, then for some weird reason, I couldn't paint on it anymore. so I restarted 3D coat and opened up the file. the 3D model was invisible, I could still paint on it and it would show up in the UV. but not on the model. I made a new file in the hopes of solving it. but the model was invisible again. is this a bug or am I missing something? like I said, I'm still new to the program and maybe the solution is obvious. Thanks for reading. -Bram
  4. So I use 3d coat to help with making skins for the game csgo. (counterstrike global offensive) The problem is on a few obj weapon models there are invisible spots were the gun is just not rendered in 3d coat. This in turn translates to being nothing (checkered background) in photoshop when I send to edit in external editor. Also when I look at this same area of the model from another angle it displays correctly. It seems one side of this polygon is invisible while the other side works as it should. Ultimately it turns into a white triangle on the finished product. Any ideas on what's happening here? I'm using the steam version of 3dcoat with windows 10, Nvidia 970 graphics card, 3770k cpu. The p
  5. Have searched online, in this forum, with no luck, so I'll jsut shoot question here. Is there a way to make frozen selection invisible? I mean not the selected part, but to make that pattern dissappier. I know that that place is froze, but when I am painting texture, I want to see how frozen texture looks like, not somekind flashy effect. And yes I tried toggling effect (the closest to what I want is the one that makes texture whitish..). Show/Hide Freeze (CTRL+F by default) only works in UV map window, not viewport. At least for me... Thanks for help!
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