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Found 6 results

  1. Where can I find the "primitives panel" ? Thank you .
  2. I am extremely new to 3dCoat and 3d art in general. I am learning as fast as I can and have watched a ton of videos but what I have come to realize is that until you put your hands on 3dCoat, you will never really truly get good at it. So to this end I am starting with primitives, if anyone has a specific primitive they would like made please let me know. I plan on making a ton of these but this is just a start. I am starting with model bases then I want to do gemstone shapes. I will take any suggestions or comments. This is a great forum and you all have been very helpful. thank you and enjoy these primitives can be used with no restrictions. ps. This is my first upload I don't know how to show pics like the pros but if someone will point me in the right direction I will gladly start adding them. Hexagon insert.obj Hexagon.obj
  3. Hi help need please when I apply the box primitive I get sharp edged box however when I press either the apply or enter my box no longer has the sharp edges. Please see the before and after images. Best Regards George
  4. After using primitives for retopoing a tube/pipe thing and when I was unwrapping uv seams I noted some islands that does not correspond to the visible geometry, when I select the islands they are visible, I have no way to delete them I even tried delete all other faces trying to view from different angles this faces but they are not just flipped faces they are not visible in any way or selectable, as I said only selecting the uv island they turn visible, their edges in yellow, as you see in the capture, thanks for any help.
  5. Hello, I'm new to 3Dcoat and was just wondering something about the free form primitives. Is there a quick way to select multiple points, or edges, on the lattice?
  6. I'm finding the lathe tool very useful for hard surface modeling. Here are some things I have learned: First tip: Try right-clicking on the points in your curve. It changes the shape of the lines between the curve points. One mode gives you straight lines between points. It is not the default, but it is very useful if you want to make grooves and channels in your object. It is also useful for making chamfers. Here is an object and the lathe curve used to make it. Note, that while creating the curve, you also have the transform tool in the 3D window to modify the shape of the object before you press apply. You can scale it on the X, Y, or Z axis to adjust the shape of your object. If you want to place points in your curve more accurately, make the Tool option windows big. That will make the grid you draw your lathe curve on larger and you will have more room to place points accurately. Here is an example of some simple door hardware made with the lathe tool. One other thing to remember with the lathe feature: You can perform Boolean functions by setting the primative tool option to add, subtract, intersect, etc. One problem I noticed with the lathe tool is every time you move a point on the curve, 3D-Coat recalculates the entire orbject, to show a preview of the shape. This is good for visualization with simple objects, but if the object has several million voxels, moving curve points becomes very laggy and difficult. It would be nice if there was an option to turn off the preview so you could make a complex curve, then turn the display back on to preview the object. Has anyone found the lathe feature useful? Do you have any tips, ideas, or examples?
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