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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to the program but love a lot of the painting features. I brought a low poly game mesh into the retopo room. I select a few faces on the base mesh then go to shell extrude. An extrusion is performed on those faces, but the rest of the base mesh disappears. Can someone tell me where it is? is the extruded shell now a separate object from the base mesh? Thanks!
  2. A great feature to add would be retopo shells. By this, I mean like greebles for retopologizing things like rounded shapes. It would speed up the retopo work for things like that that can be somewhat tedious, even using strokes. For example, if I could call this feature in the Retopo Room and tell it how dense I want the rounded shape to be, then adjust it's shape from a perfectly rounded shape to a custom (think oblong) shape or just keep it perfectly rounded before committing the actual retopo work, then hit 'Enter,' I could simply work from there.
  3. Andrew, Is there any way we can just add a shell or thicken to a retopo? I keep running into a problem whereby I want to retopo a thin mesh and the opposing verts keep snapping to each other in various places, making it super frustrating and near-impossible for me to retopo the thin mesh.
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