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Found 10 results

  1. This auto uv map feature 3D coat looks very good! One small issue was in noisy areas of mesh it made many small islands, I am wanting to just uv unwrap the broader/bigger surfaces automatically as a starting point. Is there anyway to control the result so that islands must be of a min size/cluster? Or must I go through afterwards and find all these tiny islands to merge/weld them back manually afterwards?
  2. Apparently maybe because I'm a new forum member I don't have access to post this problem to the "Interface, general usability and other problems" section so I'm posting my issue here. I have a large library I created that has many 8K textures and creates a output size of 5.96 GB -the out put file only was created to export my smart materials only. I've exported smaller smart material extensions (2GB) and restored them fine but with the 5.96 GB extension size it wont install, the message just flashes the on my screen "it is recommended to exit 3D coat restart it to apply all changes". Would anyone know what the problem might be? Each of the materials work just fine at this time locating the textures as it needs them located out side of 3D coat when I created the materials.
  3. Hello! Basically I try to import a model to a scene previously done as kitbash part in another program. The problem is with a scale of a scene. Since I was not aware of object scale, every thing I have in scene has 0.32 scale. And if I try to import a model, and fit it to the already existing geometries, it's extremelly low res. Is there any way to change scale of everything at one hit?:v I figured out I could put the model and basically resize it to the desired voxel density, then transform it once again to make it fit, but wanted to know is maybe there is a shortcut.Thanks a lot!
  4. When I import an obj mesh into 3dCoat, I get the Tool Options panel opened up with various options, except what is most critical to me: the XYZ dimensions in real measurements (preferably in mm). Voxel resolution is irrelevant. I don't want to hit the Apply button before I can verify the size it's being imported. I have looked everywhere for some panel that shows the size and saw many tutorials. Am I missing something, or is there nothing there?
  5. Hi. How to change the interface size? The resolution of my display 2560x1440. Very very small scale of interface , I do not see anything. It's hell... Why developers are not concerned about this issue? For example, all Adobe products are already adapted to high resolution of display.
  6. Hello, Hello everyone, I'm new to 3D coat so sorry if I just can't find the solution on my own... I'm using 4k monitor and the user interface gets tiny and almost impossible to work on, same as it did on PS CS6 but Adobe fixed it on CC. However on 3D coat I just can't find any option to make UI bigger. Is there any way to work around this problem? Thanks for help in advance!
  7. Hello, I am sculpting in the voxel room and am having strange issues with my brushes. No matter what size I set them to, the actual size is like 4 times larger than the yellow circle. If I go to the paint room the sizes are right. I can make the brushes extremely small and they will sort of work, but it is extremely laggy for some reason. I have uninstalled, and performed a clean install with no luck. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. When i saw the ambient occlusion feature for 4.5 i was overjoyed, but i soon found the detail/size of AO couldn't be controlled . i have 2 options - curvature or AO... thats a bit stingy, i expected a an adjustable filter value to change how fine i wanted the AO to be. Are other people after this? Could you guys make a request on this feature, How hard can it be to implement?
  9. Dear Andrew, 3D Coat is amazing. Can i ask for to increase the available alpha brush resolution? Now if i try to make and load form an other app, the dialog window allows 512, and i think 2 or 1 k could me way better. If i try to make a new pen alpha from texture file right in 3DC, the same result. For example, i have a perfect circle in a 1k PNG file, and a 8 million poly CUBE, and now the result is not HQ (https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxrzhy7m9tdbwd0/this.jpg) Thank you
  10. Hello together .. I just play around with the trial of 3D coat on a Mac .. I´ve got some strange issues .. when I import a model for painting .. then 3d coat did not working anymore and I have to stop it .. if I choose 4096 as Texture Size , If I choose 2048 everything works fine .. Just thought hm about my Grafix-Card but I have 512 MB inside the Card .. so I´t is little bit strange for me .. Is there a Solution or just a Bug ?? I think about to buy 3D Coat if it fits into my pipeline Thanks a lot Tobias
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