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Found 16 results

  1. I've been trying to figure out how to get the material on the torch in the attached image to Glow in a final render. Ideally it would actually emit light and effect the materials around it. I assigned the shader material "fire" from the volumes category, but that had no effect. I tried setting the diffuse material that was painted on to the mesh where the flame is to emissive, that just turned it sort of brighter but in no way affected the environment around it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  2. © Adriano Di Pierro - Laticis Imagery 2020

  3. I have having some very annoying issues with shader preview icons not previewing correctly (see images). At first it was happening with the Metal shader previews... which I have just put up with in the hope that they would be fixed after updating the software, but they are still not displaying correctly. Now my Polymer previews are also doing this after last night when I right clicked one of the Polymer shaders and either clicked on either Rename Shader, Construct New Shader or Edit Permanent Shader Settings (I can't remember which one). At first it was just the one preview that was not displaying correctly, I read the thread, https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22839-solved-shader-preview-problem/ so tried right clicking and clicking Refresh this Preview... no luck, so tried right clicking and selecting Refresh All Previews... which caused ALL the Polymer shader previews to display incorrectly. Any help would be appreciated!! I am still a new user so maybe I just did something wrong? Really love this software though for the main part! Thanks guys.
  4. I am getting a lot of issues with this program its becoming impossible to know whether its part of the program and i have done something wrong or if its just a bug. In any case I am frustrated and wasted over 70 hours on projects in the last three weeks that end up having to be trashed because i cant get it to bake, or the normal map shows seams in the bake, but the same process worked properly before, Im so annoyed. I even updated to the new release and still happening.
  5. Hello! I'm very interested in question: is there a way to control a texture in the shader dialog? I mean to control is rotation and position. It would be a really useful thing and save much time.
  6. Hi, I am trying to import .3dcpack shader pack from File>Install Extension but having no luck. when I did it, 3d-coat suggested me to reboot the application but nothing changed after rebooting. Is there any other thing I need to do to install .3dcpack shaders? Any hidden tips? Hope I am not posting my question to somewhere not suitable. 3d-coat V4.8.03(DX64) FYI, the pack seemed to be created earlier version.
  7. Im fairly new in 3D Coat - I can figure out the painting / UV tools pretty easily. I just cant get my textures into 3DS max and have them look right. I chose the Export preset for 3DS MAX psychical shaders - and i get a normal map - Metalness - roughness - IOR - which is all good. I import my model and create a psychical shader and put my maps into the right spots - but the materials just dont look right... Atm im using standard lights and the Scanline renderer (I just wonna try it out before heading into arnold). Can anyone explain me how to export correctly ? Or maybe make a step by step guide? Best Regards Jonas EDIT: Some screens
  8. Hi, I'm at my wits end trying to utilize 3DC Fill Tool (Layer/Surface/Object) and "Import for Vertex Painting/Big Reference" features to produce high quality Vertex Colored or Shader Meshes. Basically every attempt has resulted in a significant loss of detail when 3DC macOS 4.7.28 converts pixel texture data to vertex colors like this example: 3DCoat Vertex painting - painting with procedural textures. I'm hopeful that I've simply overlooked a feature in 3DC but thus far switching layer modes S/V, etc. doesn't yield better results, so I'm at the mercy of the community's help. I've searched the entire forum already and haven't found another topic addressing how best to go about this however my workflow for the objects I intend to create relies heavily on this styled approach. I'm sure I could take the time to increase every mesh resolution and focus on poly-painting every detail up close but I'd like to take the lazy man approach and simply import a bitmap texture and allow 3DC to initially fill or flood the mesh vertices first to save time on multiple objects that will import into Unity at the end of the workflow. Blender's Bake U/V Texture to Vertex Color Tool is another example of how I wish to achieve this, but would prefer to accomplish within 3DC if its possible.
  9. Let me begin by saying that I do have decades of experience 3D modeling/rendering and even development related to such for games, etc.... I love the app for the most part and certainly much easier to use than the competitors. The visual quality of the objects during sculpting just.....bother me. I'm certain I probably just haven't figured out the 'trick' yet but the ease of seeing the form never seems as clear as in even an app like Sculptris. Not a fan of the 'depth' element of the shaders. Even though I do understand the nature of AO, it just....makes the surface more confusing (again likely not using it right). I've tried creating more shaders and downloading what I could find online. I assure you that I've also attempted to search for the solution many times but nothing that seemed to answer it. Are all the shaders dependent on environment maps? I know there is the option for a MatCap shader but that's camera projection and wish I could actually define the shader from a reflection sphere as is in other apps. Essentially, I'd just love a simple clearly visible grey clay sort of thing as is default in most sculpting apps.
  10. Hi, I have a problem with some shader that seem to reverse the normals of my model. Do you have a solution to this? Thank you
  11. Koji is sharing some PBR shaders at Koji shader pack and Koji PBR custom User site
  12. I made some items. I think that especially this shader and brush are good. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CexLVyGlok-YyMbS-7evTGITUrlj4mQ94B7UQ3cS5cs/pub I hope you like it.
  13. Hey, all. I saw 3 posts with this shader (Marupura San Shader) being used and would love to know where to get it. I can't find it anywhere.
  14. Hello. I just experimented creating a new shader for 3DC, which is easy enough, but the only settings I seem to get are: Ambient Color Diffuse Color Roughness Opacity However, most of the shaders appear to also have a specularity level and even an icon that looks like the shader. I'm trying to make a black rubber, but as I can't control the spec and roughness seems a rather obscure setting by itself, I'm not sure how to do this. Advice?
  15. I'm making toon shader for 3DCoat. It's only beta because the line from crase edge is in progress and far from perfect. Setting "LineThicknessFromColorAlpha" value to higher, you can control line width with color opacity.
  16. hey guys, I have a quick question regardin the look of 3d coat in the viewport, I am trying to get a similar look to zbrush and the shadow that is supposed to give me this "look" is behaving super strange as you can ee on the image below http://tinypic.com/v...pic=15dtlye&s=6 I guess i need help because i saw a video on youtube where the shader wasnt behaning like that i guess, is there a way i can fix this bright outline around the sculped part ?? by the way, I am have a professional 3d workstantion with Nvidea card and all the cores and memory in the world to have a great quality, I am using the CUDA version of 3d coat ... thanks everybody i hope someone helps me so that i keep learning 3d coat best v.
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