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Found 3 results

  1. I am missing the functionality of creating custom lights in the environment for the calculation process of ambient occlusion. I would really enjoy if this feature would be added to 3D-Coat. It's then possible to light also rooms or convex structures.
  2. Hi, I've been working with the Spline tool in the Paint Room today and I want to insert a few points within an existing spline. On-screen help says "Use RMB to resize points, and to insert new points with an interpolated radius," but when I click on a segment of the spline using the RMB, a point is not created there. I also tried different modifer key combos but no luck so far. Thanks in advance for any useful tips. G.
  3. Can we please implement a way to draw circular with splines from the point we click in the direction we stroke, in addition to the way we already can. Currently, if I want to draw a circle from dead center of another circle, I have to constantly keep trial and error until I get it right. If I could check a box and then draw the spline from my start point out into the direction I stroke, I would have greater control. I also have no idea how to get a uniform circle, unless I hold shift, which also seems to smooth the paint with circle spline. This isn't what I want.
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