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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I just found the 3D Coat and I'm very excited about its painting/baking capabilities, but I'm still struggling a lot with some very basic tasks like manipulating imported objects. I have created a house in Blender and imported it to 3D Coat (it contains multiple objects, walls, floor, doors, etc). Now I need to select all objects and rotate them, lets say 90deg around Y axis. In Blender I can just select all and type R Y 90 ENTER and I'm done. How can I do something like this in 3D Coat? I have found there is some Select/Transform tool in Tweak Room, but i can't use it precisely, so... 1) How can I select multiple objects for transform tool? 2) How can I rotate the selected objects by given exact angle (eg. 45deg, 90deg, etc)? PS: I know I could have exported the objects already rotated from Blender, but I want to learn how to use 3D Coat properly and there might be other reasons to rotate objects precisely :-) Thank you in advance
  2. Всем привет! 1. Очень хочется иметь возможность в Surface режиме при использовании Pose Tool-а клонировать подобъекты. К примеру у меня есть некий архитектурный объект составленный из каменей, которые я выбираю через Select Object (в Transpose Mode), кручу, скейлю и передвигаю Pose Tool-ом, но очень часто нужно тут-же взять, выбрать один из камней или блоков и склонировать его переместив в нужное место. Сейчас это приходится делать держа все камушки в разных слоях, что очень неудобно при большом их количестве. Очень было-бы удобно дублировать выбранные подобъекты cлоя (при этом они остаются в том-же слое) просто зажав хоткей и переместив гизмо (собственно именно так как это сделано в большинстве программ). 2. Добавить свободное вращение для Transform Gizmo, тоесть вращение сразу по всем осям в зависимости от того куда мы двигаем мышь/перо. Как это работает - можно посмотреть в 3д Максе, когда мы "тянем" не за манипуляторы гизмо. Вот по такому-же принципу былобы круто это реализовать и в 3d-Coat`е. 3. Добавить масштабирование сразу по 2-м осям. Тут думаю всё понятно Можно это кстати сделать по зажатию горячей клавиши масштабирования по одной из осей - тоесть мне нужно отмасштабировать равномерно по X и Y оси, я зажимаю например Alt и тяну за манипулятор масштабирования оси Z - и мой объект скейлится по оси XY. Хорошо-бы это занести в Trello - но мне всё это будет сложно сформулировать на английском, если кто-то это сможет сделать - былобы вобще здорово!
  3. What I would really like is to be able to have a shortcut key to rotate the brush alphas 90 degrees with each press and another to horizontally flip the brush. I find I`m taking to long typing in '90' or '-90' etc which is not efficient when trying to draw. If there is already a shortcut for it and I`ve missed it or something has already requested this, I apologise in advance. Cheers!
  4. As I was UV mapping a model yesterday I assumed that the Complex Checker orientation needed to be readable to be correct, but that doesn't seem to be right at all. Here all of the islands are rotated and flipped so that I can read the complex texture (I assumed that's how it's supposed to work): But the result had the opposite effect. I could paint and it would appear as I expected, but on the UV map, everything was backwards–flipped and rotated in the wrong direction: Starting over, I rotated all the islands so that they were upside down. (didn't need to flip anything, they were all already backwards): The end result shows that the painting is in the right orientation: Is it supposed to be that way? Am I always to assume now that my UVs need to be backwards to be correct? Anyone else experiencing the same thing? I'm using version 4.5.23C. Thanks!
  5. I'm using 4.5b12 and when I rotate, no matter whether or not I have Leave rotated axis, I still can't get an object to spin but leave the axis where it was...trying to get a part of the model to line up with the axis. I know I haven't used 3DC in a while, but I didn't think I was gone that long.
  6. Hey guys, I'm just playing around with 3D-Coat and try to figure out all relevant features for my workflow. One thing I couldn't find anywere is the ability to rotate the object and save the rotation values to reset them after editing. My intention is to edit reconstructed data from Agisoft Photoscan. Therefore I import a model into 3D-Coat and eliminate all the bad areas using the voxel mode. The problem is that I'm not able to align the model properly in Agisoft Photoscan (Standard) so when I export it, it has really weird scaling and rotation, which is really hard to work with. So I want to temporary align the model and after cleaning up all the bad issues bring it back to Agisoft Photoscan to re-project all textures. That's why I need to leave the rotation of the model as it is. Maybe somebody can give me a hint? Greetings
  7. We really need a rotate by degrees on materials and masks.
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