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Found 43 results

  1. I'm having some trouble with the tweak room, everytime I click on it, my model is invisible. If I hover my cursor over it, it's still there, but I can't see anything. I haven't seen anything about this online either.
  2. Kihea

    Newbie Issues

    Hi there all, I'm new to 3D coat and I am attempting to do some hand painted textures. I seem to have run into an issue how ever and I'm not sure what is going on. When I attempt to paint on my model the brush has suddenly become very, blown out. Its harsh, doesnt react to pressure sensitvity, its very bright. I will load a screen shot so you can see. Any ideas on what might be going on? thanks. Tyler ( Kihea )
  3. Senoba

    UV Map Mirroring Islands help

    Hello all, I've been having this issue sometimes when trying to mirror my UV islands. My goal is to have a game-ready model that uses one texture for both sides of the model, thus mirroring the texture. I've been able to do this for a few models, but my newest test model is giving me trouble. The method is to copy the island from one side and paste it to the other one, which overlaps the textures. However, whenever I copy the islands here, I get this.... Some of the islands copied just fine, but no matter what I do, they stretch like this! Can anyone help me? I don't know what else I can do to fix this. Version is 4.0.04, I am running Windows 7. Thank you!
  4. yaschan

    Retopo mesh grayed out

    I'm stuck in retopo. Everyhing went well until I merged retopology layers of the barrel and the body. For some reason now the barrel is grayed out and I can't do anything to it, even select it to separate it to other layer. I tried even export the mesh and reimport it but it's grayed out just the same. The ghost barrel marks as "selected" but I can't for example UV map it automap or autoseams do absolutely nothing for it. I would really appreciate any advice.
  5. Hello friends! Someone is having problems with the Edit Projections in Ext Editor ??? I'm using the latest beta version 4.5.39. (Windows 7 64 bit) When I use the option to Edit Projections in Ext. Editor and selecting any kind of scale or not (image 01_Capture_coat.jpeg), and send to my external editor program like Krita or photoshop, so this file is opened automatically, you can see the captured image, that generated psd file appears quite strange, with problems, it seems corrupted (image 02_Capture_krita.JPG). The face sent is cut in the middle of the screen, not allowing any type of paint or applying textures on the transparent part checkered psd file (image 03_Capture_krita_painted.JPG), ie, the projection is only accepted half up the face when returned to 3d coat (image 04_Capture_3dCoat_projection_failed.JPG). What to do to fix this problem? I've updated my video card driver (nvidia frame 600), and current updates windows 7. I appreciate the attention and await a solution.
  6. Marius Janusonis

    3D coat UI size on 4K monitor

    Hello, Hello everyone, I'm new to 3D coat so sorry if I just can't find the solution on my own... I'm using 4k monitor and the user interface gets tiny and almost impossible to work on, same as it did on PS CS6 but Adobe fixed it on CC. However on 3D coat I just can't find any option to make UI bigger. Is there any way to work around this problem? Thanks for help in advance!
  7. I run into a problem with my export from 3dCoat to Cinema 4d. Seams appear at my island's borders and i don't know what to do about it (you can see it in the very last screenshot below). It probably is a step i haven't took in 3DC (i'm really new to topology & uv stuff so it might a simple mistake on my side). I've made some screenshots about the steps i take to prepare in 3DC and export to C4D. If some C4D users are here & are used to exporting from 3DC to C4D, thanks for confirming (or not) that my workflow is ok. I use 3ds max preset for importing OBJ's in C4D, otherwise UVs are messed up.
  8. Здравствуйте, обитатели форума 3D coat, недавно перешел на новую для меня версию программы 4.5.02. И заметил в новых фичах обидную проблему. Есть модель с текстурой 2048Х2048. И превью материала показывает мне такое качество: Я радостно беру кисть и получаю на выходе вот такое : И еще раз для сравнения: Прошу объяснить, из какой жопы у меня растут руки, и что я делаю не так. Вот еще UV, авторазвертка, может в ней проблемы?
  9. I've made a few test meshes in Blender and all of them have the same problem - missing edges (seems random) in curvature map and jagged curvature edges: I've attached the mesh that I've used here, what's wrong with it? I've tried changing UV maps and nothing changed... I've also made a few different simple meshes like this one, and these missing curvature edges seem to appear random. testMesh.rar
  10. Почему не работает воксельный скульптинг с авто сферой при нажатии в меню? Как создать сферу в режиме вокселей?
  11. Hi, I wanna try 3D Coat, because my friend tell me its really great! So I install trial and seems cool, but I have one big problem: I put a predefined medium sphere to the viewport, made it 4 times higher res and try to sculpt in voxel mode. It was sooo slooow, I think like 1 frame per sec. Its really terrible. Even when go to a higher level, it stop for like 5 seconds. I dont know why, I have pretty decent computer (i7 2600K at 4,4GHz, 32GB RAM 2133MHz, GeForce GTX 780 3GB, win 7 x64). ZBrush is super fast, but I hate it :-) and wanna try 3D Coat. But I dont know why, its really slow. My friend tell me he can do that without any problem. Sphere with 4 times higher resolution, its still not so detailed and 3d coat told me use only 1.26GB RAM, so its simple I think. Any other software works fine, so I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me please... Thanks a lot for any tips. Tim
  12. Hi! I'm new to 3D Coat, and am currently using the 30 day trial on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. I really like the program so far, but I'm having a problem. I can't see any of the files related to it in Windows Explorer. I can't find 3D Coat itself or any files I save or export from it under Program Files, Documents, not anywhere. It doesn't show up in All Programs or in Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. I found and turned off "hide hidden folders" on my computer, and that didn't reveal it. To run the program, I have to run setup again. But it saves and remembers my previous files, so it's not like things are getting deleted. When in 3D Coat's Save or Open windows, I can see the 3D Coat program files and all my saves/exports. But when I go to those same locations from outside 3D Coat, I can't find those folders and files. If anyone could help me with this I'd very much appreciate it.
  13. Vaiktorg

    Hello Guys! :D + Question!

