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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, For some reason I can't seem to start a new topic in the Feature Requests section, so I thought to post this here: The new Quadriflow auto-retopology algorithm looks very promising. It includes an option for sharp edges as well. It would be fabulous if Instant Meshes could be upgraded to Quadriflow in 3D-Coat. Quadriflow has much less singularities and triangle dead-ends than Instant Meshes, and better support for sharp edges. Many thanks in advance!
  2. I have a base model in Blender, exported as .fbx (and reimported to test if everything is fine, yes it is). Importing it into 3D Coat (Surface Sculpting) I get a model made out of tris instead of quads: What am I doing wrong here?
  3. I'm using the quads tool but every time I draw a new quad it gives the quads a new color and green color seam where they connect. Any idea if this is a setting that can be turned off? In my Retopo Objects panel, all the quads are being drawn in the same layer. I do know that if I have two meshes in the same layer and are not connected they have different colors but I know this is not the case with the new quads that are being drawn. I seems like as I draw new quads and adds new UVs to it? and that is why it gets a new color. Thanks
  4. So Im getting this weird issue. When I hit the subdivide button either through surface tools, commands, geometry menu or even below voxtree, my model gets subdivided but like if I imported a triangulated model so quads arent splited into 4 quads like it should and instead triangles are splited into several triangles. This is totally messing my model making it full of knots and vertex stars. The thing is that I never had this problem before and I have been working with 3D Coat quite for long time. I didnt change either update 3D Coat recently so I have no idea what have changed since the last time I used the application. I have though that maybe I have exported my model wrongly form 3D Max but thats not the case. The model have been exported to FBX and OBJ but that doesnt make any difference. In fact, if I subdivide the model through the import tool (both with normal and flat subdivision) it gets properly subdivided into quads. I have tried with older models that I have sculpted before and these arent working either. Am I missing something? Its there any option to control how 3DC subdivides the models that I coul have accidentally changed? I didnt include any screenshot as I find it irrelevant. I can tell that the same happens with the included models library too and that I am using 3DC 4.5.23. The models are, of course, in surface mode. Any help would be greatly apreciated, thanks.
  5. Hello everyone! Does anybody know if it is possible to set the division direction of a quad without actually dividing it into 2 tris? Sometimes it would be nice to be able to change the direction because it doesn’t always divide the way you may want it to. Especially low poly meshes could benefit from this. Many thanks in advance, Greetings, Shu
  6. In 3DCoat 4.0.1 gab es noch eine superschnelle remeshing funktion, die immer perfekte Quad-Meshes erzeugt hat, vermutlich um den Faktor 100 bis 1000 mal schneller als das normale Autopo. Dies ist ganz ausdrücklich NICHT die "normale" Autopology Funktion mit den Leitlinien. Man konnte Sie im Voxelraum über das Kontextmenü aktivieren, wenn man "Leitlinien" deaktiviert hat. Dann gab es einen Dialog, der sonst nie aufgetaucht ist (siehe Screenshots). Es war zwar nicht mehr möglich die genaue Polygonanzahl zu definieren (nur sehr grob), aber mit den Glättungsphasen hatte man einen guten Einfluß auf die Vereinfachungstiefe und das Gesamtergebnis. Diese Methode war übrigens auch nicht die Export-Methode, welches keine auch nur halbwegs vergleichbar gute Ergebnisse liefert. Wegen der Geschwindigkeit war das super praktisch und voll ausreichend für Landschaftsumgebungen oder hochkomplexe Modelle wie z.B. Berge mit weitläufig verzweigten inneren Tunnelsystemen - das Innere wird dabei auch prima remesht. Gibts es noch in den neuen Versionen irgendeine Möglichkeit die Leitlinien wieder zu deaktivieren und diese Remeshing-Methode zu starten?
  7. Hello! I've been exporting my 3D-Coat sculpts as dense quads quite often lately so that I can work with them in Zbrush, and I noticed that there is a help pop-up explanation that says, "Export quads-only raw voxels mesh. The drawback is that it may be not always manifold." The strange grammar aside, I was just wondering what "manifold" means. Does it mean that the exported mesh will not be symmetrical? When I work on the mesh in Zbrush, symmetry seems to work fine so far, so I'm not sure what this "drawback" really is. Does anybody know? Thanks! -Tim Z.
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