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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, 3d Coat noob here. I'm a freelance designer (2D and 3D) and came across 3DCoat in a tutorial yesterday. Previously I've mainly used Sculptris, 3DSMax (a long while ago now) and trials with ZBrush. Was always impressed with ZBrush's capabilities, but the web of UI has always put me off making the investment. I understand it would all come second nature if I used it daily - but the nature of my work can mean I could be coding or working on anything else other than sculpting for days or weeks at a time. So 3DCoat looked a great alternative, and took the plunge with the pro version yesterday. Really impressed so far, and enjoyed using it so far Have run through quite a few of the tutorials now and am trying to work it into my setup.... I now use a Huion GT220 V2 as my primary tablet, and also recently purchased a Logitech G13 to go with it (really helps with the hotkeys on one hand). I've tried a few things, but the main problem I have at the moment is finding a decent solution for navigating without using the mouse. I've tried assigning all 3 mouse buttons to the pen, but doesn't really feel that intuitive with the hover distance of the pen being quite low. I was wondering if there was any support or way I could use the G13's joystick as an analogue replacement for the mouse movement? Can set a keycombo for pan etc. I can set it to mouse mode which does actually work pretty well, but if the pen is within drawing hover they obviously clash with each other so can be a problem. I've not seen any hotkeys for camera movement either to use other than the mouse and the keypad snappings. Has anyone come up with a decent solution for this they could share or could it be a possible feature request to have an additional analogue set of controls hooks for a joystick? Seen that 3D Mouse support is already available, but don't know if this could be piggybacked in anyway? Thanks for any advice!