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Found 3 results

  1. I know that my question and opinion can be misinterpreted and even cause some controversy, but I would like to say anyway. Why do we have a navigation preset for ZBrush? I ask this because I can't understand why 3D-Coat has something that "advertises" or mentions a competing program like ZB. I do not see and until today that I know, at pixologic Zbrush, any navigation reference or anything else for 3D-Coat inside ZBrush. If there is something inside ZBrush with the name of 3D-Coat, please tell me and correct me. I understand that people who use ZBrush and start using 3D-Coat with ZB-like navigation will feel more comfortable, because of course they use ZBrush. But honestly I don't understand having something with reference to another program like ZB-Like inside 3D-Coat, maybe someone please can explain it to me. After all, 3D-Coat is another program and 3D-Coat's navigation is very easy to use and much better. I would love to have a camera navigation preset that simulates 3D-connexion Space Navigator, that would be much more useful and important than having a Preset for ZB-like. Just my opinion.
  2. I baked some mesh maps in Substance Painter for an old project. It's an atlas of small items for detailing an environment (bottles, books, cans) In Substance, the OpenGL maps bake perfectly. Here are screenshots from Substance Painter: I decided that there were a lot of cereal boxes, logos and things I would need to paint in an external image editor, and I liked Coat's linking option (for Affinity). So I ported the project over to Coat. I imported the normal map with the correct settings. The normal map doesn't show up correctly. I double-checked and toggled the green channel to be sure. The dark halos around the triangles are horrible in 3D Coat. Here's a screenshot: So I tried re-importing the normal map and even creating a new project and changing the UV smoothing settings. To no avail. Then I discovered the problem. The software preset Blender and Unity yield different results, even though they should both be exactly the same (an OpenGL normal map with an inverted green channel). SO, I created my own normal map preset and called it OpenGL. I didn't do anything at all, I just made a new one. Now everything shows up great! This is a screenshot from 3D Coat: There should not be a Unity normal map preset vs a Blender normal map preset. They should not be different. There should only be an OpenGL and a DirectX setting for normal maps. Also, imported OpenGl maps using those presets show up wrong, and it will anger a lot of new users coming from other software. I'm also happy to share the model and normal map for anyone to verify my findings here. I'm using 4.8.32-SL(GL64) Atlas_1_Bake.obj
  3. EDITING NAVIGATION PRESET FILES I often edit the 3D-Coat "Navigation Preset"-files using a programmer's editor, because I find the existing "Setup Navigation" UI-dialog limiting and hard to use. This is the dialog I'm talking about: One of the things I like to do, is to use "XML comments" to indicate different "sections" or "blocks" of controls. (Examples of this can be seen at the bottom of this post.) 3D-COAT XML PARSER ERROR Here's the problem... the XML parser in 3D-Coat that reads the "Navigation Preset"-files does not understand XML comment tags. If I try to load a "Navigation Preset" that has comments inside, 3D-Coat will throw up an "XML Error!"-dialog and stop processing the file. The error looks like this: So, before I can use "Navigation Presets" containing comments in 3D-Coat, I will have to run them through a regular expression that removes all of the comments, and save the output as an uncommented "Navigation Preset" into the 3D-Coat "NavigationPresets" folder. However, I would like to avoid stripping the comments. Normally, a well designed XML-parser would simply ignore and skip the comment tags, and continue processing the remaining tags without an error. FEATURE REQUEST My hope is that the XML parser in 3D-Coat would be enhanced to handle (skip) XML comment tags. Andrew, could you please enhance the 3D-Coat XML parser so that it skips any XML comment tags that it encounters inside the "Navigation Presets" and other XML files that 3D-Coat uses. Before anything more comprehensive can be implemented in terms of a better Custom Navigation UI-interface, this would help me so much in keeping my presets well organized internally. ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMER'S NOTES The structure of the "Navigation Preset" files could be further enhanced by adding proper tags for sections, which could be displayed in the 3D-Coat "Navigation Setup" UI as a treeview, allowing control definitions to be categorized by section. Here's a draft of the proposed enhanced XML-structure, with sections. Note that this is just a draft of concept, which can be even further enhanced: <NaviSystem> <Events> <Section name="PANORAMA CONTROLS"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> <Section name="VIEWPORT NAVIGATION, ROTATE"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> <Section name="VIEWPORT NAVIGATION, ZOOM"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> ... </Events> </NaviSystem> EXTRA, SOME EXAMPLES OF MY USE OF COMMENTS IN XML I added this sub-heading to my post, just to give my request some context; so that you could see why these XML comments are important to me. (And after I have demonstrated this, possibly to others also!) Here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with all sections fully collapsed. You will notice that I use the "XML comments" to indicate different blocks of control definitions. This helps me keep everything organized. Here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with all sections expanded further to reveal the "hotkeys", while still keeping additional "NaviEvent" details hidden. This gives me a simple overview of what controls are defined in any section. Last, here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with two fully expanded subsections, when I want to edit additional "NaviEvent" properties. Cheers, AgentSam PS. In regard to what Javis posted here: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17192, I'm a bit confused about where to actually post FEATURE REQUESTS, because it looks like this forum section about feature requests has been about to "go away" for two years now, but it hasn't... so I guess this is the place to post in. However, for what it's worth, I think this board might be the perfect place to post feature request even in the future, because here we can use much richer formatting with embedded images and whatnot, than we could in Mantis. EDIT: Just fixed a typo.
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