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Found 33 results

  1. worldcrafter

    high resn mudbox to 3dcoat

    Hi i want to import high detail models from mudbox to 3dcoat as a retopo reference mesh, my problem is if i try to import a huge reference mesh (15mill poly) it runs out of memory and crashes. So i am forced to use a low res (1.2m poly) model from mudbox - i cant export anything in between 1.2m and 15m only one or the other because it mudbox doesn't have a mesh decimator. I need software that can handle and decimate gigantic meshes. I havnt tried zbrush for decimating this huge mesh, and wont unless someone can confirm it is able to import 15m models. (i have slow connection so dont want to download zbrush unless i know it works... but i do have access to it)
  2. Hello! I am currently using the 30 day period to evaluate 3d coat. I want a better way to retopologize than what maya has to offer. After i retopologized my object i attempted to export it as a .FBX, which resulted in a crash. In fact i tried all 4 versions of the program executable and everyone one crashed when attempting to export the retopo mesh as a .fbx. I have submitted the info as prompted but i just wanted to post it here and see if maybe it's something that I'm doing wrong. A good note is that exporting to .OBJ works just fine. Attached is the screen shot and here is the submitted info of the report. http://pastebin.com/WbVuRQEh Thank you! -Jon
  3. FreezeFrame

    Retopo poly's and Mesh updating?

    I'm wondering about while painting, if I decide to change my retoped mesh. Say just deleting some loops. This could possible change or wreck some island seams. Or should I be able to finish painting export the uv and everythings ok.....maybe not! There must be a way to update the mesh in the uv and paint room??? *Also I just seen a software that when making changes to the high poly the low poly retopo cage will follow and change also. May post in new features requests this would be a great feature.....
  4. OK, this is pretty cool. If you let the video run long enough, you'll start to see why. It's similar to what we already have with 3DC, but encompasses non-destructive and hierarchical operations, from what I can tell. http://vimeo.com/82778571
  5. FreezeFrame

    Closed Holes in Mesh

    Hello, I would like to add closed holes to a mesh. What tool is needed? ex. have a closed shere and would like to hollow out the entire center with closed walls.
  6. Pascal247

    Autoretopo mesh not working properly

    Hello, I am trying to make 3D models for a game, but I am having problems with autoretopo. This is how it looks like. When I try to retopo with 2000 polycount, at lower polycount it looks even worse. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? - Pascal
  7. Hello, all. I know this topic comes up often and that there are several videos out there already that demonstrate the concept(s) / method(s). However, I sometimes find that watching one video doesn't always work to help me comprehend the topic, so I decided to create one of my own. Please consider this as a supplemental video to what is already out there. This method works for me and I hope it helps you, too. How to Import an Existing Mesh Into the Voxel Room: [NOTE: I'm not a member of Vimeo. This video is in much higher quality at Vimeo, so click on HD and then follow the direct link to Vimeo to see it more clearly.]
  8. alvordr

    Retopo Mesh Shrunk?

    I was working on a project overnight that turned out rather well after I manually retopo'd it. I was adding further details, afterwards to rebake, but had to go to sleep. I awoke to have 3DC crash. I tried to import my retopo mesh that I had exported from 3DC last night into the scene to reuse and found that it was considerably smaller than my Voxel sculpt. I've been trying to manually scale it back, but I'm finding myself having to spend a lot of time messing with this. Is there a shrink wrap function in 3DC that I don't know about? If so I could simply make it bigger than my Voxel and do it.