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Found 1 result

  1. This isn’t an SOS question, but a bug with the installer for macOS. If this needs to be transferred to another topic, please do! And if you have a deployment guide for macOS, please refer to it, so I can use that. We’re using 3D-Coat in our lessons. We’ve got a license server running so our 3D-Coat clients can get a license from the network. The standard 3D-Coat installation method doesn’t work on computers where the user comes from active directory so the application hasn’t started for that particular user before. And therefore there isn’t the “floating.dat” file in ~/3D-CoatV47. When copying the floating.dat manually in the new created ~/3D-CoatV47 folder and startup 3D-Coat.app the license isn’t working yet. I need to restart 3D-Coat.app to get it working. If I place the floating.dat file in ~/AppLinks I get the same behaviour as above sometimes. So I need the restart 3D-Coat.app to get the license working. Is there a way to get this working for our educational machines? It would be great if you used the standard Apple guidelines (/Library folder) for the floating.dat file. With regards, Patrick van Nerum Willem de Kooning academy Netherlands