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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, FYI For those of you who wish to avoid, where possible, subscription only software like Photoshop - I just wanted you all to know that the no-subscription-Affinity Suite (Designer & Photo) works well with 3DC. It's not fully integrated so there are a few extra clicks but that's all. Both Designer & Photo can import & export in psd format therefore, if you wish to edit a layer, simply export layer & open in AfD or AfP, you get the UV's on a layer too just as in Photoshop. Edit as needed, then export it as a psd. Back in 3DC just import layer
  2. Hey guys! First time posting on this forum, but I do think this is a really important topic. It might have been already discussed before but I could not find it. So appologies if it's a duplicate topic. (also i was not able to post it into feature requests because it was grayed out). - So my topic would be about a request of making 3d-Coat texture painting part, so basically Painting Room a separate standalone software (for a slightly lower cost?) because it's pretty obvious that during the years 3dC has become a standard for hand painted texturing in the industry. - Already being used by Blizzard, Riot Games and countless professionals out there it seems pretty obvious to concentrate on this. I mean I completely get that the devs have a different picture in their head but to be completely honest, even though 3d-Coat is really great in everything from zero to a completely finalized render, I feel like it's still not a standard in the industry, (not even remotely) for retopo, or sculpting, or uvwrapping, or PBR texturing or rendering as for example Zbrush/Mudbox for sculpting, Subtance for PBR, or 3d-Coat for hand painted texturing! For me this seems like a missed opportunity and also hand painted texturing part could use a lot improvement, even though it's the best possible solutioun out there (and I've tried Deep Paint, Body Paint 3d, 3ds max Viewport Canvas, Substance Painter, Zbrush Zapplink with Projection Master to Photoshop, Photosop 3d paint... the only software i didn't try hand painted texturing in was Mari 3d but at that point I decided to buy 3d-Coat because it was the best of all the rest of these) So my thought was to have 3d-Coat as it is now but at the same time offer users to buy it only for texture painting, meaning all the rest of the software could be limited in that version and this could make it more accessable for people that would mean more sales and more possibilities to also improve it! Let me know what you guys think! Have a nice day! Csaba
  3. Hi, I have some problem using the show|hide tool in 3D Coat painting room with my models. It's really hard to hide polygons sometime. I use the tool to hide areas that I don't want to paint and reveal stuff. The difficulty I have, is that I want to select a face to hide, and it does not hide it all the time. I have to repeat a lot of time and change my angle of view. It's like the "ray-cast" is blocked by something and doesnt see the face I want to hide. Any suggestion? Perhaps I don't know how to use the tool properly...
  4. Hi guys; So I have this project and I'm trying to painting the details using the normal map painting feature. However I got these weird artefacts when I try to smooth my brush strokes. I tried with the welding vertices option on, checking the normals and removing doubles in an external application, etc. I'm using the build 4.5.03.
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