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Found 116 results

  1. insignet

    Character Reel

    Short character reel showing work from a few years back. I use 3D-Coat for sculpting my characters, retopology, UV work and painting... Link to YouTube and Vimeo channel. http://youtu.be/pbGkBo0kg8c https://vimeo.com/100333717
  2. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

    One day work
  3. Hello, I have been having trouble with a certain aspect of the sculpting tools because I am used to drawing and being able to draw using many strokes ( to adjust my hand or whatever). In 3D sculpting it is even more important because sometimes you are trying to draw something that is not on a flat plane ( it wraps around something for example) and thus you have to change your camera angle to be able to see where you are drawing. To to this (as far as I know) you have to lift up your stroke, change the angle, and then continue the line with another stroke. The problem this creates for me is illustrated below. If you lift your pen or want to draw something that isn't one continuous line, when you replace your pen at the point where you left off, it will either create a bump (when adding) or a divot (when subtracting) at that point. I assume this is because the brush adds or subtracts a fixed amount of...material... based on the height of where you clicked and the depth you have the brush set at. My question is, how can I create a seamlessly flowing line without having to draw it in one continuous stroke? Thanks, ElSte17
  4. insignet

    Character work using 3DC

    Hi all Just thought I'd post a link to some work I did with 3DC voxels on my website. This link shows the all the characters, these were colorised in Photoshop ( done before you could add colour to voxels ) http://www.draw-it.co.uk/?project=trench-project The thumbnails on show some very quick auto retopo work done on the sculpts to get the geometry into LW. I used the mesh to position proxy versions of the characters in a virtual studio. The attached is better view of one character.
  5. Fantome

    Wizard's desk

    From the album: Fantome artwork

    Image created over the course of a few week-ends.
  6. Carlosan

    Merman Vodyanoy

    From the album: Carlosan

    In Slavic mythology, vodyanoy is a male water spirit Modeling and render: 3DCoat. Compo: Gimp

    © @Andreoni

  7. I have this concept in my head of a video game where you are the alien and humans are the enemy, as if you were probed and experimented on by human scientists. Using ancient cultures such as Egyptians in this case, to model the character as reference. The Egyptians were visited by these aliens giving them technology etc, as a part of their culture. This is not a new concept (Discovery Channel, etc) but an interesting one non the less. So many of the Egyptian culture was derived from these aliens and hence these elements will be reflected in the design of the character. So I am pretty much done with the primary and secondary details moving on to the tertiary ones. There is much more to do, armor, tech,clothing, weapons etc. Stay tuned.
  8. takanari

    Earth Dragon

    Hi there ! This is my new work "Earth Dragon". Maybe Vox Sculpt, Retopo, Paint in 3D-Coat, and Render in UDK. I like snake brush drawing, but instead retopology is very hard..... Thanks.
  9. Nicholas Smith

    5 favorite sculpting tools?

    This is my first time using a sculpting program and to be honest i am just a little overwhelmed by the amount of tools there are. Out of curiosity what are your 5 most commonly used sculpting tools. Why would you select those tools over others, and what type of object would you use them on. (hard surface, organic)
  10. Hi There. This is my new work "Dragon Knight". This work is Modeled in Maya / Sculpted & Painted in 3D-Coat / Rendered in Unity. I hope you like it
  11. ebitz

    Marvel's Rhino

    Just a starter project as a new user of 3d coat. A fantastic tool. Can't wait for a stable V4.
  12. alvordr

    Damaged Sculpt From Curves

    OK folks. I've got a problem I can't seem to repair, with close holes, fill, smooth or otherwise. I created this part of my sculpt in the Voxel room using Curves. However, the resulting joint, here got all ripped up upon committing the curves. I can't fix it. Any advice?
  13. Hi all, I create flash games and mostly do spooky/SciFi point & click escape games but recently I created this cheeky lil' monkey game for Nickelodeon Addicting Games! I created the baboon entirely in 3D Coat and rigged him in Cinema 4D to create loads of animations for the game. It was my first real attempt at something like this and I learnt a lot along the way. e.g. 3D Coat is awesome!! Anyway if you're interested in playing the game you can find it here:- BMX BABOON
  14. pixo

    Hide tools in sculpt room

    Hello guys, There's a special reason for the users to have 2 differents tools to do the same things ? I'm probably wrong but i'm wondering why do we have "Hide" and "SurfHide" tools ? Can't we just have Hide as a general tool, that would work the same for surface and voxel ? I probably miss something. I'm asking that cause is one of the tool that i'm using the more and i don't really like to have 2 hotkeys for the same user function. Especially if you consider that you should that care what's surface and what is voxel,it breaks the workflow. Another example, if you have many layers some with voxels and some with surfaces, you'll not be able to hide through all volumes just because the hide tools are specific. Thank you, Pixo
  15. http://3d-coat.com/turntableID=134185874060 Hi! I wanted to see if I could do this kind of cartoon-like surfaces in 3d-coat, like organic but with creased angles and some flat shapes. I gotta say I'm very happy with how fast it can be done! Wrinkle clay does wonders! I love it. Also the Reduce brush allowed me to keep a descent polycount all the time, so I could move things around easily. I hope you like it!. David.
  16. randomguy_j

    Monster WIP

    Hello everyone! Here is a sculpture I have been working on for a bit. Can you guess where this guy is from? Feel free to critique .