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Found 8 results

  1. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Frankie Hulkenstein, stylized 3D character concept. Sculpted using 3D Coat, fine-tuned in Blender and rendered using Octane Render. #3d #3dcoat #b3d #blender3d #art #artwork #monster #frankenstein #character #design #characterdesign #portrait #sculpture #illustration

    © Metin Seven

  2. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Stages of sculpting Stanley Kubrick. In the end, texturing, lighting and rendering were done in Blender (Cycles).
  3. Metin Seven

    Stanley Kubrick

    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    A stylized, semi-NPR portrait of one of my cinematic heroes: Stanley Kubrick. Based on a photo and on derived artwork by Dillon Thompson. https://metinseven.nl #film #movies #stanleykubrick #portrait #3d #b3d #3dcoat #blender3d #artwork #illustration
  4. Work in progress. I am trying to get some real clay-like sculpting in 3DCoat. Basically keeping in mind if I would 3d print. It is very powerful. There is a wild(?) dream of a 3d sculpting software simulating real clay!!!!
  5. fuad3d

    Kick me

    From the album: Fuad

  6. fuad3d


    From the album: Fuad

  7. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

    Nosophoros Sculpt Modeling, retopo, baking, SSS paint, cloth paint: 3DC Lighting, shading, render: Blender cycles Comp: Gimp

    © @andreoni

  8. Hi, I'm not new here, but it's my debut in gallery. What pushed me to share this WIP was topic posted by DavidF: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10030 I was shocked how many similarities our sculptures have. My work is a little bit older i guess. I even don't remember when i started it... Process of sculpting didn't take so long, but whole idea is evolving in my head from looong time. First i started to jam with my tablet and 3D Coat with target to create toon/comic book style character. I'm not sure but i feel, my character style is similar to some Marvel or DC hero/antyhero (i'll be glad if someone help me find a clue ). Then i started to think, and realized that this style is a little bit like (may i say) "soviet cubism": but with more flow and oval shapes. Now I've got idea about Siegfried (don't have surname yet). An nazi engineer whose dream was to create a time machine during WW2. Maybe i'll create short animation, don't know yet, but first i need to create portrait. So here it is: I hope sharing my work will push me to finish this fella. Retopology of a head is done. Now I'll make hair, uniform and oldschool, round glasses. Thanks
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