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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys. I have a problem with a small, real world scale model imported into Voxel Room. First, some facts. The model is 6x2x0.9 cm in size. It will act as: - a volume on which I intend to sculpt several small details that I want to appear on displacement map, - retopo mesh that I will use for displacement baking and texture painting. I imported the object with Merge without voxelizing to keep the details and shape. Also, subdivided it four times before importing. 3D Coat is set to centimetres and measurements I performed on the object after importing it are correct. I said "no" to: because the last time I did that and scaled up the volume in the Voxel Room, the retopo mesh I imported later didn't scale up automatically to fit it. So I ended up with big volume and tiny retopo mesh meaning I was stuck. I'm not sure I understand what this option is for. Problems: - The model is tiny when viewed in the viewport and behaviour of some tools and commands is strange. - Navigation was hard until I reduced horizontal and vertical speeds of some events. - Zooming in works only up to a point. - Camera clipping occurs to early. Tweaking Near plane modulator doesn't seem to affect anything (is it implemented?). - Text tool doesn't work properly. It squeezes fonts vertically because the distance between control points of a curve are too small. - Converting surfaces to voxels (even after typing the value of over 3 million voxels) breaks the volume like if there wasn't enough voxels. I tried fiddling with Voxels->Define measurement units->Voxels per unit, but it looks like this setting doesn't affect the scene in any way. Tried cranking up/down the SceneScale but that also didn't help. It's like with Near Plane Modulator - it doesn't seem to do anything. Do you guys have any advice when working with small real scale objects?
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