    Hello Guys! I'm Vaiktorg! 20 yrs old and I'm totally new here! x) I'm a Animation student. Today i finally got my hands on 3D Coat and I'm excited to start working on it! Hope to learn lots from you guys and try to contribute to the community. (wont be of much help due to my currently limited knowledge). Im currently having a problem on 3D Coat and my Wacom Bamboo tablet. When i make fast strokes on the model (while sculpting), it flickers for a fractioon of a second and then the stroke goes smoothly again. I have no problem with photoshop, but only with 3D Coat. Thanks!
  14. MatheusKnebel

    [SOLVED] Weird Blue Rectangle Problem

    Hi folks, anyone know what is this square that appears in front of my model? And of course, how to make it disappear... Btw, in Render, Paint and other modes it change it's position... Thanks!
  15. Ruth Spacecookie Andrews

    [SOLVED] What happened to videos on Vimeo?

    So I was looking for videos for help with my alien sculpt last night, and I clicked the Free tutorials link on the home page here, and then the vimeo link, only to be met by an absence of any official videos on vimeo. Is Vimeo just not being used to house the tutorials any more, or did they do a bad thing to the 3D coat videos, and remove them?
  16. Paul Bryan

    Problem with TF2 Export. Help please?

    Hi guys I am having this trouble when exporting to TF2 workshop from 3DCoat. Help please?
  17. Hello everyone!! I'm Patrick and I've been using Sculptris up until now. I have some experience with ZBrush too although I don't own a copy of it, I simply had some fun doodling sculpts at a friends house to test the application (his copy). I loved it and will get it for myself eventually. I really like Sculptris too considering it's free in my opinion it gets a few extra points just for that =D I remember looking at 3D Coat a while back and thinking that that I wanted to get it. After a while I simply forgot as other things crept up when I finally had the money to purchase the software... I've returned now to test out the trial again and see what I think of it now. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have one problem with 3D Coat right now but I'm not too sure what you would call it so I'll try and explain my issue and hope that somebody else has had a similar problem but managed to fix it... Before explaining the issue I will give the specs of my machine and operating system: OS - Windows 7 (64bit) Pentium Dual Core processor - 2.70ghz, 2.69ghz RAM - 4gb Nvidia GeForce GT 240 (http://www.nvidia.co..._gt_240_us.html) This I believe is the correct card, I have the 1gb version. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now I don't have the most poweerful machine here and it's a good two or three years old now. The problem I'm having is while sculpting with Voxel, I'm experiencing lag whenever I try to sculpt anything... The main reason I want this software is for the sculpting features. The other features are just a bonus =P I tried having a little look around the internet and these forums to see if anybody else has had any similar issuess and haven't found many people with any similar issue although there was one guy on a forum somewhere but there were no responses to his post. I tried making sure everything but 3D Coat was closed to save resources, I've also tried to update my drivers, I tried reinstalling the aplication and that didn't help either. I've checked the system requirements a couple of times to make sure that I didn't read it wrong or anything and I have the requirements for sure!! Does anybody have any suggestions?? -- I've watched a few videos and what not to check out the application again, I would REALLY love to get in the software and start messing around with the voxel sculpting to get some characters finished up fast and efficiently. Ultimatelly I'm going to get this piece of software but if I cannot get the trial to work without lagging whilst sculpting then I won't be getting it until I can afford to upgrade to a new machine and then purchase this. -- When I say that it lags I mean that it doesn't just have a quick lag spike but it continues to lag until I just wait for it to stop and this occurs every time I try to paint on the basic sphere created. If I decrease the brush size a little it seems to be ok but it's fairly small and I cannot work with that when required to move, push and pull to shape my characters. I should probably end this post here as I've been awake all night and this is dragging on a little.. I initially wnated to say hello to everyone and introduce myself then got to speaking about my little issue with this application in the hopes for someone to help me out with a solution, alternatively I will go ahead and try to install the 32bit version, will this help!? I look real forward to using this software and getting my work up on this forums if I can get the app to run ok with this trial and if so once the trial is up I would more than likely be purchasing it and joining everyone here =] Thanks for reading and sorry for the long ass wall of text!!
  18. mohamedshaban

    triangles and n-gons problem

    hello every one my name is Mohamed Shaban iam from egypt 20 years old and i am 3d-artist work in cg for 2 years and love to model cartoon characters and interior and exterior , example mof my model and rig https://vimeo.com/41961584 my problem in autopo mode is not big , my problem is i get a good topology but i have triangles and n-gons and i don't know how i can convert this polygons to quad polygons and here is an example of my model in 1 and 2 pic if any one have a video or pic can help me about this problem share it ... and thanks for all