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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I've recently bought 3D Coat, and I'm exploring this wonderful 3D tool. Coming from ZBrush, I miss a mask / selection option among the voxel tools, but discovered that the Pose tool is quite a competent alternative. I'm wondering now — Is there an option to inflate a Pose tool selection? That'd be very useful to expand areas along their normals. Thanks, Metin
  2. I find the current draw method for showing selected faces to just be visually distracting, and would much prefer the approach taken by Blender or Maya: just highlight the faces' boundary edges, and then within that use a more subtle, semi-transparent shading over the face surface itself. Simple, clean. Sorry if this is a dup, somebody else has to have complained about this.
  3. Hi, Is shift select option ever going to be introduced? The lack of that option in Zbrush forced to be buy a 3rd party plugin that helped to manage subtools. But I don't think anyone has done any 3rd party scripts here. But this is a "goes without saying" option. I don't even know how you can develop a modern application without the ability to select layers or files. Please!
  4. Simply lifesaver Feature !! to all of tools selecion/paint ect. Idea:
  5. Hi there, as of version 4.8+ i've had a very annoying issue that has made me go back to 4.7, as you can see transparency selection Only respects "Brush strokes transparency" not material transparency: Weirdly enough this works as it should in 4.7 or something, this is very important to the way i use the software as i use it to create "Speckle" or "Noise" to add rust, dirt and saves a lot of time. greatly improving my painting time. Is there any features added that i need to activate to be able to use this software the way i did before? any major changes? or is it a bug that is being worked on?, Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone. I just start using 3D coat a few months ago and still studying.. Just made this model and after I tried to AUTORETOPO I got this annoying black selection on my model. How do I get rid of it? It's not only on sculpt room, as well as paint room for instance... Thanks a lot!
  7. Is there a way to use a volume or primitive to select polygons within it's volume? So placement and scaling like import primitive tool but rather than boolean to a surface, selection instead?
  8. I thought it a bit time consuming that the smart materials didn't have an option that directly connects to the installed alpha, strips and stencil extensions in the "condition mask" or "edge scattering" and mask field as a quick selection perhaps be clicking a small arrow or next button to cycle through the possibilities rather than having to open and load a texture. A small icon showing the alpha, stencil or strips would help as you cycle through them. I also mentioned in this thread title, the possibility of selecting a common animation style. This could be plasma, pulsing/flashing, scrolling up, scrolling down, left/right etc and or combos of pulsing and scrolling and this could be assigned to a texture in the smart materials or perhaps just apply it to the whole smart material.. This is also related to my other post about animating material properties http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21323-animated-materials-for-each-layer/#comment-147512
  9. Hello I am new at this program and i have a question: I have a model with different parts, that i joined in two big groups (in blender i made this), and i would like that in 3d coat when i import them, to let them separate into these two group, so i can add entirely a smart material to one of this groups and the same with the other one. How could i do that? Thanks to everyone who will help me
  10. Hello! I have I guess a rather simple question. Basically in this making of, he sometimes works on a surface with extrusion... but he first make a selection then after pressing apply the extrusion is made. And also he seem to have tool options for extrude in Surface mode. Is there any way to firstly work on selection and extrude it afterwards? I can work on selection in subdivide, angulator and smoother :P For example he does it in 28:52. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi all - I loathe to ask questions on forums when they seem obvious, but I've looked through the manual, watched about two hours of tutorials, scoured the internet, and have used 3d coat for about 20 hours now with no answer. Either it cannot be done or I am searching inefficiently. Is there a way to add or remove from a selection / mask / brush? For example, if i'm in the paint room with the poly remove brush selected and select my area, but need to remove some of the area chosen. i use a wacom tablet and often enough grab a little too much or a little too little. as i know of, my options are: clear selection or, perhaps, grow or expand area. thanks!
  12. Have searched online, in this forum, with no luck, so I'll jsut shoot question here. Is there a way to make frozen selection invisible? I mean not the selected part, but to make that pattern dissappier. I know that that place is froze, but when I am painting texture, I want to see how frozen texture looks like, not somekind flashy effect. And yes I tried toggling effect (the closest to what I want is the one that makes texture whitish..). Show/Hide Freeze (CTRL+F by default) only works in UV map window, not viewport. At least for me... Thanks for help!
  13. Is there a way i can use one object as a sort of mask for another, I know the "subtract from" does this essentially, but I want to use one object as a selection tool to freeze an area of another. Also, Does 3dcoat have an invert selection function for the freeze tool?
  14. I try to use some of the buttons on the left such as grow, it starts a selection box that I can drag to size and then release to Grow the object. Before, I could just hold grow and it would do its thing. Is there a setting that caused this?
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