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Found 10 results

  1. artofcharly

    Hedgehog 2017

    From the album: Hedgehog 2017

    Hello, everyone! Recently I did a test with Octane Render on the 11 GPUs on our renderfarm and I decided to recreate this cute animal which I created in 2016 =) So enjoy =) This is clean render from Octane without any postwork. Hedgehog modeling and sculpting - 3dCoat Fur and needles - Ornatrix plugin Grass - Forest Pack Render - Octane Hope you liked it! History of this image: Once lying on a sun lounger and reading a book - I heard a loud clatter and rustling in the bushes =) And it was all accompanied by a loud champing, and the dog didn't understand - where her food disappeared. I looked into the bushes - and there is a cute hedgehog here, so sweet and champing. All the food was stolen from my doggie =) Inspired by everything that was happening - I created this hedgehog. I created the first version in 2016 --------------------------You can buy it--------------------------------------------------------------------- Full studio and environment scenes here - http://bit.ly/2yu2XD5
  2. Trying to evaluate the 3DC situation as it relates to Octane Render Engine and it's workflow. Can't use the DEMO for this process as there are no exports allowed, even with watermarks etc. Pretty limiting for evaluating workflow situations like this. I see a video where 3DC was exported to Poser and used Octane but the work arounds even in 4.7 don't look like what they should in Octane. Could have been that user, no way to test myself. Anyone else using 3DC Painting to then be used in Octane Render successfully and accurately?
  3. Hey everyone, I've been doing daily sculpts and so far I've kept my work completely in 3D Coat. And, rendering in 3D Coat just isn't cutting it anymore (for what I'm trying to do, I think it is a nice feature overall). I want to get my work into Cinema 4D and render with Octane. Basically, I want to do a High Poly sculpt, texture it, and then get it into C4D. Automapping High Poly sculpts in 3D Coat often leaves me with a lot of seams. So, any tips to help with that would be appreciated. And, I also have a very hard time getting the auto re-topology working. Here is my current best idea: 1. Create new layer and merge visible to get all my sculpting layers to one layer. Then, smooth/fill problem areas. Export as OBJ. 2. Use Decimatation Master in ZBrush. Export OBJ. 3. Go Back to 3D Coat and map the UVs. Export OBJ. 4. Export the High Poly sculpt from 3D Coat and then go to Knald to bake Height/Displacement, AO, Curvature, and whatever else I might need to the Low Poly OBJ. 5. Go Back 3D Coat for painting textures. (optional before painting: Bake the shaders I used during sculpting to the low poly - which works decently) 6. Export to Cinema 4D. This workflow gives me decent results without losing too much of my original detail. But I wonder if there's a better workflow. I want good results, but my priority is definitely speed. I'm doing sculpts everyday, and adding too much to my workflow will only wear me out. IDEALLY, my steps would be: 1. Sculpt in 3D Coat 2. Paint on High Poly Sculpt in 3D Coat 3. Magically Export High Poly, painted sculpt to C4D So, please help me find a way to get my High Poly painted sculpt into C4D as quick and dirty as possible (well, not too dirty). I also invite you to check my stuff out: https://www.instagram.com/count.joshula/ Thanks for reading! -Josh
  4. Hello everyone! This is my new personal project which I did in my spare time. Bust modeling - 3dCoat Hair - Ornatrix Render - Octane PostWork - Photoshop Hope you liked it! Best regards, Andrew.
  5. Hey colleagues, Anyone looking for a OTOY Octane render licence ? Selling my beloved standalone licence v.2.x, since im not working in the field anymore. The price of this baby is 200 €! Send me a P message if interested! Cheers
  6. kurzor


    From the album: Finished Works

    3d-Coat, Blender, Octane Render, Gimp

    © 2015

  7. kurzor

    MDR 375

    From the album: Finished Works

    3D - Coat; Blender; Octane Render; Gimp

    © 2015 Kurzor

  8. kurzor

    Mux - 621

    From the album: Finished Works

    Made by 3D-Coat, Octane Render, Blender, Gimp Turntable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbYQ89Tzd48
  9. kurzor

    KAR - Octane Render

    From the album: Finished Works

    Sculpting: 3D-Coat Modeling: Blender Render: Octane Render Turntable in 3D-Coat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyCK9RKfrlM Turntable in Octane Render: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRQ_AKcb4QQ
  10. Kargall

    Nox 1

    From the album: Kargall-3DC

    Hi. Here is a personal work to test Octane render with 3DC. Followed by a big blow Studio-Clip-Paint, this combination suits me very well. I hope you enjoy it.
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